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Populist #9

Constitutional Democracy as a Defense against Centralized Power

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LOCAL News :: Environment & Food : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

PIX: Anti-Nuclear Protest at Livermore Labs, pt 1

SCPeaceCoalition_edit.jpgSatruday, August 6, marked the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan by the United States. Hundreds of anti-nuclear protesters marched to the gates of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, one of the primary sites for the continued research and development of new and "improved" thermonuclear weapons.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Visit the Brown Berets Website

beret mujer photo.jpgVisit our Website to stay informed about our local actions and issues affecting our community. The Brown Beret Website is up and running

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Demonstrations in July Few, but Potent

Many actions against Military Recruitment at recruitment centers and Campuses. Result - Military recruitment way below their quotas.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Free Live Orchestra, Thursday Morn and Afternoon (8/11)

10:00am-12:30pm & 2:30pm-5:00pm

Open Rehearsals - Free

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Announcement :: Peace & War

Pastors for Peace Takes Protest on the Road


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News :: Environment & Food

Seventeen year old halts old-growth logging in the Biscuit

A blockade has been constructed to stop ancient forest logging within the Biscuit timber sale and to honor the late Joan Norman. Atop a platform 50 feet in the air, a 17 year-old woman sits committed to halt felling within this contested old growth reserve timber sale, called Hobson.

Ancient forest logging began at the Hobson old-growth reserve timber sale last week. The sale has been the site of numerous acts of civil disobedience. In the wake of a court decision in favor of the timber industry's further exploitation and destruction of the very last
ancient forests on public land, large numbers of citizens continue to come out of the woodwork to defend the Wild Siskiyous. The media is invited to visit the Joan Norman Memorial Road Blockade today.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture

WHO IS BOZO TEXINO? at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In (8/12)

This spectacular travel adventure faithfully photographed in realistic black and white film at considerable risk from speeding freight trains and in secret hobo jungles in the dogged pursuit of the impossibly convoluted story of the heretofore untold history of the century-old folkloric practice of hobo and railworker graffiti and the absurd quest for the true identity of railroading's greatest artist will likely amuse and confound you

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Free Live Music Tonight (8/10)

As part of the Cabrillo Music Festival, there will be free open rehearsals tonight at the SC Civic Auditorium.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

16th WFSY - Chavez once again calls for socialism as the only way to destroy capitalism

Bolivarian Revolution

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