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LOCAL Announcement :: Health & Drugs

HUFF 'n PUFF is back: Help a sidewalk medical marijuana distribution May 13th

Santa Cruz has no medical marijuana clubs and hasn't for the last five years. Mayor Rotkin's Planning Department closed the last one (the Pacific Coast Cooperative) in April. I announced in the following speech before City Council that I would be tabling at 6 PM in front of the Rio Theater on Friday May 13th in preparation for a sidewalk medical marijuana giveaway.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Alleycat Bicycle Race 5/14 at 2pm

Spring Alleycat,Meet at Chavez coop 2pm this saturday the 14th with your trusty 2 wheeler and a few bucks...

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Make Out Not War -- Hussy Uprising

make_out_not_war.jpgA sidewalk stencil found in downtown Santa Cruz.

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LOCAL Interview :: Arts & Culture

FRSC: Casey Neil in studio interview/performance

Interview and LIVE performance with Casey Neil from 05-08-05 before his gig in Felton Calif. talk about his beginings in music also tracks from new album Memory Against Forgetting

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Announcement :: Education & Youth : Health & Drugs : Police State

Phone Slam California Senators (5/16)


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LOCAL Announcement :: Health & Drugs

Drug War Awareness Week


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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Police State

Police Riot at Tent State UC Santa Cruz

April 21, 2005
Response to Severe Police Brutality at University of California-Santa Cruz, Supporting students' freedom of speech and basic human rights. Education, Not War

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LOCAL Announcement :: Health & Drugs

Health Dialogs Forum, "Dying With Dignity" (5/11)

KUSP and Community TV Present a live cable/radio forum about end-of-life issues.

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LOCAL Interview :: Education & Youth

Youtopia Expands to Television

The Youth Radio Project, "Youthtopia" will now be seen as well as heard, on Community Television of Santa Cruz County

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Peace & War

PIX: UCSC Weapons Inspection Tour, pt 2

science_for_peace.jpg5/6/05 -- Photos by MATT FITT -- Students and other members of the community toured parts of UCSC campus on Friday in order to raise awareness about military/weapons research being done at the university.

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