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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth

Tent University to meet with Chancellor Denise D Denton (5/5)

UCSC Chancellor sets appointment to meet with Tent U Participants

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

39 Demonstrations reported in April

It was a slow month compared to November, March, and a frigid January.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Media Criticism

Michael Moore Documentary Screening at Santa Cruz Film Festival (5/13)

THIS DIVIDED STATE is scheduled to screen at the 2005 Santa Cruz Film Festival on Friday, May 13th at 4PM

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LOCAL Review :: Globalization & Capitalism : Resistance & Tactics : Technology

Santa Cruz Indymedia Newsletter May 4, 2005


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Review :: Globalization & Capitalism : Health & Drugs : Media Criticism

VIDEO: "Conspiracy Theory Rock" from SNL

"Conspiracy Theory Rock" by Robert Smigel was shown on "Saturday Night Live" during the March 14, 1998 broadcast but edited out of reruns.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Instigators of the April 18th Police Assault on Tent University Meet

Chancellor Denton and Mayor Rotkin show their pusses in public on Thursday 3 PM at City Hall and afterwards at a reception. The citizenry can salute them and show their appreciation for their fine "crowd control" tactics up at Tent University on April 18th.

They might also ask them to release the documentation of who directed the "strangulation" tactics, where the figures are for city use of pepper spray, pain compliance holds, display of weapons, and taisering--which Mayor Rotkin has so far refused to release.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

An Open Letter to Howard Dean

The Democratic leadership should be pressing for quick withdrawal of all troops from Iraq.

That’s what most Democrats want, too. Your performance in the early stages of the primary, and your recent chairmanship of the party, were made possible by many, many progressive and liberal Democrats. It was their hope and expectation that you would prevent the party from repeating its past drift to the Republican-lite center. They hoped that this time the party would not abandon them or its core beliefs again.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Education & Youth

Tent University Santa Cruz: What Went Right, What Went Wrong?

Tent University Santa Cruz: What Went Right, What Went Wrong?

James Rowe*

The past three weeks have been very eventful at UCSC: counter-recruitment efforts, an amazing strike (we won that shit – when is the party?), April 18th at Tent University, The state-wide student walk-out… Something is in the air. It is important for us to keep up the momentum, but also to reflect and learn from our own successes and mishaps. In this contribution to the ongoing conversations, I’d like to focus on the controversies and questions surrounding Tent University. I want to unpack the crucial criticisms that have been raised around this initiative, while also acknowledging the hard work and perseverance of Tent U’s organizers. Most importantly, I want to emphasize how this undoubtedly problematic event has still managed to open a space of possibility for student orgs and ‘the movement’ these orgs may potentially become and power. In sum I think student activists need to simultaneously engage in critical conversations about Tent U, while capitalizing on the moment it has provided – however awkwardly so.

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Commentary :: Media Criticism : Resistance & Tactics

jerry falwell has made death threats towards Federal Judges.

I listened to KGO (Radio 810) last night (5-2-05) and Bernie Ward made the comment about Fuck face jerry falwell calling for the killing of federal judges who don’t follow what the fucked up christian right-wing nut cases want.

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News :: Environment & Food

Possibility of Abrupt Climate Change Needs Research and Attention

author: The National Academies

Global climate, like other complex systems, is subject to abrupt changes if stressed. Global warming could cause such an abrupt shift, which could lead to severe problems for humans and other life.

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