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The Forbidden Truths of the Genocidally Evil Human War and Military Structures

A Forbidden Truth dissection of the perverse and deranged human societal activities of warfare and military service.
Copyright © 2004-2054 The Seer of Forbidden Truth, All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction of this text, or any portion of this text, or the Intellectual Property expressed within this text, without the expressed and written permission of The Seer of Forbidden Truth, is prohibited and constitutes a violation of law.

What is war? According to the dictionary, the primary definition of war is: Strife (especially between countries) involving military or naval or air attacks. This definition is actually not too terribly incorrect, but there is one word in this definition that is totally out of place and blatantly invalid. Can you guess which word this is? The word is countries. Contrary to popular opinions of the brainwashed masses, wars are not battles or fights between countries, but rather battles and fights between individuals who just happen to be leaders of countries. This is not a minor distinction, it is an extremely important starting point on our journey into the depths of Forbidden Truth. Countries are led by individuals. These individuals, known as "leaders", who carry titles such as president, prime minister, king, etc..., are almost universally mentally deranged and power-crazed, as well as sociopathically evil. The only way a person can attain a position of supreme leadership within a deranged and malevolent society, is for the person to be deranged and malevolent. This Truth is applicable to all types of political systems, democratic, communist, totalitarian, etc... I will be speaking more about this in my Political Systems essay, but the fact is that so-called "democracies", assuming that they have been built and structured along genocidally immoral lines, such as america has been built, are even more certain to only empower mentally ill and evil people to be their supreme leaders, than is the case with a communist or totalitarian political system.

Wars are criminal acts of violence, undertaken not by "countries", but by individual human beings who just happen to also be supreme leaders of either an official government, or a very popular cultural/ideological movement. Lets talk about weapons for a moment. A poor person likely only has a knife, that he can use as a weapon. A wealthier person may have a gun, that he can use as a weapon. The leader of a street gang or an organized crime organization, likely has an even more useful weapon at his disposal, namely, other human beings that he can employ to commit violence on his behalf, upon his command. Now, the supreme leader of a government has the most powerful weapon of all at his disposal. No, not nuclear or biological weapons, not fighter jets or cluster bombs, or the like. He has the entire body of citizen-slaves who live within his society, at his disposal, to use as weapons. Understand that human beings are the most powerful and useful weapon of all. Within the existing dynamic of war, citizens enlisted in the military are not "soldiers". Soldiers is simply a word that has been created to cover-up the Truth. These citizens are in fact nothing more and nothing less than weapons. They are used as weapons, by the leaders of their society/government, leaders who are homicidally enraged, mentally deranged, and power-crazed, which are the reasons why and how they have sought and attained their supreme leadership positions within the society.

Leaders of societies choose to undertake wars, for either personal or political reasons. Usually for both personal and political reasons, but always for at least one of these two reasons. Personal reasons include homicidal rage, sadism, a need to overcome feelings of personal worthlessness and impotence, a desire for vengeance based upon the suppressed suffering and victimization that they, as individuals, have experienced in their pasts, mentally deranged ideological obsessions, brainwashed addictions to the god myth as well as to false perceptions of justice, and a personal obsession with attaining limitless power and control over as many human beings as they possibly can. Political reasons include a need to appease their citizen-slaves, to satiate the suppressed bloodlust of their citizen-slaves, to divert public attention from domestic problems and complaints, to terrorize their citizen-slaves into feeling as though they must support his existing regime in order to remain secure, or even to remain alive. All of these "reasons" are individual in nature, they represent the will of an individual, the leader of a government or of a major cultural/ideological movement. They are not governmental reasons. They are individual reasons, put forth by individuals who just happen to be the supreme leaders of societies/governments. You must understand this point: The soldier in a war is exactly the same as a gun, in a two-person shoot-out. In the two person shoot-out, the guns used are weapons. In a war, all soldiers are weapons. They are not human beings. They are slaves with no sentient will, being used as weapons by the insane and evil leaders of their societies.

When an individual person uses a gun to commit a crime, the gun is his weapon. The gun is not alive however, so it cannot suffer any consequences. When the leader of a government uses human beings to commit crimes, those human beings are his weapons. Those human beings are alive, they can and do suffer consequences, and therefore all governmental and ideological leaders who choose to engage in wars, are committing genocide upon their own citizens. The structure of all governments, is exactly the same as the structure of vicious street gangs and organized crime families, only on a much larger scale of malice. Governmental leaders are evil and insane, and they use their citizen-slaves as weapons, to try and cope with their own individual rage, hate, terror, obsessions, and personal need for vengeance through violence. This is a universal Truth, it is not subject to a case by case analysis. Every single leader of a society who chooses to engage in war, regardless of whether or not they claim to have been "attacked first", or to "only be defending our nation", is in reality undertaking an individual act of personal rage, simply by choosing to participate in the war. Very often in schools and workplaces, if there are two extremely enraged individuals, they will specifically seek each other out and engage in fights, because they subconsciously recognize that they can help each other to meet their own needs to express their rage and hate upon others, specifically, upon each other. This dynamic applies to national leaders as well. Leaders who are desperately eager to release their personal rage and hate, while maintaining the illusion of moral decency to both themselves and their citizen-slaves, will specifically seek each other out, and goad each other with repeated provocations, for the intentional purpose for attempting to justify declaring war, sometimes on a conscious level, other times on a subconscious level. Very often, a leader of a society will privately and literally fall to his knees in joy, either physically or psychologically, often in both ways, upon learning that another societal leader has declared war upon "his" nation. Why should such an occurrence invoke massive joy? Because it allows the homicidally enraged leader to "declare war" back, while maintaining the illusion of possessing the higher level of moral legitimacy, via a claim of "we are only defending ourselves and our way of life." It's like being given both moral and legal permission to mass murder a million human beings, literally the ultimate wet dream for a homicidally enraged human being. So, what we have are the most evil and mentally ill leaders attaining power within the most evil and diseased societies, then seeking each other out for the individual purpose of expressing their homicidal rage through war, within the illusion of moral legitimacy.

Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Osama bin-Laden, are all examples of some of the most evil, mentally ill, and homicidally enraged supreme leaders of the modern era. Although perhaps Khan and Caesar ruled a bit too long ago to qualify for inclusion in the modern era. These leaders of societies/governments deliberately sought out war with other societal leaders, for personally cathartic reasons. In point of fact, all wars are undertaken by individual leaders for either personal or political reasons, the above list simply includes the names of some of the most overtly homicidal and deranged leaders of all time.

America, england, the old soviet union, israel, germany, some of the arabian nations, some of the african nations, have been some of the primary warmongers of recent decades. This is because these countries were founded and developed along genocidally evil lines, and continue to have the most inferior and diseased societal structures in the entire world. These countries have a history of genocide, in many cases, such as america, they were founded, they came into existence, purely as the result of a genocidal attack upon a sovereign, independent society, that they chose to launch and undertake. These societies possess insane religious ideologies, and are filled with mentally deranged citizens who are obsessed with violence, rage, and vengeance, thus guaranteeing that every political leader they elect or otherwise allow to come to power, will share the same immense, suppressed homicidal rage that the average, typical, mainstream citizen feels within their True Reality. This is why we have specific wars that never seem to end, two or more societies that are ultra-diseased find each other, establish a toxic relationship with each other, and despite their claims to want to "end" the war that they are engaged in with each other, the reality is that they do not want the war to end, neither side usually wants the war to end. They, and when I say they I refer to both the supreme leaders of the society and to the average, typical, mainstream masses of citizen-slave as well, want to continue the war, so that they can cathartically shed the blood of a demonized enemy. The war ritual is almost always mutually agreeable to both parties, both governments specifically desire and choose to engage in the war ritual with each other. America had a long-time, overtly deranged war with the soviet union. When this war finally came to an end, america was not at all happy, not the citizenry and not the leadership. In fact there was extreme distress, never publicly or consciously admitted to, of course, within the insane and evil american culture, because a "favorite demon" had been lost, an imaginary demon upon whom generations of homicidally enraged americans had directed their suppressed and denied homicidal rage, while maintaining the insane illusion of moral justification and superiority. Within just a few years, american societal leaders knew they had to find other societies and other societal leaders to demonize, and so they deliberately sought out, courted war against via deliberate provocation, imposed themselves upon, and provoked "wars" with vietnam, korea, panama, iran, iraq, somalia, pakistan, and now afghanistan, among many others. That america has been by far the most genocidally warmongering nation on planet earth over the past 20 years, over the past 100 years, and over the entire history of america existing as a sovereign nation, is undeniable to any rational thinker who examines the historical facts of war.

The degree of disease that is rooted within a society, can be very accurately assessed by looking at how many wars the society has been engaged in, and for what percentage of time during their history, the society has been actively engaged in warlike activity against another society. The more wars the society is engaged in, and the larger the percentage of time they are actively engaged in war, the more perverse, diseased, and inferior the society is. America is absolutely at the head of the list, on both of these statistics. Two very important points: From a Truth-based perspective, it makes absolutely no difference which country claims to have been "provoked", which country claims to have had war declared upon it, and to only be defending itself. War is a societal policy that requires mutual agreement from both societies/countries, in order to occur. There is no way that a war can occur, unless the evil and diseased leaders of both societies, agree to engage in a war. The only exception to this rule is when an invading group of humans, usually not directly representing an existing government, but rather seeking to seize territory in order to establish a totally new regime, chooses to commit unprovoked genocide, such as the european drifters who stumbled across the north american continent chose to do. Furthermore, war is retaliatory by nature and by design, which means that unless we are talking about a government coming into existence via a genocidal overthrow of an existing societal structure, such as how america came into existence, there is no legitimacy to the argument that "the other side declared war on us, so we are only defending ourselves." If the other side did "officially" declare war upon your side, they only did so because "your" societal leader, and your society as a whole, has been goading, provoking, daring, and inciting the "enemy" societal leader and his citizen-slaves, for the specific purpose of wanting to cause a war to occur, while still trying to retain the ability to claim a moral high ground, by getting the other side to "officially" declare war first, against your society. Don't you idiots ever stop to think about why some societies/nations never seem to get directly involved in wars, for example Iceland, Costa Rica, etc... It's not because they are "worthless" countries, and it's not because they are feared by other nations, and it's not because they have superior militaries. It's because these societies are Superior societies, who refuse to participate in the "game" of war, as practiced by inferior societies. Inferior societies seek each other out, making a mutual, subconscious decision to engage in war, a decision made by the leaders of these inferior societies, to provide to themselves and to you, the homicidally enraged citizenry, the emotional pleasure and cathartic enjoyment of ritualized mass murder, genocide, and brutalization of a demonized enemy. It is a mutually agreeable decision that both inferior and diseased societies make, to engage in a war, although of course the leaders and the citizenry would both vehemently deny and ridicule this Forbidden Truth, if it was suggested to them.

Second extremely important point, we must recognize that the most evil societies of the world will be constantly engaged in either fighting actual wars, preparing to fight future wars, and demonizing other societies/countries in order to incite, arouse, and foment public support for the "next" war. The leaders of these societies have absolutely no interest in ever gaining "peace" for their society/citizenry. The thought of "peace breaking out" within their society, terrifies them. This is because they realize that their nation is filled with homicidally enraged torture victims, and unless provided with a steady diet of "demonized foreign societies" to hate and direct their rage against, societal leaders are in mortal terror that their flock of homicidal torture victims will somehow find the rationality and insight to recognize that it is their own society which deserves to be the target of their rage. At the same time, these societies still need to justify their wars on a pretense of morality and legitimacy, as well as to "claim victory" at some point in time, pretending to joyously celebrate the "end of the war", even though in reality societal leaders are already eagerly planning for and attempting to provoke a new war, as soon as they realize that the current war they are engaged in, is nearing a likely end. We must remember that governments absolutely can and do engage in genocidal wars, without ever publicly or officially admitting that they are in the middle of committing genocide via war. A perfect example of this is the 11-12 year old war that america has been undertaking against iraq. For the past 10+ years, america has been engaging in a constant, ongoing, brutally vicious war against iraq. This is a genocidal war that has been underway for over a decade as of today, the year 2001, and yet there is no genuine acknowledgment or admission within either the government, the media, or the popular culture of america, that this is an 11 year old war of almost incredibly evil genocide. At least 500,000 children in iraq, children under the age of 18, have died as a direct and sole result of the genocidal attack that america has undertaken against Iraq, over the past decade. This is deliberate, intentional, willful, child genocide. The notion that a society such as america, deliberately killing 500,000 children, within the current time frame, meaning today, as an ongoing policy, in order to satiate the suppressed bloodlust of american citizen-slaves, has any type of moral authority to even comment upon, much less try to interfere with, the policies and ideologies of other nations, is ludicrous. America is by far the most immoral, diseased, overtly malevolent, genocidal society/government on planet earth at the current time, and a wonderful argument can be made that over the past 300+ years, america has consistently held this perverse position, year after year, for the past 300+ years. America has been engaged in an utterly immoral, genocidal war against Iraq, deliberately killing 500,000+ children. And yet because the american government refuses to admit or publically acknowledge that this is a war, the pathetic, brainwashed sheeple who constitute the citizen-slaves of america, do not consider this war to be a war. Beautiful illustration here, of the literally incredible degree of stupidity and hatred of Truth, that constitutes normal thinking among you humans.

