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Why Fahrenheit 911 is no ringing endorsement of John Kerry

Kerry is unacceptable and unelectable. We must go to the DNC and DEMAND DENNIS!
Why Fahrenheit 911 is no ringing endorsement of John Kerry

1. Kerry did not push for investigation of 911 believed official story line-Kerry was in the Navy so he did not remember that the air force actually has a standard procedure for handling hijackings. John Kerry believed that the most powerful military in the world, after 60+ intercepts that year, behaved as bumbling idiots allowing planes to fly unintercepted for 1 1/2 hours on the one day we needed them.
2. Kerry was coward and voted for the patriot act, probably didn't even read it. He still plans on keeping 95% of the patriot act.
3. Kerry voted for the giving the president the right to declare war on anyone in the name of terror. Kerry then said he would speak out if Bush to Iraq went without UN approval. Then when Bush did, Kerry covered for him and said we were all in in together. He is not a leader. He is a bigger fool than Bush
4. When asked about his vote on the war Kerry said "no I do not regret my vote" even after it was clear there was no sign of WMDs. Kerry had in fact embellished Bush's reports of WMD's in trying to convince the senate to vote for the war.
5. When asked about the evidence being wrong Kerry replied "well that's what we were told" apparently having done no research on his own. A short google search would have informed him that they had very little 'evidence' which all ended up being faked and a joke at the UN. Kerry, having been in the senate for 19 years should have known that the sanctions and intense weapons inspections had eliminated all WMD's. Colin Powell and Condi both stated that there were no WMD's in 2001.
"[Saddam] has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors." -- Colin Powell, (Feb. 24, 2001, Cairo, Egypt)

6. Perhaps the biggest problem with John Kerry besides not regretting his ignorant choices in believing the administration and perpetuating lies, is that he wants to continue the war, add 40,000 troops even. This war which he voted for, is now clearly based on lies, and yet he wants to continue it? Is this the same guy that said " how can you ask a man to be the last man to die for a lie?"

7. John Kerry plans to continue the 'war on terror' which is now also apparently a lie created to help corporations make money. He even vowed to "take the fight to the enemy on every continent". Need I say more?

8. John Kerry plans to link aid to countries based on how friendly they are to Israel. Talk about increasing hatred and terrorism. "I would first want to link it to the warmth of relationship to Israel and the effort to secure general stability in the middle east. You have to put your priorities first" Speechless.

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Re: Why Fahrenheit 911 is no ringing endorsement of John Kerry

Keep talking..blah, blah,blah...You are the Bu$hes best friend.Kucinich cannot win. Give it up fool. You live under false conciousness. Wake up to the fact that this is Amerikkka. 70% of Amerikka is fundamentalist christian faith based. christian soldier style. Study deeper and harder into history. More dicipline.

Why I'm voting for John Kerry anyway

I am going to vote for John Kerry.

He is far from perfect.

I would much, much have preferred Dennis Kucinich this year. But alas, Kucinich will not win. I won't vote for Nader this year. And I don't know Cobb. But with America so torn in half, Bush could actually win. Kerry can beat Bush. He is the only one who can.

When I first saw John Kerry I was deeply impressed. He was a decorated Vietnam Veteran who was one of the founders of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. As an anti-Vietnam war activist back in 1968, I saw the tide of America turn when EVEN THE VETERANS COMING BACK WERE SAYING THE WAR WAS WRONG. He could have rested on his medals, but instead, he acted out of principle and spoke out openly critical of the government military involvement in Vietnam. He showed integrity and character.

He voted to give Bush the green light to attack Iraq. But he has come out since saying that the information provided to Congress was faulty. I don't blame him for changing his mind. In fact, someone who receives new evidence which contradicts previously known evidence, and then, as a result changes his course, shows common sense, flexibility, intelligence and hubris.

As for Israel, I suppose you think he should base US foreign policy on supporting those countries with the most murderous intent directed towards the Jewish State of Israel?

If the world gave Israel its entire (tiny) country including Jerusalem and the temple mount, let them build the third temple, we would see peace on earth.

Voting for our man John Kerry

Hello Santa Cruz People
Kucinich cannot win.
Kerry can win. Kerry can beat bush.
How simple can it be.
No false conciousness.
Kerry will practice detant'.

Bush is an unelectable fool

How is it possible that there is even a contest between Kerry and the most corrupt president ever?
Because Kerry is a republican infiltrator who is the most bland candidate possible with a horrible voting record..he other words...karl rove's dream. Kerry has so much money and doesn't really give a damn (see senate record 19 years) so it seems he would rather bush win it to push the skull and bones agenda further faster. But if Kerry does happen to win he will continue the patriot act, the war...and most likely pardon Bush for his war crimes. What is the point of winning the election if you don't get anywhere on the issues?

Re: Why Fahrenheit 911 is no ringing endorsement of John Kerry

Kerry was forced on us by the same lying media that sold us the war.


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