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News :: Government & Elections

Did the voting machines trump exit polls? There’s a way to find out.

America: We have permission to say No to this. It is our right.

We call on every candidate not to concede. Don't play along. It is your right.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Globalization & Capitalism : Resistance & Tactics

The Fourth World War; Benefit for FRSC on Nov. 7

Featuring Michael Franti and Suheir Hammad

The Fourth World War
a big noise film

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Announcement :: Government & Elections

Voting irregularities nationwide: Don't believe the numbers

Information on methods for a stolen election: check the link for a nationwide list of suspicious voting problems and widespread irregularities.

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LOCAL News :: Government & Elections

Eben Kirksey's Call to FRSC About Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

Eben Kirksey published an article on Santa Cruz Indymedia voicing concern about his voting experience in Felton. I spoke with Eben shortly after he published on SC-IMC and he explained that his main concern was the use of pencils to fill out ballots at his polling station, despite signs posted inside the polling station insisting on the use of special graphite pens.

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LOCAL News :: Government & Elections

Incompetent pollworker at Louden Nelson in Santa Cruz

On the subject of voting irregularities, my partner and I both encountered an incompetent pollworker at our polling place, the Louden Nelson Center in Downtown Santa Cruz. I am wondering whether any voters there were hassled while their names were being looked up on the roll.

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News :: [none]

Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

Moments ago I voted in Felton, a small town near Santa Cruz, California. When I entered my polling place, St. John’s Catholic Church, the local priest told me that I had to take off my t-shirt before I voted. I had a picture of Bush on my chest framed by the words “international terrorist.� So I went back outside and turned my shirt inside out. Later I found out that election rules do prohibit the wearing of “political� clothes in the polling station. Fair enough. But, then they told me that I had to vote with a pencil...

On the voting booth there was a pink sign that clearly said "to mark your ballot use ONLY the Mark-A-Vote pen provided." We were only provided with pencils--there was not a single Mark-A-Vote pen in sight. When I pointed this out to the election officials, and voiced my concern that my pencil vote could be changed, they told me to use a blue ball point pen and then color over the pen marks with a pencil. But, they indicated that this might make it difficult for the electronic scantron machine to read my vote. One official made a call on her cell phone, and after she got off the phone she began taking down some of the signs that told voters to use the Mark-A-Vote pen. I took one of the signs and brought it home with me. My polling place is St. John's Catholic Church on Highway 9 at the corner of Russell Avenue in downtown Felton.

Audio: Eben Kirksey's Call to Free Radio Santa Cruz

see related: Incompetent pollworker at Louden Nelson in Santa Cruz

[ Voting Irregularities Nationwide: Don't Believe the Numbers I Election Ends With Widespread Voting Problems; Protests Planned for Nov. 3 I The Election was Stolen; How we know & Why it matters ]


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News :: Government & Elections

Bush winning 2 to 1 margin, UPI reports


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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

Not just waiting for Bush to lose

About the global consequenses of the US presidential election - We can not forget that Bush is a international war criminal!

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development

Money for War Means Squat For Housing

Money for Warfare

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News :: Government & Elections

Voting Irregularities Nationwide

Voting irregularities were reported in: Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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