I need to emphasize just how powerful the enticement to undertake war is, among ultra-diseased societies. On one level, you have the masses of victimized, enraged citizen-slaves, constantly and desperately searching for some group of fellow human beings to demonize, hate, and direct their homicidal rage upon. On a totally different level, you have the supreme leaders of these societies, who could not have become the leaders of these societies unless they shared the same individual rage and need to cathartically direct their hate upon others, that the masses of citizen-slaves have. So, the leaders of these societies have a personal need/desire to demonize, blame, and direct homicidal rage upon, other human beings. In addition however, they also have a tremendous political need/desire to do this exact same thing. They were in fact elected, or otherwise allowed to come to power, specifically because the citizens, on a subconscious level, want, desire, and expect their leader to instruct them to direct their rage and hate against specific classes, ethnic groups, religious groups, or other societies. This is a double-tiered structure of immense insanity and evil. Even if the societal leader might be interested in trying to transcend his own personal homicidal rage, within the policy structure of how he rules the nation, it is almost impossible for him to decline to appease the immense political pressure to undertake wars, that the vast majority of all citizens within his society, are subconsciously demanding. And even if he is interesting in trying to resist the political pressure to engage in wars, he faces a tremendous emotional hurdle in terms of overcoming his own personal malice, rage, insanity, and lust for personally cathartic vengeance through violence. Now, if the leader somehow allows or chooses to specifically instruct his citizen-slaves to direct their rage and hate domestically, upon a class of people, an ethnic group, a religious group, that is living within his own society as citizens, he is taking a tremendous risk, the risk of destabilizing the entire nation, provoking riots, protests, and other domestic unrest. It is thousands of times safer for the leader, on practical, political, and emotional/moralistic levels, to incite and encourage widespread hatred and demonization of a foreign society, as opposed to a group or class of people living within his own society, because the risk of domestic unrest, the risk of a "war" erupting within his own society, is rendered virtually nil, due to the fact that the vast majority of you diseased creatures eagerly "unite" and insanely agree to direct your rage and hate upon a foreign society, ideology, or group, at the drop of a hat. You are in fact eager to accept whatever foreign demonization your societal leaders choose to provide you with, because you find it morally easier to justify directing your homicidal rage upon "foreign devils", creatures who look human, but whose perceived physical, lifestyle, religious, and ideological differences from you, are constantly being emphasized and drilled into your brainwashed, shallow minds, by your societal leaders.

In capitalistic societies especially, wars are nothing more than product commercials, of the type you see in any commercial television broadcast. You are being sold a product, the product is morally justifiable mass murder. You are the consumer, your society is the vendor. This product has to be packaged, marketed, and promoted well, the job of the commercial is to make you feel good, make you feel that this pending mass murder, which you are subconsciously desperate to experience as a way to cathartically relieve your suppressed rage and hate, is morally justifiable, legal, good, necessary, and an appropriate type of legal murder for you to embrace. Your society demonizes it's chosen "enemy" to you, trying to convince you that the enemy is evil, hurts women, hurts children, poses a threat to you and your loved ones. The reality of course is that you own society is certainly hundreds if not thousands of times more evil, causes thousands of times more harm to women and children living within your society, and poses a far greater, ongoing, daily threat to brutally victimize you, than any foreign society ever could. Your governments undertake a media and a public relations campaign, using every available tool of brainwashing and manipulation of reality perception, to demonize the chosen foreign enemy, as a trial balloon method of gauging whether or not they can foment enough consensus rage within the society, to justify undertaking and initiating an actual war against the chosen enemy society. In the vast majority of cases, assuming the societal leaders have firmly decided and determined that they wish to engage in a war with a specific enemy, they have very little if any difficulty in winning overwhelming public support for the initiation of war in a short period of time, since the vast majority of citizen-slaves are constantly filled with suppressed homicidal rage, and constantly looking for some type of a morally justified outlet for this homicidal rage, that they depend upon their evil and diseased society to provide to them. Hence we have hunting, abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and of course war as well, all societally legitimized forms of absolutely brutal, immoral, mass murder. In general, the more types of mass murder that a society chooses to officially legitimize and partake of, the more diseased and evil the society is. So it's no surprise that american societal leaders proudly embrace and hug to their maggot-filled bosoms war, abortion, the death penalty, hunting, etc...

Lets understand, even as we face up to the Forbidden Truth that all human societies currently in existence are evil and diseased, that there are some major differences between the most diseased societies on planet earth, and the least diseased societies on planet earth. Some societies are much more evil and diseased than other societies. Some are almost constantly engaged in war, constantly killing their own babies via abortion, constantly killing their own tortured victim-creations via a "death penalty", constantly killing other species of life that are morally superior to them for pleasure and for "sport", constantly promoting the genocidal torture of every child born into their society. This is america. Some other societies are far less deranged and diseased in structure, they almost never engage in war, they outlaw abortion, they do not murder their torture victims via a death penalty, etc... And yet even the most benign society currently in existence on this planet, still engages in genocidal murder and ritualistic victimization of it's own citizen-slaves, to some degree. It is important to recognize that there are major and significant differences between the most evil societies on earth, when compared to the "least" evil societies on planet earth. But it is even more important to understand and accept the profound Truth that every human governmental society as of today, is absolutely evil and immoral.

