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new Mickey Z. book: "The Seven Deadly Spins"

"The Seven Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda" can now be ordered at:

WMDs...prison abuse...pre-emptive war...widespread protest...none of this is new or unique.

Despite the current "war on terror" façade, not much about U.S. war
propaganda has changed since September 11, 2001. Beneath the posturing and
pontificating, it remains true that...

1. U.S. wars and interventions are skillfully packaged and sold to a wary
and divided populace
2. The official history of those conflicts is also subject to spin,
distortion, and whitewashing

These realities exist in order to...

1. Portray U.S. leaders as moral
2. Garner support for those leaders regardless what actions they may take
3. Lay the foundation for future wars and military interventions

...and seven techniques are regularly employed to achieve these three goals.

These tactics are the Seven Deadly Spins:

Spin #1: The Sleeping Giant
Like when Bush talks about "a fanaticism that was not caused by any action of ours, and would not be appeased by any concession."

Spin #2: Good Wars
Bush: "Our freedom and independence, security and prosperity for the Iraqi people."

Spin #3: U.S. vs. Them
"The actions of our enemies...have been brutal, calculating, and

Spin #4: Support the Troops
"The mission of our forces in Iraq is demanding and dangerous. Our troops are showing exceptional skill and courage. I thank them for their sacrifices and their duty."

Spin #5: The Devil Made U.S. Do It
Our enemies " a contempt for all the rules of warfare, and all the bounds of civilized behavior."

Spin #6: Surgical Strikes
"Our soldiers have treated religious sites with respect, while systematically dismantling the illegal militia."

Spin #7: Only Losers Commit War Crimes
"At every stage, the United States has gone to the United Nations -- to
confront Saddam Hussein, to promise serious consequences for his actions."

Americans cannot fully comprehend their government's action without first
seeing past the disinformation. Meticulously researched yet highly
accessible, "The Seven Deadly Spins" decodes the propaganda and challenges the hype.

"The Seven Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda" can now be ordered at:

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Re: new Mickey Z. book: "The Seven Deadly Spins"

Sounds great! Congratulations to Mickey Z!

Re: new Mickey Z. book: "The Seven Deadly Spins"

A poorly written book. Mickey Z is trying too hard to be the next Howard Zinn without the military experience or education.
Citing personal pages at Geocities is not professional.


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