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Come to an Auction Benefiting Tre Arrow!

Join us for the Fancy Schmancy Art Event. Amazing art, from across the country and Europe will be on display and up for bidding! In the end, this effort is for the defense, not of just one man, but of JUSTICE!!
"The Fancy-Schmancy Art Event", a silent art auction benefiting the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund, will be held Saturday June 12th, 2004 at the Friends Meeting House 4312 SE Stark, Portland Oregon, doors open at 7pm.

We're looking so forward to a great event!!! Bring a frend and join us! Amazing art, from all over the country and Europe will be on display and up for bidding! Some of the art is by Tre himself and his sisters, cousins and friends from near and far. Other art pieces are inspired by Tre's message for Earth Mother, created by friends from Florida to the Bay Area, and across the Atlantic ocean. We need a turn-out like no other for this effort......for the defense of justice, and one man's FREEDOM!!

Organizers expect this will be their largest fund raiser so far for environmental activist Tre Arrow, currently being charged with arson. All profits from the event benefit the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund.

Participating artist Kyr Westwind, a long-time friend of Tre, says "This event is going to be a great opportunity for the community to dress up and step out for a good cause"

Westwind says support for the 30 year old activist, best know for his 11 day ledge sit to protest proposed logging in 2000, has never been stronger.

Please mark your calendar for next Saturday at 7 PM and join us!!

For more info contact:
TALDF (at)

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