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LOCAL Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Tulare Homeless Under Fire

Green Party activist David Silva reports on the harassment of the homeless in Tulare in the Central Valley. Silva will be speaking on the issue between 11 and noon Sunday September 12 on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM or at The show will be archived at .

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Announcement :: Peace & War

List of the Real Military Heroes of the Iraq war, those who Resist

A website posts a comprehensive list of those men and women who have publicly refused illegal orders to prosecute this illegal, immoral war in Iraq.

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Commentary :: Alternative Media

Racism Against White Men Ignored

Media outlets have had plenty of time since last spring (March) to recognize and make known the obvious "reverse racism" against white males as created in the incident of alleging hate crimes by Kerrl Dunn on a California campus.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Education & Youth

Youth and Power event at Cabrillo College Oct. 2

Saturday, October 2
1:00 -11:00 PM
Cabrillo College 6500 Soquel Dr.
Aptos, CA
In the College Theater

Workshops etc. (1-6PM) FREE!
Music (6-11) $7

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Commentary :: Environment & Food

Humboldt Sheriff's pepper spray attack blinds collective vision

When Humboldt Sheriff deputies Q-tip swabbed chemical pepper spray into the eyes of forest defenders, the collective vision of people everywhere was blinded with searing pain. People who see the problems caused by corporate logging (Maxxam/Pacific Lumber) are using their bodies to protect the trees. The pepper spray eye swabbing response by the Sheriffs shows their fear of our collective vision, they want people to be blinded to the truth..

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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Police State

Santa Cruz Vigil to Mark 1000 American Dead in Iraq Sept. 9


Vigils to Mark 1000 American Dead in Iraq


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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

PUNCH DRUNK LOVE at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

Punch Drunk Love is a simple and surreal oddball love story, at turns funny and harrowing, sweet and heart-breaking. A treatise on the belief in true love against all odds, expectations, and reason.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

New website against bilateral free trade and investment agreements

A new collaborative website to support struggles against bilateral free trade and investment agreements has been launched at:

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Moderate, peaceful Muslims — where is the evidence?

The U.S. government is promoting "tolerance" and "diversity" sessions led by Muslim organizations, some of which have questionable ties to groups that have either supported or condemned with disingenuous statements killings by Muslim extremists, or sought to justify them because of policies promoted by Israel or the United States.

Repeatedly, these mandatory sessions tell government employees that Islam is a peaceful religion from which they have nothing to fear. If that is so, why aren't the "moderates" leading an army of their own and crushing the "infidels" who have supposedly "hijacked" this "peaceful religion"?

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LOCAL News :: Animal Rights : Arts & Culture : Environment & Food

Buffalo Field Campaign Comes to Santa Cruz

The Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is the only group working in the field, everyday, to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone's wild buffalo. On September 8, volunteers with the BFC gave a presentation at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz. Mike, a co-founder of the BFC, along with Josh, a four year volunteer with the campaign, gave personal accounts of monitoring the last wild buffalo and showed videos of buffalo being traped and killed. In addition to evening presentation, the BFC brought a large inflatable buffalo to the Santa Cruz Farmers' Market as a way of interacting with market goers.

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