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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

The Future is Ours! Anarchist Youth Convergence

Anarchism. Activism. Agitation. Hardcore Punk. Reclaim The Streets. Food Not Bombs. Stencils. Poetry. Drums. Wheatpasting. Bikes. Protest Tactics. Ninjas.

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Commentary :: Environment & Food

CHEMTRAILS: The band aid approach against climate change?


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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

Foolish of IMC to Water Down its radicalness

normalizing.gifAllegations are arising that the IMC momentum is already slowing down due to too much administrative handiwork. An anarchist discussion points out possible reasons and solutions. Points to consider: the meta of control desires, pros/cons of restrictive protection vs enriching protection

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Kevin Cooper to die

It's time for action!

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Police State

Angela Davis and Others Advocate to Abolish the Death Penalty

In conjunction with the Statewide Day of Action Against the Execution of Kevin Cooper, there was a panel discussion featuring Angela Davis on Tuesday, February 3, at UCSC's Merrill Dinning Hall. The room was packed with people that want to free Kevin Cooper, Abolish the Death Penalty, and Shut Down the Prision System.

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News :: [none]

Informational Picketing at Mission St. Safeway Now on Fridays Too!


The Grocery Workers Solidarity Committee will be informational picketing every Friday evening at the Mission St. Safeway in Santa Cruz from 5:30 - 7:00 PM in solidarity with striking grocery workers in Southern California. Informational picketing will continue until the strike and lockout is settled.

The strike by 70,000 Vons, Ralph’s and Albertson workers for affordable healthcare is now past its 100th day. If the giant food chains gets their way, health costs for these workers will rise 50% and put it out of reach for many who make an average of $20,000 a year. The contract for Northern California grocery store workers expires this summer and the struggle being waged in the South will have a big impact on their contract as well as the entire labor movement. The state Attorney General's Office is expected to file a lawsuit Monday alleging the companies are breaking antitrust laws in an effort to crush the union. Questions are also being raised about the treatment of janitors placed at the supermarkets by janitorial contracting companies; evidence suggests the supermarkets knew the janitors were not being paid as required by California wage and hour laws, and permitted the exploitation.

Informational Picketing Continues at Safeway

More Safeway Coverage on SC-IMC:
>> Local Pressure on Safeway Continues
>> 70,000 Strikers and their Families Need your Support

[ Monterey Bay Labor Council's Solidarity Page I Indybay's Labor Page I Update from LA-IMC ]

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News :: Police State


Attorneys for Kevin Cooper have said that an ex-reporter spoke with an ex-SBSD deputy who told her that he and other deputies were ordered to plant evidence in this case.

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News :: Government & Elections

So Much for Working Within the System

A quick look at the ineffectiveness of "working within the system," the demise of Howard Dean, and other progressive candidates. The elite leave few crumbs for the masses.

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:: Environment & Food


which ones are the real clouds?'

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LOCAL :: Alternative Media : Peace & War

'SC-IMC Meeting and Film Screening of \"AFGHAN MASSACRE Convoy of Death\" on Sunday (2/8)'

'Sunday February 8\n7:00 - 9:00 PM\nResource Center for Nonviolence\n(515 Broadway @ Ocean)\n\n7:00 PM -- AFGHAN MASSACRE Convoy of Death\n\n8:00 PM -- SC-IMC general meeting'

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