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1 million Sudanese may die this year

The crisis in Sudan is the biggest and most immediate human rights concern in the world right now. But since Arabs (and not Israelis) are the perpetrators, the crisis is barely being noted by human rights activists. This situation should not be allowed to continue unabated.

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News :: Alternative Media

Farenheit 9/11 House Parties Across US

Hundreds of house parties took place in the US to discuss Michael Moore's new documentary film, "Farenheit 9/11", on Monday evening, June 28.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Is Iraq transfer of power a sham?


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News :: Environment & Food

summer greetings from the o2 collective!

Lots of successful forest watch and legal work have the big saws quiet in all but a few parts of the area. But danger is on the horizon.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Protest for Peace at Vandenberg Air Force Base on July 31

Front gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
July 31

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Police State

Yadira Speaks About the June 29 - July 3 Pilgrimage Supporting Immigrants and Farm Workers

Yadira and I spoke on Monday night, June 28, about the upcoming Pilgrimage Supporting Immigrants and Farm Workers. (5 megabytes / 22 minutes)

Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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Announcement :: [none]

March Against INS Intimidation

Starting Tuesday June 29, a series of marches and rallies against INS intimidation and for legalization and union rights-- launched by the United Farm Workers Union and joined by the whole labor movement-- will sweep through immigrant communities of the Salinas, Pajaro, San Benito and south Santa Clara valleys.

The campaign promises to be bigger and broader than anything since the historic strike movements of the 1970s. If successful, this may be a turning point in the long struggle for union rights for 50,000 unorganized immigrant workers in the fields and packing sheds of the Central Coast.

The campaign begins with a five-day march that begins Tuesday, June 29, at 8 AM at the King City Park. On Tuesday evening marchers will rally at Patriot Park in Greenfield after marching through the town. Marches and rallies will follow each day, moving north to Soledad, Gonzalez, Chualar and arriving in Salinas on Saturday. A similar campaign will move through towns to the north of Salinas during the following week, arriving again in Salinas on Sunday July 11.

Audio: Yadira Speaks About the June 29 - July 3 Pilgrimage Supporting Immigrants and Farm Workers

[ United Farm Workers I Monterey Bay Central Labor Council I Take Action for AgJobs S.1645 ]

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Green Party convention to the real world: Drop Dead!

After two rounds of voting, virtually unknown Green apparatchik David Cobb barely won the Green Party presidential nomination in Milwaukee

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Nine to Five at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Presents Nine to Five

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Announcement :: Police State

Masters of Terror

"Masters of Terror" is available on the Internet Archive as part of this pathbreaking video documentary collection!

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