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West Coast G8 Regional Mobilization in San Francisco

Call to action for a West Coast G8 regional mobilization in San Francisco from June 3 - June 10.

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Tell Bush the world says no to his regimes agenda!

Join with us in this virtual march taking place on the 29th August 2004 at 2PM US Central Standard Time, 7PM UK time, and send a message to the rogue regime that you do not support their stance on Iraq, the so called war on terrorism, environmental and defence issues.

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Students, Community, Resist Military Recruitment at UCSC

6142-8 UCSC Josh+ CounterR 6x J150 small.JPGOn April 13, 2004, the United States military, invited by the administration at the University of California, Santa Cruz descended upon the Last Chance Job and Internship Fair. The Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force joined the Border Patrol and the CA Dept. of Corrections to try and seduce college students looking for money for college and job training. This accounts a student organizer's perspective, detailing the annual recruiter visit and subsequent annual student actions.

At the entrance to the building we had half a dozen large posters with statistics talking about discrimination (75% of blacks and 67% of Latinos report racially offensive behavior), rape (1/3 of women in the military get raped), money for college (less than half get any), and of course the 'No War for Empire' and 'Hell No, We Won't Go' to satisfy the radical nature of some of the coalition members.

Administration pressure, you ask? It started with when we were setting up our posters and were told that we couldn't give speeches outside because it was not a "free speech zone". We were also told that we couldn't put our flyers up on the stucco building because we didn't have a permit. We were asked twice by two different officials from that area of the university to not put our posters on the stucco, but we mostly ignored them.

Audio from portland imc: No Recruitment in Public Schools

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Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

Encounters with Hugo Chavez

Solidarity with Venezuela

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Reclaim the Commons

Thousands of activists and organizers around the Western US will converge on San Francisco from June 3 - 9 to shut down the corporate takeover of basic life needs. While Savannah, Georgia will be the focus of G8 protests on East Coast, the West Coast G8 demonstrations will target the biotech industry's largest meeting of lobbyists and executives happening concurrently in San Francisco. However, this mobilization is much bigger than biotech.

Organizers have put out a call to not only target the meetings, but to reclaim the city of San Francisco from the corporate oligarchs and return it to the people. They plan actions that will create free local food sources and community gathering spaces, as well as actions that will bring together groups working for global, environmental and racial justice.

One focal point of the "Reclaim the Commons" mobilization will be the shut down of the biotech industry meeting. The most widely discussed aspects of biotechnology relate to its incorporation into foods that humans consume and biological weapons. We live in a world where tomatoes can be manipulated to contain anti-freeze genes and every cell of a corn plant can be engineered to contain toxic pesticides. We live in a world where ‘terminator technologies’ can create plants incapable of producing fertile seeds, and where those plants are being shoved down the throats of Developing Nations in order to make them more dependent on buying seeds.

June 8, the opening day of the G8 meetings in Georgia, will be a day of mass action against the corporate empire. Pick your coast, but mobilize!!

[ Reclaim the Commons I RTC Spokescouncil May 2 I West Coast G8 Regional Mobilization I Direct Action to Stop the War ]

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LOCAL Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

May Day Events in Santa Cruz?

Anything going on for May Day in Santa Cruz?

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Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

Adverse Possession: How People Squat

Squats often take the form of community centers, as squats are often the result of community action. Also, it is a good idea to offer the neighborhood around the squat some preemptive benefits, to quell their complaints about the squat, if they were to occur. Additionally, present-day squatting alliances, such as “Homes Not Jails? ( in the US, who identify and set up squats for people who are homeless, and the Advisory Service for Squatters/ASS ( in England, have helped encourage and coordinate recent squats. In Barcelona, Spain, 1996, squatters took over a farm, refusing electricity to protest dams and nukes, and began a self-sufficiency project with organic farming and community workshops. They made their own bread, and sold it to other squatted centers in the area. It is not uncommon to find squats incorporating soup kitchens, libraries, workshops, free stores, zines and publications, work collectives, etc. in their goals and immediate actions. I heard a story about some punks working in Mexico with squatters. The punks had bright hair and wild clothes, and worked as teachers in their school. At first the community was hesitant to trust them, but in time, they grew to be family, and now when the kids from that settlement see a picture of a punk, they point, and say “maestro,? or “teacher.?

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matrix accomplished

what he really accomplished

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LOCAL Commentary :: Police State

Community Service Officer

Community Service Officers seem like cops to me.

What Community do these Officers Service?
And, it what ways?

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