One of the primary ways that war is marketed and legitimized to you citizen-slaves, is as a battle between "good and evil". Your society instructs you that it is good, that you are good, and that the "enemy" that it is choosing to target is evil, and that the other society, or at the very least the soldiers fighting for the other society, are evil. This is an utterly ridiculous notion! That your society is evil, is undeniable, because all societies are evil and immoral. So, if your society was even pretending to have an interest in honesty and Truth, it would use the claim of being "less evil", rather than good and righteous. But of course we already understand that Truth, all Truth, is the mortal enemy of your societies, to be shunned, ignored, rejected at all times and in all circumstances. Regardless of whether or not a society that chooses to engage in a war might be able to make a theoretically legitimate argument that it might be somewhat "less evil" in terms of ideological policy as an abstract concept, than the enemy society, the undeniable Truth is that every society inflicts the greatest degree of harm, trauma, victimization, and suffering, upon it's own citizens. Please reread this last, red print, underlined sentence, because it is extremely important and cuts to the very heart of Forbidden Truth on this issue of war. Every society inflicts the greatest degree of harm, upon it's own citizen-slaves. Not upon the citizens of some other society or nation, but upon their own citizen-slaves. The fact that most citizens are unable to recognize, understand, perceive, and accept the fact that their own society is brutally oppressing and harming them, is a beautiful illustration of how well ideologically false societal brainwashing works for societies, in winning the blind, insane devotion of their citizens. But if we, the few of us who courageously seek Forbidden Truth, can recognize and accept the fact that "our" society deliberately inflicts far greater harm upon us than any foreign society inflicts or is interested in inflicting upon us, the entire charade upon which societies build their false legitimizations of why they need to go to war, collapses. War is marketed to all citizen-slaves, by every society, by each side, as being justified because "your" side is the good, righteous, justified side. War is marketed as a battle between a good side, your side, and a bad side, the enemy side. And yet the Truth is that there cannot be a good and righteous side because there is no good or righteous society/government on planet earth. Even more importantly, "your" side, the side which claims to be the good and righteous side, has deliberately inflicted far more harm, abuse, and victimization upon you, than the decreed "bad and immoral" enemy side has ever inflicted upon you. So how can you align yourself with the side that lies to you, is evil and immoral, and has inflicted far more harm upon you than the "enemy" side has inflicted upon you? It makes no logical sense!

The only argument left to be made, is that the "enemy" side wants to kill or torture you in a horrific way, and at least your own society is not immediately intending or planning to directly murder you outright, or physically torture you to death, so you must support this "lesser of two evils". Is there any legitimacy to this argument? No! The fact is, the "enemy" society in a war is only interested in killing or torturing you, because you are a member of the "other" society, the society that has declared war upon them and from their perspective, is trying to torment and kill them. If you were to choose to "defect", to sincerely abandon your current society/government, renounce your current government, and place yourself at the mercy of the "enemy" society, you likely would not be killed. You might well have to adopt to a different lifestyle, you certainly will suffer and be victimized to a degree by your "new" society, but if you can open your blind eyes, you would see that you are already being brutally victimized by your current society/government, and so the victimization that your new society/government would inflict upon you, would be nothing new and more than likely comparable to or milder than the level of current victimization you are experiencing. Even the nazi's, whose entire ideological doctrine was built upon racial superiority, would not have likely genocidally murdered the members of societies that their ideological doctrine decreed to be inferior, if these people, as individuals, would have sincerely embraced and honored the nazi regime, the nazi ideology, and nazi leaders. Yes, they likely would have made these people work at menial jobs, in slave-labor situations, but every government and every societal leadership group, is more interested in winning over the sincere, loyal devotion of as many human beings as it can, than it is in murdering them. It can only justify murdering them, if it can philosophically argue that the foreign society or group poses a threat to them. Rejecting the legitimacy and the claims of superiority of the regime, obviously meets this threat criteria. The bottom line is, there is no government or society worth "going to war" for, worth trying to defend and risk your life for, because every society is evil and immoral, and your own society has inflicted far more harm upon you personally, than the "decreed enemy" society has already, or is likely in the future, to inflict upon you. In point of fact, your own society is threatening to murder you, needlessly endangering your life, clearly increasing the chances that you will be murdered, when it instructs/compels you to join it's military and fight in a war.

Lets understand that if two societies declare war upon each other, and one side captures either "enemy" soldiers or civilians from the other side, it is very likely they will try to use their captured enemy humans as bargaining chips and may torture/murder them, as a way to send a message and make these members of the demonized enemy examples of what the other members of the enemy, who are still trying to mass murder their side, will face. This is perfectly natural and does not contradict the fact that the "enemy" society only kills you, because you, or members of your society, are overtly and currently involved in an effort to kill members of their society, and in fact to totally destroy their society and government, in most cases. Of course it is "unfair" for the enemy society to murder you, if you sincerely renounce the society that is attacking them, and sincerely align yourself with their society. But even under these circumstances, you need to understand that it is your own society/government that is primarily to blame, because your society chose to engage in a genocidal war against this enemy society. In many cases of course, sincere defectors are welcomed with open arms, even by the enemy, even in an ongoing war, even if the defector was a citizen of and member of the very government and society that is continuing to attempt to destroy their society and government. Understand this fundamental Truth: Your society and government has deliberately harmed and victimized you. It is evil and immoral. It does not deserve your support, loyalty, or allegiance, much less to gain control of your physical body and mind, for the purpose of getting you to try and murder complete strangers on it's behalf, via the diseased war ritual. And you have no legitimate moral, ethical, ideological, or intellectual right or reason to align yourself with the society that has victimized you more than any other society, or to agree to mass murder complete strangers on behalf of this evil society. Understand that in all my comments above, I am not singling out any society or government. All of the above Truths are equally applicable, for example, for members of american society, members of afghanistan society, members of finland society, etc... The personal right to commit individual, True Reality based murder that involves personal choice that carries no "orders" or instructions or directions from your society, is far more morally legitimate, rational, and personally justifiable, than the decreed "right" that your society gives you, to mass murder specific, complete strangers. on it's behalf, via the insane structure of war. The above Truth is not an "advocacy of murder", it is a declaration of Truth. No society that chooses to practice and engage in war, has any morally legitimate legal authority to condemn or punitively punish individual citizen-slaves who may commit "unsanctioned" types of murders, because war itself is a totally immoral and unjustifiable form of murder, and it is not only decreed legal, but overtly practiced by most societies and governments, particularly within the most evil and diseased of societies.

