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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War

One Million Reasons to End the War!

Logo_OMR.gifCODEPINK has launched an innovative, new initiative called One Million Reasons to End the War in Iraq.

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News :: Government & Elections

Creating New Wetlands

The tectonic event which triggered the Tsunami in Asia was a weapons test (ENMOD--the photo evidence is stark) actually meant for California, To dump CA into the sea, or a goodly portion of and it ain't over yet...because the rudiments of tectonix are just being rediscovered, this back-fired and all California got was the AERIAL Tsunami...Until next time. Bush is a madman. Impeach him and execute him for treason.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Road to Freedom Seeks Interviewees

"Road to Freedom" show seeks law enforcement or medical personnel, or citizens who "know something" about vigilante stalking for anonymous interviews.

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Review :: Civil & Human Rights

Review of Two Great E-books

After reading many of Pastor Michael Treis’ articles I realized no one yet has reviewed his work. I have now read all three of his books and come to the conclusion his work deserves more than a casual look.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Greece: Anarchists Riot Against the Government Harsh Economic Policies (video)

Video from the dynamic reaction by anarchists against the harsh greek government's policies, especially in relation to the economy, employment and suppression of personal rights and liberties.

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Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism

Global Justice Feeder March /// S24 DC


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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Poverty & Urban Development

Immigrants Second To Pets In Katrina Aftermath


---USA Gives More Attention To Pets Than To
Immigrants, During Katrina Catastrophe---

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Bus from Central Coast to SF Sept 24!

The Santa Cruz Peace Coalition and Resource Center for Nonviolence are organizing a bus to San Francisco for the ANSWER/United for Peace and Justice Rally Sunday, September 24th. This is expected to be the largest convergence since the March 2003 rally before the invasion of Iraq. Join with others from all over the West Coast in saying, "NO MORE WAR!"

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Michelle Tea to feature at the Wired Wash 9/23

Wired Wash Café Open Mic
"Wired Poets"
FRIDAY 7 pm Sign up - 7:30 Start!

135 Laurel Street @ Pacific
(next to the Saturn Cafe)
Santa Cruz

Featuring Michelle Tea

THIS TIME FOR REAL! Michelle Tea has re-booked for the 23rd... be there!!!!

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Commentary :: Police State

The Incompetent American (or, the "Ugly American" on Steroids)

Although some level of incompetence in government is universally expected, it started accelerating towards its pinnacle in the US after the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to install Bush in the presidency.

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