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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Exhibition Killing

The Muslim "debate" on hostage-taking and beheading.

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Announcement :: Peace & War

Dennis Kucinich Calls for Open Hearings on Iraq Intel BEFORE the Election- eFax now

Kucinich has called for House Subcommitte on National Security to hold public hearings on the future of Iraq. This is huge. If we get this intelligence report declassified and discussed in public hearings before the election, the Bush/Kerry plan to stay the course will be exposed as merely being the best option for the neocon's plan for global domination, not for America or Iraq.

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News :: Government & Elections

Santa Monica activist begins hunger strike over Nader run

Sorry to post an AP story of this important event, but apparently no IMC has covered it yet

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Police State

WISH LIST from Free Radio Santa Cruz

On September 29, the federal government raided Free Radio Santa Cruz.

The outpouring of support, both locally and globally, has been overwhelming. Each e-mail, letter, and phone message from you, our listeners, is what keeps us going through these dark times. Please, keep it up!

Many of you have asked what can be donated to help.

In response, the following WISH LIST was compiled collaberatively by FRSC programmers.

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

DJ Danielsan's Call to KCSB During the Raid

DJ Danielsan called in to KCSB during the raid and told Keith Rozendal what happened.

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]


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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

Bush sr's CIA used Nazis in Sotuh American Dictatorships


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Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Education & Youth : Media Criticism

OUT NOW! New cd from dred-i

shake it, shake it, shake it!!!

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Announcement :: Media Criticism

100! Alternative News Websites.

Independent media must remain diverse and willing to adapt the best from each success. This is not competition but team spirit that makes ‚Äúreal‚Ä? media able to penetrate the ‚Äúcensored/manipulated‚Ä? media of corporate/ government control. Down Load, Email, Print and Distribute in coffeeshops, campuses, blogs, This very value list of alternative news and information websites Make a copy!!!
This list we fit on one page with Word 14 pica Times New Roman (Page Setup at 0.4" top, bottom, left, right) at 3 column format.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Undecided? Apathetic?


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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

FCC Raids Freak Radio: On-Scene coverage

On Wednesday Sept. 29 at about 9:20 am, agents of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), pulled the plug on Free Radio Santa Cruz, an unlicensed, low-power fm radio station which began broadcasting in the spring of 1995..... Here are some interviews from the scene. The first file was recorded off the air, as the raid was in progress. David Barsamian asking Howard Zinn about art in a time of war.

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