Now, lets be clear on the fact that leaders of human governments/societies are themselves tortured victim-creations, of the societies that they are born into and raised up within. Even though the policies and doctrines of governments and societies absolutely must be seen and declared to be evil and perverse, no such labels should be applied to individual human beings who happen to be leaders of governments and societies. They are victims themselves, and they deserve no personal condemnation or demonization of any kind. All criminals are victims of society. Leaders of governments are criminals, they undertake criminal, immoral acts, in reflection of their own True Reality and the maliciously immoral design structure of their societies, that has been imposed upon them and implanted within their conscious and subconscious perceptions of reality. They are not to blame, as individuals. They must be seen and treated as being the victims of society that they are. The fact that they have assumed leadership positions within the society, in no way negates their status of being created torture victims of society. The criminal deserves absolutely no personal condemnation or punitive punishment. Society creates all of it's criminals, and bears equal responsibility for each and every created victim, there is no legitimacy to the notion that a criminal who happens to become a supreme leader of a society, loses some or all of his victimhood status. Nobody and nothing can strip a victim of his True Reality, of being a victim.

It is no surprise that the vast majority of individuals who become supreme leaders are obsessed with their images. They are power-crazed, desperately eager to exert domination and control over others, while at the same time equally desperate to shape and mold all public perceptions of their image. In particular, they are determined to extinguish and destroy any hint of personal vulnerability or victimization, from their public image, persona, and known life history. This is why you almost never read or hear about the childhood victimization, in fact torture, that virtually all societal leaders throughout all of human history, including in the present time of course, have been subjected to. Just as virtually all children try to keep their abuse and victimization secret, especially if committed by Sacred Family Unit members, politicians, aspiring politicians, and all societal/governmental leaders go to incredible efforts and lengths to hide the facts of their abuse and victimization, throughout their entire lives, even after they leave public office, in the case of elected leaders. Nevertheless, the fact remains that all societal leaders are victims of extreme childhood abuse and trauma. It takes a tremendous amount of journalistic effort to uncover such facts of abuse, and with some supreme leaders, the abuse is never uncovered. So I wish to extend my extreme thanks to the investigative reporters and journalists who have gone the extra mile to uncover some of the facts listed below, while at the same time I must of course condemn the mainstream media mercilessly, for failing to properly air, report upon, and focus upon the individual facts of supreme leader abuse listed below, as well as the psychologically and intellectually valid Truth of how societal leaders undertake wars as a way to claim personal, cathartic vengeance for the suffering, abuse, trauma, and victimization that they themselves have personally endured, in their lives. I will be providing several reference URL's, for the below quotes, after listing the quotes themselves.

"Bill Clinton's alcoholic father was so violent toward his mother that Clinton recalls him firing a gun at his mother when he was five, and little Billy twice had to stop real violence when Roger threatened to kill Virginia. His stepfather physically abused him during his drunken rages, and his grandmother, who was his primary caretaker in his early years while his mother was elsewhere, had a "fierce temper" and undoubtedly used a whip on him as she had done on his mother when she was a child. Besides this physical abuse, Clinton was also a rejected child, whose mother left him as an infant for two years with her mother while she moved to another city to learn nursing and then routinely left him while she gambled as he grew up. "I was raised in that sort of culture where you put on a happy face, and you didn't reveal your pain and agony," Bill Clinton said.

With John F. Kennedy there was an intimate emotional link between his sexual addiction--requiring almost daily conquests of mistresses and prostitutes--and his equally compulsive need for military conquests. The same is true of Clinton. He has many of the characteristics of what Robert Tucker calls the "warfare personality"--self-dramatization, extreme narcissism, repeated feelings of conspiracies against him by enemies and an ability to call for a great Crusade that will defeat Evil abroad and cleanse the world of its sinfulness. I would only add to these: a deep well of loneliness, frequent revenge fantasies and an ability to dissociate. It should not have surprised us when he ordered the Cuban invasion and risked incinerating millions of Americans with Russian nuclear missiles during his Cuban embargo, saying, "If Khrushchev wants to rub my nose in the dirt, it's all over." In fact, it turns out that it was Kennedy's taunting of the Russians with a 1962 "practice invasion" exercise near Cuba that actually pushed Khrushchev into putting his missiles into Cuba in the first place. A typical case of provoking an enemy can be shown for the actions of John F. Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis, which we earlier examined briefly. JFK's childhood was typically abusive, dominated by his mother's emotional distancing of him--"She was never there when we really needed her...[She] never really held me and hugged me. Never."--and her brutality, battering John with "hairbrushes, coat hangers, belts and shoes [and] once slapping young Bobby's face so viciously that she punctured his eardrum and split his lip." The result in JFK was a phallic-narcissistic personality focused on conquering women in daily assignations and a lifetime of venereal disease [and] a steady diet of mood-altering drugs. Claiming a mythical "missile gap" with the Russians, Kennedy was elected President to "get America moving again" after the peaceful Eisenhower Fifties, and soon authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba over the objections of most experts who said it would fail, telling his aides he "wasn't going to be ‘chicken.'" The resulting failure was taken by him as a personal humiliation, for which he needed revenge. He authorized Operation Mongoose, various assassination attempts against Castro, including using the Mafia, but success evaded him. By 1962, Kennedy decided to regain his potency by invading Cuba with U.S. forces. He told the military to prepare for a U.S. invasion of the island and asked his staff to formulate a pretext that would give an appearance of a Cuban attack on a U.S. airline that would justify it. But war with a small neighbor would not be enough; Kennedy moved to make certain the Russians would be involved in the war. On January 31, 1962, he asked Khrushchev's son-in-law, Aleksei Adzhubei, to meet with him and, in order to humiliate the Russians as he felt humiliated, told him he was preparing to attack Cuba like Russia attacked Hungary. Despite the fact that 100 million Americans lay in the range of the Russian missiles--and despite the opinion of his staff that they made no military difference at all because nuclear missiles on Russian submarines had long been stationed a few miles off Cuba--Kennedy instituted a naval embargo and prepared for a full-scale attack on Cuba, risking a nuclear World War III. Saying "If Khrushchev wants to rub my nose in the dirt, it's all over" and "we must not look to the world as if we were backing down," Kennedy fully expected war. When his staff told him there were diplomatic means which could be used to remove the missiles, he replied, "The object is not to stop offensive weapons, because the offensive weapons are already there, as much as it is to have a showdown with the Russians of one kind or another." Since Kennedy had already publicly declared the U.S. was "prepared to use nuclear weapons at the start" of any war, Kennedy's embargo and invasion would mean nuclear war if the Russians didn't accept the humiliation and back down, "one hell of a gamble," as Kennedy put it. Luckily for mankind, Khrushchev backed down, was removed from office because of the humiliation and America was rescued from its self-inflicted humiliations. For his role in hiding the real cause of the near-apocalyptic actions, President Kennedy remains universally seen as one of America's greatest Presidents...because he "kept his head" during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

