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Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

I'm sure most to the right of the Peace and Freedom Party, or to the right of me, will spew their typical and predictable bullshit and lies against me. Yet the truth has always been more important to me than what people think.
From Tom Condit: More documentation on the contrasting dispositions of Stalin and Trotsky re the rise of German fascism in the early 1930s:

Stalin: "Social democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. They are not antipodes, they are twins."

Trotsky: "Fascism has opened up the depths of society for politics. Today, not only in peasant homes but also in the city skyscrapers, there lives alongside of the 20th century the 10th or 13th. A hundred million people use electricity and still believe in the magic power of signs and exorcisms. What inexhaustible reserves they possess of darkness, ignorance, and savagery! Despair has raised them to their feet, fascism has given them a banner. Everything that should have been eliminated from the national organism in the course of the unhindered development of society comes out today gushing from the throat: capitalist society is puking up the undigested barbarism. Such is the physiology of National Socialism...Fascism has become a real danger as an acute expression of the helpless position of the bourgeois regime, the conservative role of the Social Democracy in this regime, and the accumulated powerlessness of the Communist Party to abolish it... Worker-communists, you are hundreds of thousands, millions; you cannot leave for anywhere; there are not enough passports for you. Should fascism come to power, it will ride over your skulls and spines like a terrific tank. Your salvation lies in merciless struggle. And only a fighting unity with the Social Democratic workers can bring victory."

Steve Argue:

Obviously both Stalin and Trotsky were right, since the betrayals of the Social Democracy paved the way for the victory of fascism. Trotsky was referring to Social Democratic workers, not the Menshevik type Social Democratic leaders that took the side of capitalist exploitation, repression, and imperialist war. Such trash Lenin and Trotsky lined up and shot in the Soviet Union. Some of this was excessive, but it occurred within the context of a civil war where fascism would have been the result of failure. The lack of a strong Communist leadership to prevent such failure in Germany was largely a result of the pro-war and pro-capitalist Social Democratic Party's execution of Liebnecht and Luxemburg.

Despite the mistakes of both Trotsky and Stalin, we should not take their tactical disagreements as arguments for unity with Social Democratic (or Democratic) enemies. These differences occurred within the context of real struggle where armed workers were ready to fight fascism but many still held the banner of the Social Democracy while other anti-fascist fighters held the Communist banner. To fight fascism effectively would have meant establishing a new leadership independent of both the Social Democratic and Communist parties, but time had already run out. For many workers what they had seen as the left socialists had so utterly and completely betrayed them that they would no longer fight for such a cause.

Without building a political party with a clear program that rejects unity with those leaders who betray us we are helpless in the face of the bourgeois democratic or fascistic capitalist whims of the capitalist class that rules. In as much as the social democratic leadership carries out oppression for the capitalist class, they are laying the groundwork of fascism, both through broken hearts and through broken skulls.

Clarity, zealously, and military training are more important than unity with people who prefer a high standing in bourgeois public opinion and gain a small amount of respectability through ignoring the full truth and carry out betrayals against the working class.

I shun the lukewarm and hereby resign from my leadership posts as a member of the Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California and of the Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz the Peace and Freedom Party under the leadership of Mike and Maureen Smith has supported politicians who have carried out some of the most anti-working class, anti-homeless, and pro-police repression. Under a government elected partly through the meager support of these things (Smiths) I personally did nine months in jail for protesting the U.S. war in Yugoslavia while homeless activist John Dine was shot dead by these police of the "progressive" city government.

I have not done enough in the local Peace and Freedom Party to correct these betrayals, part of the failure is mine, nor has the state Central Committee done much. Yet to continue to fight for such corrections would force me to remain a part of a party and in association with a party that has already clearly betrayed the working class. I will not be part of that betrayal.

-Steve Argue

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Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

Has anyone here ever "The Iron Heel" by Jack London? Why is it that Peace and Freedom party people all sound like Ernest Everhard? Why do they sound like the hero of a socialist melodrama that was written almost a century ago? Does anybody care whether anyone joins or leaves the Peace and Freedom party? Does it remain relevant in the 21st century? Can it?

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

To say that everything has changed in the 21st century is as short sighted as those who say the 60s are over and those struggles are irrelevant now. I know you would feel more comfortable if socialists talked like liberals, but I am not a liberal. The clarity in the language of revolution will not die in the 21st century despite your desire for it to do so.

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

Congratulations. However, I think that you will find that Stalin's view and Trotsky's view were polar opposites. Stalin's view which opposed
united fronts with the social democrats to fight the Nazis helped pave the way for the Nazi victory. Trotsky wanted a united front which did
not automatically exclude the social democratic counterrevolutionary leaders. That would have been an ultimatum to social democratic workers
who had not yet seen through their misleaders and they would have rejected such an ultimatum right away. Trotsky's proposal, accompanied by the prediction that the misleaders would not agree to such a bloc, a bloc desperately wanted by the workers, would have served to expose those betrayers and help advance the consciousness of the mass of social democratic workers. Stalin's equation led to the infamous CP statement of "first the Nazis, then us," to power.

