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Interview with Caldo de Cultivo Urbano Art Collective from Mexico City

tenochititlan_6-2-05.jpgOn June 1, I spoke with Adriana García, Susana Bautista and Gabriela Santos of the Caldo de Cultivo Urbano Art Collective of Mexico City. This interview is in both spanish and english thanks to Estela Arzola, a student at UC Santa Cruz who helped bring the collective from Mexico City to Santa Cruz.

(45:53 minutes / 15.1 MB)

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Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism

March Against War, Empire, & Capitalism

March Against War, Empire, & Capitalism.
Palo Alto, California.
June 25.
Destroy the Capitalist War Machine!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Rebuilding the Home Rachel Corrie Stood to Safeguard (6/12)

Americans rally to create hope as Gaza redeployment begins. Sunday June 12, 2005
7:00pm Program; 8:45pm Reception Veterans Memorial Hall, 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz $5-$20 sliding-scale donation; $25-$100 for program & reception

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News :: Media Criticism


A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Very Diverse Demonstrations in May

A total of 49 separate reports in May, the largest being - an estimated 40,000
marched in New York City to abolish nuclear weapons.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Peace & War

Populist #4

The Subject of National Security, continued

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News :: Labor & Economics

2005 UGSOA Constitutional Convention

UGSOA and The Three Stooges - Caleb Gray-Burriss - Ulysses Hampton and Calvin Jackson attend UGSOA 2005 Constitutional Basement Convention.

Thanks to all who attended the 2005 UGSOA International Union Convention. It was a great success.

Special thanks go out to our guests Caleb Gray-Burriss and Ulysses Hampton from the National Association of Special Police and Security Officers (NASPSO) union based out of Washington DC and to Calvin Jackson of the Independent Security Police Union out of Chicago, Illinois. It was a pleasure to coordinate efforts with other unions across the country.

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Interview :: Peace & War

US Soldier: Dead heroes can’t pay the bills! Stop killing us and then waving the flag! It’s sick and disgusting

Interview with a soldier deploying to Iraq for a second time.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Atheist Organizing


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Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism : Resistance & Tactics : Transportation

If You Have to Buy Gas, Consider A Company Owned By Venezuela

Ok, you all should be bicycling, using mass transit, solar, biodiesel or electric cars, but in the event that you haven't been able to make the conversion yet, here is something to consider. (Please try this if you are a gas user, but please don't let it slow you down from converting to an earth-friendly alternative.)

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