We know that as a boy Adolf Hitler was tormented, humiliated and mocked by his father, without the slightest protection from his mother. We also know that he denied his true feelings toward his father. The real sources of his hatred thus become obvious. I had gone in search of the true motives not only for Hitler's mental make--up but also that of many other dictators. In all of them I identified the effects of hatred of a parent that remained unconscious not only because hating one's father was strictly prohibited but also because it was in the interests of the child's self--preservation to maintain the illusion of having a good father. Only in the form of a deflection onto others was hatred permitted, and then it could flow freely. For Adolf Hitler's father, the suspicion that he might be of Jewish descent was insufferable in the context of the anti--Jewish environment he grew up in. All the plaudits he earned himself as a customs officer were insufficient to liberate him from the latent rage at the disgrace and humiliation visited on him through no fault of his own. The only thing he could do with impunity was to take out this rage on his son Adolf. According to the reports of his daughter of his former marriage, Angela, he beat his son mercilessly every day. In an attempt to exorcise his childhood fears, his son nurtured the maniac delusion that it was up to him to free not only himself of Jewish blood but also all Germany and later the whole world. Right up to his death in the bunker, Hitler remained a victim of this delusion because all his life his fear of his half--Jewish father had remained locked in his unconscious mind. I can certainly picture the boy Hitler swearing vengeance on "the Jews," those monstrous fantasy--figures of an already diseased imagination. Consciously, he probably thought he could have led a happy life if "the Jew" had not plunged his grandmother into the disgrace that he and his family had to live with. And it was this that in his eyes served to excuse the batterings he received from his father, who after all was himself a victim of the evil and omnipotent Jew. In the mind of an angry, seriously confused child, it is only a short step from there to the idea that all Jews should be exterminated. In the household of Hitler's family lived for years the very unpredictable schizophrenic aunt Johanna whose behavior is reported to be very frightening to the child. As an adult, Hitler ordered to kill every handicapped and psychotic person to free Germany society from this burden. Germany seemed for him to symbolize the innocent child who had to be saved. Consequently, Hitler wanted to protect his nation from the dangers he himself had had to face. Absurd? Not at all. For an unconscious mind, this kind of symbolization might sound very normal and logical. Hitler's childhood had been so abusive-his father regularly beat him "with a hippopotamus whip," once enduring 230 blows of his father's cane and another time nearly killed by his father's whipping that he was full of rage toward the world. When he grew up, his sexual feelings were so mixed up with his revenge fantasies that he believed his sperm was poisonous and might enter the woman's bloodstream during sexual intercourse and poison her.

Mao Tse-Tung had been regularly whipped by his father and later sent 30 million people to their deaths, but he hardly ever admitted the full extent of the rage he must have felt toward his own father, a very severe teacher who had tried through beatings to "make a man" out of his son.

Joseph Stalin caused millions to suffer and die because even at the height of his power his actions were determined by unconscious infantile fear of powerlessness. Apparently his father, a poor cobbler from Georgia, attempted to drown his frustration with liquor and whipped his son almost every day. His mother displayed psychotic traits, was completely incapable of defending her son and was usually away from home either praying in church or running the priest's household. Stalin idealized his parents right up to the end of his life and was constantly haunted by the fear of dangers that had long since ceased to exist but were still present in his deranged mind. The same might be true of many other tyrants. The groups of people they singled out for persecution and the rationalization mechanisms they employed were different in each case, but the fundamental reason behind it was probably identical. They often drew on ideologies to disguise the truth and their own paranoia. And the masses chimed in enthusiastically because they were unaware of the real motives, including those operative in their own biographies. The infantile revenge fantasies of individuals would be of no account if society did not regularly show such naive alacrity in helping to make them come true.