With communist greetings,
Willard Frost - League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP)

Re: League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP)

I was referring here to how both Stalin and Trotsky had the same view of the role of the Social Democratic Party. You are correct in saying they did have very different views of how to approach the question tactically. This arose from Trotsky's historic understanding of what the fascist movement looked like as it rose in Italy and his understanding of the fascist threat in Germany. He knew that when the fascists came to power the revolutionary struggle would be over in Germany. Stalin and the German Communist Party had the deadly illusion that things would be so bad under Hitler that they would be able to overthrow him soon after he took power.

NEWS FLASH!!! Steve Argue Quits Peace and Freedom Party; Noone Cares

I have a breaking stroy coming in..

Steve Argue Resigns from the Peace and Freedom Party and Noone Cares.

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

I am wishing the best for you on your quest for a better society Steven.

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party


I don't know if you remember me, but I have been part of Peace and Freedom for several years, and during the most difficult years I remember that
you were one of those who made it possible for the party to get back on the ballot. I have seen your commitment to the working class and is for
this reason that I ask you to reconsider your decision to resign from the party.

I know that many times is very hard to accept the position of some of our comrades, but at this time the Peace and Freedom Party represents the
only ballot alternative for the working class. Under the present circumstances the working class needs of all of us who are committed to bring a
change in this country.

During these difficult year I don't remember seeing Maureen Smith working with us to bring Peace and Freedom back on the ballot, but I saw you joining us to give the working class a voice on the ballot box. I would hate to see you leaving the party you have helped bring back to life. This your party and none has the right to make you leave it.

I was assigned by the Peace and Freedom Party Central Committee to try to solve some of the problems in Santa Cruz County, I ask you to give us a chance to keep you with us. Those of us who were assigned to work with the Santa Cruz Central Committee have not done our job, but I want you to know that the party appreciates all your work and many of us want you to remain making Peace and Freedom the party of the working class.

This is a personal appeal. I seldom write to anyone in the party, but your departure is significant enough for me to try to avoid loosing you. This is not the time for the Peace and Freedom Party to lose its best people.

In Solidarity.

Francisco M. Rodriguez
San Francisco County Central Committee

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

This is suprising Steve. Are you going to join another party?

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

Now the intelligence level of both organizations has gone up.

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

Why are there so many wild-assed egotists in Santa Cruz? I probably agree with Steve in terms of most of his opinions about what's going on with Santa Cruz and the world today (although not about the relevance of various Stalin/Trotsky/blahblahblah debates that became moot 60 years ago), but I can't agree that his personal decisions and declarations about himself are newsworthy or particularly of interest to anybody but him. What's up, Steve?

A for effort, D for sense of perspective

offered in the spirit of constructive criticism

Re: " Nobody Important"

"Re: Nobody Important" Thanks for your thoughts. I think your alias says something of the self-deprecating attitude that I do not accept in relation to my own work. It is this lack of confidence I see on the left that I am trying to combat. If the left is to become more important and stop looking for others to lead us, first we must declare ourselves and our thoughts as important and essential for a just world. In fact we must declare ourselves as more important than the non-sense that passes as news in the corporate press.

There is a tendency on the left to ignore the thoughts of the best and more radical among us in favor of supporting the fake leftists who get some good coverage in the corporate papers. These types become the acceptable voices of opposition because they refuse to get to the root of problems. I try to make up for this by promoting my ideas, and the ideas of the few that think like me, in a very outspoken way. This is one of the reasons I ran for City Council twice even though I knew I had very little chance of winning.

The fact that I have some strong supporters helps me put out a revolutionary message. While many may ridicule and others may not care about my statements, articles, and proclamations, I think I may be helping to educate others. I may not see a revolution in the United States in my lifetime, but I would like to help preserve the ideas that are necessary to make it happen. Likewise, to the degree that there is somewhat of a movement for change today, I would hope that some of what I put forward helps people see the need to organize independently of the Democrats that pretend to be our friends in order to bring any progress for humanity and our planet.

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

You can always join us Greens.... ;)

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

Thanks Ryan, but many of the same problems that I have been dealing within the Peace and Freedom Party also occur within the Green Party.

In many ways the Green Party is also a reformist party that not only endorses politicians that are part of the problem, they also have politicians in office that have betrayed the working class. A good example is our local Tim Fitzemaurice who voted for the repressive anti-homeless sleeping ban among other things.

While the Green Party, to their credit, did not endorse Fitzmaurice in the last election, they regularly run his columns in their local newsletter. This is the type of left cover for bad politicians that I am revolting against by leaving the Peace and Freedom Party.

This is a left split from the Peace and Freedom Party, not one going to the right.

Re: Steve Argue's Resignation From The Peace And Freedom Party

who cares?

Re: "Oy"

"Oy", obviously you don't care. Others do. I often see things posted on Indy media that I think are irrelevant to the struggle. At times I will disagree and speak my mind, but I am never so rude as to say, "Who care?"

I think this is part of the problem with the fact that most Indy media posters are always hiding behind an alias. I think you will find if you read the other posts here people who do care, and they actually posted their real names.


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