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AUDIO: Luke Anderson on Reclaiming the Commons - sf.june8

On air interview with author and activist Luke Anderson. This interview was recorded on Indynewswire (a program on Free Radio Santa Cruz airing Mondays from 1:00 - 3:00 PM)

Luke discusses the June 3 - 9 Reclaim The Commons mobilizations being planed in San Francisco during the annual Biotechnology Industry Organization meeting.

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* Photo by Jeff Paterson taken at the Reclaim the Commons Press Conference on May 19, 2004.

Interview with Luke Anderson recorded on Free Radio Santa Cruz.
May 24, 2004

Luke Anderson is an activist from the UK and author of the best-selling book 'Genetic Engineering, Food and Our Environment'. Since 1997 Luke has worked with environmental, social justice, and farming groups around the world focusing on grassroots resistance to genetic engineering, patents on life, and global economic institutions such as the WTO and the World Bank.

Luke discusses the June 3 - 9 mobilizations being planed in San Francisco during the annual Biotechnology Industry Organization meeting.

Some of the topics dicussed in the interview include:

* The Commons

* Mobilizing for Demonstrations
- Reaching Out to Others

* Free Trade Agreements and Agriculture
- Global Capitalism and Genetic Engineering
- Two Tiers of Food: GE and GE-Free

* Corporations claim to have cures for cancers, but they also produce the chemicals causing cancer.

* Corporate Exploitation of Education
- Use of Biotechnology in Science Classes

* California Farmworkers

* Using Privilage to Undermine Privilage

* Creativity and Diversity in our Demonstrations

* Community-led Gardening
- Distribution of Thousands of Plants

* "Smart Breeding" or "Super Organics"
- Advancing our Understanding of Science
- Turning Knowledge into a Product

* Local Action Against Biotechnology Industry
- Global Repercussions

* Expressing Dissent and Police Behavior
- Miami..., Oakland..., San Francisco....
- Legal Support and Staying Safe

* Really REALLY Free Market, Biotech World Cafe, Teach-In, Shutting Down the Biotech Meeting, Racial Justice and Solidarity

* Keeping Up the Momementum of the Mobilization

Reclaim The Commons

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