Even though Ronald Reagan always tried to avoid talking about his father to interviewers-one biographer said that when asked about his family life he would "talk nonstop about his mother" but never mention his father -he relates in the autobiography how as a child he would be "pretending sleep" during his father's "week-long benders," and how he would "fill myself with grief for my father" when he found him "spread out as if he were crucified" on the front porch. The father, a violent Irishman, who was later described by his son as having lived a life of "almost permanent anger and frustration," used to kick young Ronald "with his boot" and often "clobbered" him and his brother. His overwhelming fear of his father made young Ronald a "good" boy, a "loner," who was "afraid of the dark," someone who suffered since childhood from various phobias, or irrational fears of various kinds. The first phobia he mentions in his autobiography is his fear "to the point of hysteria" of being piled upon by "the mass of writhing, shouting bodies" in a football game. Although he always loved the physical violence of football-enjoying the "clean hatred. . . where two men can literally fling themselves bodily at one another in combat"-he said he always panicked when he felt trapped by the pileup. His claustrophobia, his fear of being trapped in an enclosed space, was a "lifelong" problem, he told one biographer. Most of the time it indicated fears of physical closeness, usually with men, as when he had a "claustrophobia problem" when filming a movie in a submarine in close quarters with other male actors. By 1947, Reagan's despair about his life reached its climax. He began carrying a loaded pistol-ostensibly, he said, as protection against mutilation threats, but also as a return to his earlier having owned guns as a child and in his twenties. He let his physical condition run down so badly he came down with pneumonia, went to the hospital and became aware that he wanted to die. His guilt at outliving his father, his conviction that his wishes had actually killed him, had grown to such a point that only the ultimate punishment, his own death, would suffice. At that moment on the hospital bed, he was thrown back to his childhood, when he sometimes used to feel so depressed that he wished for death, once writing a poem extolling death as a salvation from "life's dreary dirge." If a devoted nurse had not coaxed him to continue breathing, he said, he would have quit living then and there. As for many Americans, anti-communism was for Reagan a perfect solution for his parricidal wishes. It solved the problem of his guilt for his father's death by putting his disturbing wishes into the communists. Without being consciously aware of why, he found that his new anti-communist activities made him feel better, saying to himself, in effect, "It's not me who wants to kill daddy. It's the commies who want to destroy all authority. And if I fight them, I'll be able to control my own wishes in them." Ronald Reagan's childhood was more like that of most presidents: a nightmare of neglect and abuse, in his case dominated by an obsessively religious mother and a violent, alcoholic father who, he said, used to "kick him with his boot" and "clobber" him and his brother. The result, as I have documented in my book, Reagan's America, was a childhood of phobias and fears "to the point of hysteria," buried feelings of rage and severe castration anxieties (the title of his autobiography was Where Is The Rest of Me?). As an adult, Reagan took to carrying a loaded pistol, and once considered suicide, only to be saved by the defensive maneuver of taking up politics and becoming an anti-communist warrior, crusading against imaginary "enemies" who were blamed for the feelings he denied in himself.

George Bush's childhood, (This refers to the ex-president, George Bush Sr.) was also full of fear and punishments. Psychohistorian Suzy Kane, interviewing George's brother, Prescott, Jr., discovered that Bush's father often beat him on the buttocks with a belt or a razor strap, the anticipation of which, Prescott, Jr. recalled, made them "quiver" with fear. "He took us over his knee and whopped us with his belt," Prescott said. "He had a strong arm, and boy, did we feel it." As he admitted to Kane, "We were all scared of him. We were scared to death of Dad when we were younger." Childhood classmates of George described his father as "aloof and distant...formidable and stern...very austere and not a warm person." "Dad was really scary," George himself once admitted. As a result, a desperate need to please was George's main trait as a child, and a depressive personality with an overwhelming need to placate became his trademarks as president. President Bush soon began to sense that he was being sent unconscious messages that a new war had to be found soon. His masculinity began to be questioned. He began to be pictured by cartoonists wearing a dress and was referred to more often as a "wimp." Cartoons began showing him being attacked and devoured by monsters. He sensed the nation's distress and rage, and decided he had better act soon. In such a peaceful post-Cold War world, where could he find an enemy crazy enough to be willing to fight the most powerful military force on earth, yet small enough for us to defeat easily? Since it is the task of a leader to provide enemies when required, Bush was not about to be caught short when his nation asked him to find an enemy. The arming of Iraq was a 15-year love affair for America. Saddam Hussein was our creation, our monster. We built him up and then tried to take him down. Elements of these childhood traumas can be seen in the Gulf War. Since George Bush had been beaten on his posterior during childhood, he threatened to "kick the ass" of Saddam Hussein. Many Americans, who had also had their posteriors beaten during childhood, multiplied the image: "Kick Ass" T-shirts, flags and belt buckles flooded the country; Americans told reporters they wanted to "whip that guy's butt" and "get him with his britches down"; and cartoons showed the U.N. building decorated with the words "KICK BUTT."

Saddam Hussein, like so many dictators, had an unbelievably traumatic childhood. His mother tried to abort him by hitting her abdomen with her fists and cutting herself with a kitchen knife, yelling, "In my belly I'm carrying a Satan!" She gave the infant Saddam away to his uncle, a violent man who beat the boy regularly, calling him "a son of a cur" and training him to use a gun and steal sheep. Saddam committed his first homicide at eleven. His political career centered on the murder of his fellow countrymen, and he particularly enjoyed watching the torture and execution of officers who had fought with him. Saddam would obviously make an ideal enemy to whom America could delegate the task of starting a new war so that we could remain guiltless. Saddam Hussein, for his part, saw the coming war in terms of the typical childhood traumas he and his countrymen had experienced. For instance, most male Iraqis endured a bloody, terrifying circumcision around the age of six, and Saddam used metaphors that reflected fears of bloody castration, saying that it was Iraq's mission to "return the branch, Kuwait, to the root, Iraq" and vowing Americans would be made to "swim in their own blood." It was his mission, he said, to return to Iraq "the part that was cut off by English scissors."

Please note that a few words and punctuation marks from the above quotes have been slightly modified by me, in order to provide proper grammatical and sentence structure flow, but none of the meaning or message of any quote has been affected by these tiny word modifications. Once again, my extreme thanks go out to the journalists, historical researchers, and writers who have managed to uncover the above facts of abuse concerning the supreme leaders mentioned, which I am sure represent only the tip of the iceberg insofar as the additional tortures that each of these leaders, as well as virtually all other supreme leaders of societies throughout the history of the human race, have endured. The above quotes come from essays that can be accessed at the following URL's:

The Clinton Scandals and the Yugoslav War as Purity Crusades
The Political Consequences of Child Abuse
The Making of a Fearful Leader
The Gulf War as a Mental Disorder
Restaging Early Traumas in War and Social Violence
War as Righteous Rape and Purification

I want to make it clear that while I am extremely impressed with many of the theories, ideas, and insights of Truth that are expressed and revealed in the essays at the above URL's, and I absolutely agree with and share some of the conclusions and insights that are reached, nobody should assume that I agree with or find accurate any specific conclusion or theory that is found within these essays. These essays were not written by me, and although I find them valuable and agree with parts of the ideology expressed in these essays, I also totally disagree with and reject other portions of the theories and ideologies. Therefore none of you have any right to assume that I agree with the ideology expressed in any part of these essays, nor should you assume that any of these essays represent Forbidden Truth. Only the essays contained at this original website, that I am authoring, represent Forbidden Truth.

