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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

Sept. 8 & 9 - STOP Federal Budget Cuts to the Hungry and Uninsured

This is catastrophic for the uninsured, disabled, all who wil need longterm nursing home care like Altzheimer's patients, & poor people.Please forward this on & especially to anyone living anywhere where their Senators and Representatives are less supportive of these programs, even Democrats. Call Sen. Boxer & Finestein & Rep. Woolsey anyway to encouage them to take a more active role in opposing cuts. If the phone number provided is always busy, you can try the usual toll-free Capitol Switchboard number: 1-888-818-6641. Remember its 3 hours later in Washington DC.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

Corrupt Canadian Elections

This is how the NWO Globalist have been able to put their people into all key government positions

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development

1200 People Stranded in New Orleans Hospital

On this morning's edition of Democracy Now, host Amy Goodman reported that people were still stranded in a New Orleans hospital, waiting for evacuation. Their contact in the hospital was last heard from last night (Wednesday) via a text message that read, "No Water, Sick, Call Somebody for Help."

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

The GOP Is Certain to Win in 2006 - Unless...


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Announcement :: Transportation


Cyclists, artists, media activists, writers unite! Document and contribute to the growing movement.

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Review :: Peace & War

El Poder de las Pesadillas

Análisis en profundidad del documental de la BBC "El Poder de las Pesadillas", centrado en la base ideológica y desarrollo histórico de la "Guerra Contra el Terror" desde la perspectiva neo-conservadora estadounidense proveniente de Leo Strauss, y la islámica de Sayed Kotb y Zawahiri.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Police State

Indonesia's Human Rights Violations Report

LEST WE FORGET How you can go about reading the secret Indonesian government report that investigated gross human rights violations occurring in East Timor during 1999.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Resistance & Tactics : Transportation

Muni Social Strike

On September 1, a social strike (or fare strike) begins to combat MUNI fare hikes, service cuts, and layoffs. Riders won't pay, and drivers won't collect.

The strike will last, and it will spread, until 3 demands are met: the fare is reduceed back to $1.25, all service cuts are reversed, and drivers who were laid off are rehired.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Police State

An Encuentro Against All Borders - Building a Radical No Border

The No Border Encuentro took place on August 27-28th at the Sherman Heights Community Center in San Diego/Aztlan. Two days of events including a maquiladora tour, a benefit concert and a day of forums, panels and encounters took place with over 100 people from San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Orange County, Eugene, Portland, Tijuana, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia participating. On the walls hung photos of recent actions to stop the Minutemen, a poster of the PGA Hallmarks, and maps of Calexico, where the No Border Camp will be in September. [Complete Summary, another account]

Radio coverage was done all weekend by Blast Furnace Radio, due to some technical difficultues at radioActive sanDiego.

Audio: Beats Against Borders with Dias Tristes, Boomerang Politick and Entartete Kunst | Encuentro Opening and Border History Panel | History of the Border Part 2 | Closing presentation by Ashanti Alston | Migration and Indigenous Nations 1 | 2

Photos: Maquiladora Tour | More | Beats Against Borders | Encuentro

This is only part of a large movement against the MinuteMen, La Migra and the Border itself. Thursday night before the conference, La Raza Rights Coalition held a community forum to present their demands around these issues to legislators. Next weekend, Sept 2-4, BorderHack 2005 will be taking place in Tijuana. Also that weekend, on the 3rd, is a forum against the Minutemen in Chula Vista.

The Encuentro was planned as a space to strategize about how to create a world without borders, how to effectively challenge racism and how to put an end to the Minuteman Project. These strategies will be put into action from September 16-18th in a series of actions and a No Border Camp in Calexico.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Coconut Revolution at Santa Cruz GDI This Friday (9/2)


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