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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

In need of plants, etc. for guerrilla gardening in SF for J8

help needed for guerrilla gardening actions to take place in concordance with June 8 mobilization against the BIO conference

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News :: [none]

Save Santa Cruz to San Jose Transit

amtrak.jpgDo you ride the bus between Santa Cruz and San Jose? Your main option will be canceled -- "probably" as early as October, according to a Caltrans official.

Several agencies are cooperating to extend the Highway 17 Express bus to Downtown Santa Cruz (Metro Center) and add weekend service. Today, the Highway 17 Express just runs between San Jose and Scotts Valley, and there is no weekend service.

There is a public meeting on Friday, February 27th at 9:00 AM at Santa Cruz City Hall. Metro, the transit agency for our county, can approve or reject the plan.

Once again, we will lose the main daily service between Santa Cruz and San Jose if the plan doesn't pass.

The Metro Riders Union / La Unión de Los Pasajeros de Metro
>> A new, independent organization for concerned bus riders in Santa Cruz County
>> Un grupo neuvo y independiente para pasajeros de autobús en el condado de Santa Cruz

Update: Metro approved the integration of the Highway 17 Express and the Amtrak bus. The Highway 17 Express will be extended from Scotts Valley to the Metro Center in downtown Santa Cruz, and will operate 7 days a week.


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News :: Government & Elections

While Dean Conned Anti War Vote Party Bosses Laughed

Now that the Democratic party bosses have effectively driven the anti-war vote into the ground with more than a little help from the corporate media that gave Governor Dean's campaign the red carpet treatment up until mid December while at the same time purposely ignoring Congressman Dennis Kucinich's campaign Governor Dean's campaign now looks more like a very effective con job

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

New Moon

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the business
locations. The evil unAmerican cop killing bushites
think they're gonna party in Manhattan on our dime in
apartments for around $15,000 a month, while sneering at
a homeless beggar on the streets, who thought he was
still in Vietnam.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

BTL:Bush Avoids Accountability in Iraq-WMD Blame Game

Interview with Scott Ritter, former chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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LOCAL News :: Health & Drugs

Save In Home Supportive Services for Disabled People

Tell the Governor you are opposed to cuts funding In Home Support for people with disabilities, and if they occur, will put people in nursing homes and cause financial hardships for families who rely on funding to take care of family members.

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Announcement :: [none]

Leap Day 2004 - Take Back Santa Cruz!

This year, the month of February has an extra day - Leap Day, Sunday the 29th. This unclaimed, extra day allows a window for us to jump out of the runaway train of modern society. Let this day be a blank canvas, which we can transform into anything our hearts and minds desire for the world we most want to live in. Let us tap into our own wild, fearless creativity to turn the everyday grind of war, capitalism and inequality into a new society based on mutual aid, cooperation, freedom and love. In short, let us use Leap Day as a no-holds-barred day of action to break out of the mold we as activists have been stuck in for far too long.

The call for a day of action on Leap Day is completely open-ended, with nothing off-limits in terms of tactics, goals, or strategies. Some of us have already begun planning a party of sorts, which will take place on Leap Day and will feature creative resistance, anarchist fun and games, and much more. And everyone who wishes Santa Cruz and our society as a whole to become greater, fairer, more equal and free is invited. Bring yourself, any costumes, toys, music, art, and anything else that helps you create the new world within the dying shell of this one.

Converge at 1 PM on Sunday (2/29) at San Lorenzo Park

Pirates Reclaim The Streets at Haight & Ashbury On Valentine's Day

[ Background on Reclaim The Streets I RTS, San Francisco I A Modality of Resistance I Organizing Suggestions ]

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Interview :: Arts & Culture

Pierce Woodward, interview & listening party

28min Interview with Pierce Woodward political singer and journalist on 02-16-03

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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Review :: Peace & War

Review of Mike Palecek's novel "The Truth"

Sheila Conroy is with International Progressive Publications Network.

Palecek is an Iowa author, former peace prisoner, Iowa congressional candidate, small town reporter.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

Draft EIR Hearing for UCSC's Coastal Long Range Development Plan

UC Santa Cruz will hold a public hearing to receive comments on a draft Environmental Impact Report that has been prepared related to future development at UCSC's Marine Science Campus.

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