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Metro Rally Turns Out Well Oct 7, 2005

On Friday Oct 7, 2005 from 4PM-6:30PM the workers and students marched from the base of the UCSC Campus to the Metro Center and then to the Sentinel.

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Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

Will President Bush Help Homeless?

Ending homelessness was a priority of President Bush. Is the Bush administration still willing to

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

URGENT Relief Needed for Native American Communities in Louisiana

Hurricane Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana

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LOCAL News :: Poverty & Urban Development

Gulf Coast Communities Still Need Help from Santa Cruz

church-of-the-rock-2.jpgLocal resident Curtis Reliford will be returning to the Gulf Coast region for a second trip to supply much-needed supplies. I have begun traveling through the region in advance to see what supplies are needed where.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Environment & Food : Poverty & Urban Development

hurricane stan

Dear folks-

Hurricane Stan has completely devastated southern mexico and Central America. The gross similarities between Stan and Katrina are obvious: poor people experiencing the tragic effects and government incompetence only endangering the people more.

I have many friends missing and in danger there. To my people out there: You're in my thoughts and prayers! I couldn't find much information in English, so I investigated the Mexican daily La Jornada to get the low down. I wrote this short summary. Please post it to your proper IMC's or organization web sites, if I already haven't.

strength and heart-

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LOCAL News :: Labor & Economics

Rockin' the Boat: Metro Strike Heats Up

A summarry of strike related activities and events Thursday, Oct 6, at the Metro station in downtown Santa Cruz.

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News :: Animal Rights

Documentary linking human and animal cruelty

We have uncovered and decoded the messages hidden in the modern day BDSM web sites, a euphamism for the legalized sex slave trade and exposed the master programmer, leader of, that trains young women to live in servitude like animals.

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Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

The Billboard Liberation Front struck a prominent Highway 17 billboard today, correcting a Red Cross advertisement to reflect what became painfully apparent in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

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LOCAL News :: Labor & Economics

Bus Drivers to Follow in Cesar Chavez’ Footsteps: Watsonville-Santa Cruz March for Public Transit Set for Sunday

Santa Cruz striking bus drivers today announced they would walk on Sunday October 9 from Watsonville to Santa Cruz. Marchers are calling on the Metro Transit Board to return to negotiations to end the transit strike.

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LOCAL News :: Labor & Economics

SC Metro Strikers Meet Anti-Strikers

On Thursday afternoon, the perimeter of the SC Metro
station teemed with protestors, and protestors protesting those protestors.

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