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Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Theater for Thinkers

Staff Players of Carmel is offering a production of Vaclav Havel's TEMPTATION now through 5/22 at the Indoor Forest Theater, at Santa Rita at Mountain View in Carmel.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Health & Drugs

Vegan Meetup Group (5/7)

Meet local vegans and enjoy food and conversation! Meets first Saturday of the month.

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News :: Education & Youth : Gender & Sexuality : Sister Cities

Homophobic Vigilantes Chased from TSU Rutgers

On the night of April 22, a gang of homophobes harassed and attempted to assault participants at TSU Rutgers. Anti-fascists confronted and repelled them. Later that night they returned, but instead of a "hippie love-fest," they got more than they bargained for.

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Radical Perspectives for May Day and Beyond

Bored by the prospect of another May Day ‚Äúcelebration‚Ä? that threatens to be neither enjoyable nor interesting, a few radicals in Portland, Oregon have decided to shake things up as they can.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth

Santa Cruz A20 Walkout Photos

A few more photos from the walkout, march and rally organized by the Santa Cruz chapter of Action in Defense of Education (AIDE). Students, workers and teachers from elementary school to university united in this important day of action.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth

Photos from 4/20 Watsonville Counter-Recruitment Action

Photos from the April 20th - the 2nd day of counter-recruitment rallies outside Watsonville High School's job fair.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Labor & Economics

MST Film Screening House Party! (4/30)

We are meeting up with friends and allies to watch a brand new film about the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST). We're hope to raise awarness about the MST and get some much needed support for the MST's National March for Agrarian Reform, starting on May 1st. We are asking for a small donation from those who attend. Come watch the movie with us and bring some snacks/drinks!


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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Labor & Economics

The Fourth Annual May Day Labor Film Festival

The 4th annual May Day Labor Film Festival, titled "Reel Work" runs through May 1st in Santa Cruz County. Reel Work features films, speakers and discussions highlighting past victories and ongoing struggles of labor movements across the globe. This year's festival includes premier screenings of an important new film on the infamous Centralia Massacre of 1919, discussions with Argentinean activists on the occupied factory movement, and noted author Paul Buhle reading from his new book, Wobblies: A Graphic History. The festival opened on April 24th with a screening of the Yes Men, a hilarious critique of corporate America.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Creative Ways to Oppose the War

There's more than one way to hurt a soldier.

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News :: Labor & Economics

Paris Commune Celebration with Barry Pateman

The Anarchist Library in collaberation with the campus French Club (Cafe
Muse), the Foreign Language Deptartment and Cultural Affairs invite you to
an evening celebration of the 1871 Paris Commune.

Cafe Muse has put together a slideshow with original artwork from and
inspired by the 1871 Paris Commune.

Barry Pateman PH. D. ( Emma Goldman Archivist, currator of Kate Sharpley
Library) will be the keynote speaker for the evening.

Free French snacks.

Wed. May 4th (Haymarket Aniversary)
7-9 PM
Upper Level Student Union, room 208, Phelan Campus, City College of San

Hear what the critics have to say about the Paris Commune:

 " I am a supporter of the Paris Commune, which for all the bloodletting
it suffered at the hands of monarchical and clerical reaction, has
nonetheless grown more enduring and more powerful in the hearts and minds
of Europepis proletariat. I am its supporter, above all, because it was a
bold, clearly formulated negation of the State. "
-Mikhail Bakunin

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