The quotes above are fairly lengthy, but I feel they are extremely valuable for any seeker of Truth. We see above that the supreme leaders of societies, throughout history and today as well, especially those who are most eager to participate in mutually agreeable war, were and are victims of extreme childhood trauma, torture, and brutal victimization. They are mentally ill, justifiably enraged, tortured victim-creations of their societies, and they chose to undertake wars for the primary purpose of alleviating their own personal, internal, emotional rage, hate, terror, and distress. They used the members of their societies as weapons, living, breathing, human weapons, to commit genocide and mass murder on their behalf. Understanding this Truth, it is up to you, as Superior individuals, to condemn your societal leaders, to refuse to accept their leadership over you, to refuse to serve as sacrificial lambs for their mental derangements. The problem is, you diseased creatures share the same torturous childhoods, the same mental derangements, the same total lack of ability to recognize and understand your own internal motivations and perverse impulses of self-sacrifice and self-destruction, that rule the True Realities of your genocidal supreme leaders. The only "solution" to this problem, is the embrace of Truth. Since there is no chance that any significant number of you diseased creatures will find the inspiration or ability to embrace Truth, you will continue, just as you have done over the past few years, to choose to empower homicidally deranged individuals to be your supreme leaders, and they in turn, will continue to commit genocide for both their own personal cathartic pleasure/relief, and to appease your suppressed homicidal rage and hate, that you are desperate, on a daily basis, to find a societally sanctioned release for.

In the above quotes, we learn, beyond all doubt, that Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Mao Tse-Tung Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler, all supreme leaders of societies, were all brutally tortured and victimized when they were children. As supreme leaders, they all chose to provoke and participate in genocidal wars, and they did so for both personally cathartic, and politically beneficial reasons. Regardless of whether you accept all of the psychological theories that are contained within the six Psychohistory essays that can be accessed via the above URL's, it is undeniable, to any sane thinker, that all human beings reflect their True Reality, in their adult life choices and life paths, and that this True Reality is based primarily upon the sum total of their personal life experiences, most especially their childhood experiences. Drawing upon the Truths of war that I have already revealed above, those of us who can think sanely and in a Superior manner, see that each of these leaders was absolutely mentally ill, as well as overtly malevolent, in terms of the political policies and agendas of deliberate genocide that they chose to pursue and undertake, during the time that they held their supreme leadership positions. As an example, lets look at the leader who is probably considered the "best", the most benevolent, of all that are listed above, John F. Kennedy. This man was mentally ill and homicidally enraged. He viewed the presidency as nothing more than a platform from which he could claim violent vengeance for the abuses and victimization that he experienced as a child, and the life frustrations and emotional obsessions he was experiencing as an adult. This man, John F. Kennedy, chose to try to provoke and initiate war, with both cuba and russia. His actions were completely irrational and genocidally evil. Because of his mental illness, he perceived the leaders of cuba and russia to be bullies who posed a threat to his manhood, as an individual. He cared not an iota about his citizen-slaves, he gave their safety, welfare, best interests, and lives, not an iota of rational concern or attention, in his actions, in his attempts to provoke a genocidal war. He repeatedly taunted and dared the supreme leaders of these two societies, desperately trying to get them to declare war upon america, so that he could have the pretense of "moral justification", to indulge in an orgy of bloodletting, using american children, so-called "soldiers", as his weapons. This mentally ill supreme leader deliberately provoked two other supreme leaders, for no valid reason, absolutely increasing, to a huge degree, the possibility that every single american citizen-slave would be murdered via a nuclear holocaust, as a direct result of his own personal, irrational, insane, overtly malicious and provocative actions as the president of the united states of america. This man overtly tried to murder Fidel Castro, the supreme leader of a tiny and essentially helpless nation, this man deliberately undertook actions and policies, as president, which greatly increased the likelihood of every single american citizen being killed via a nuclear holocaust, and yet he is considered to be one of america's most beloved and "best" presidents. This insane man came closer than any other supreme leader in the history of the world has come, to personally initiating a nuclear war that would have killed hundreds of millions of people at a bare minimum, and possibly would have extincted the entire human race, by deliberately provoking, humiliating, taunting, and bullying the supreme leader of the soviet union, for no valid reason of any kind. Only because the soviet union supreme leader, as an individual, was Superior and sane enough to be willing to accept the bullying and humiliation, most likely recognizing that he was dealing with a mentally deranged John F. Kennedy, were hundreds of millions of lives saved, and possibly the human race itself, saved from extinction. How utterly perverse it is that the american populace knows, and the historical record reveals, absolutely no trace of this remarkable Truth, and instead John F. Kennedy is perceived within the popular culture as being a good man, a good president, a sane and superior Supreme Leader. And on top of everything else, Nikita Khrushchev, the then supreme leader of russua, who literally "saved the world", or at least saved hundreds of millions of human lives, by refusing to allow John F. Kennedy to provoke and goad him into agreeing to engage in a war, was thrown out of power by the pathetically inferior, bloodthirsty citizen-slaves of his society, for daring to have refused to satiate their homicidal bloodlust, via a war, as they wanted him to do. Any supreme leader of a diseased society who refuses to provide wars, to his homicidally enraged citizens, faces the likelihood of both losing his own job of supreme leader, and having his country plunge into internal strife, increased crime, civil war, as his diseased and deranged citizens demand and seek out some type of outlet for their suppressed homicidal rage.

I'm not going to offer additional detailed commentary on all the other supreme leaders listed above, since the facts of their victimization, and the reality of how they chose to initiate and engage in genocidal wars, speak for themselves. It is utterly outrageous that such mentally ill torture victims are empowered by you citizen-slaves, to serve as your supreme leaders. But is it surprising? No! Because the vast majority of you citizens have endured just as much brutality, victimization, injustice, and you deliberately seek out a supreme leader who shares the same mindset of suppressed but very real homicidal rage, that you feel at your True Reality emotional cores. I now want to expand and deepen some of the primary Forbidden Truths that I have already revealed, and branch them out further. One very interesting issue to explore, is how societal leaders are oftentimes absolutely determined to both provoke and sustain a war. In the John F. Kennedy example detailed above, we see the absolute determination of John, to provoke a war with cuba and russia. Even wh

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