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Esther Kaplan: On the Trail of the Christian Right


Esther Kaplan grew up in the only non-Christian family in her hometown of King's Valley, Oregon. Her childhood was deeply intertwined with those of Christian fundamentalists she played with and with whom her family socialized, even as she was often considered an oddity who needed to be converted. Later in life she was touched personally and then compelled into activity by the AIDS epidemic, particularly disturbed by the hateful response of some of the Christian Right who viewed AIDS as a just punishment from God against gays. It is this intimate familiarity with both the people who make up much of the base of the rapidly growing Christian Right in this country, as well as with the human cost and suffering being inflicted by the political operatives leading this movement, that Esther has approached the subject of the rising role Christian fundamentalism in this country.


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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

Profit(eer)s from Tsunami Relief Concert?

If not OxFam, then where?

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Petition: Defend Ward Churchill and Protect Academic Freedom

The American Indian Movement of Colorado supports Ward Churchill with a public petition to the Colorado University Regents. Sign on at


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LOCAL Commentary :: Media Criticism

suggestion for santacruz indymedia

For those of us who have limited time and clarity of eyesight to expend...

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture : Environment & Food : Transportation

Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

A critical mass bike ride of about 15 cyclists made its way through downtown santa cruz on the last friday of february before heading east to the branciforte overpass for a spontaneous bicycle hanging over highway one. about ten cycles, including a tandem, hung themselves on the fence as a silent suggestion to the autobots that they change their destructive ways.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Environment & Food : Government & Elections

The Santa Cruz City Council voted unanimously to uphold the appeal of the Palomar antenna permits.

Tuesday night 2-22-05 the city council voted unanimously to uphold the appeal of the Palomar antenna permits, paving the way for the hotel to continue to host 23 pager antennas and satellite dishes.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Phoney'CaJonies'Gate- Exorcism* of Extremism Utilizing Synergism of Truism's

RoVianism? = Quizz'em! & EnVision NoFascism...

...TruSTING in the TransManifestation of Malignant, Metastasizing , Machevellian, MaleCultMatrix...

...Cathartic & Comprehensive OverView of ' Message ' of Integration Revealed by GannonScandal...

What's Going On Here? Why Does This matter??....,Oh, Just UNhealthy BigGov/BigPress concentration and collaboration in a DisInfo campaign directed at American citizens!, scandalously using manufactured-reporters and manufactured news, restricting growth and change, as an inevitable result! UNbecomingly frustrating, sinister and not allowable, cuz! - restricting InFo and 'spinning', -insults & insulates Americans from reality and new tomorrow's. Democracies BREATHE upon in-formed consent of the ShareHolders....

...This story is, in addition a hopeful, healing, holoGraphic look at the issues of concentrated wealth/media, concentration of facts, Public Right to Know concerns, new Citizen-Media surveillance, Gov accountability, Press credibility, homohypocrisy, bigotry, blackmail, payola & UnderMining democratic consent by masterMinDinG artificially mis-created fantasy groupthink, demographiCults, H.Bloom's- SuperOrganisms....literally provoking despair, and a ripe climate for the 'mining' of baseness, anger & hate. is said the 3 top money-industries are oil, arms and drugs, it's time to ask the '4th estate' if we should add a 4th..., sex...

...STILL,.. it's also about this!..., ancient, archetypal, 'holding pattern' because of Individual & Collective, UNre-solved, UNconscious, impulses, conflicts and repression, FOmenting disHarmony, BUT!, Historic Chance & Challenge for Aw~a~kening, Redeeming & UNiting CUZ amazingly...,

...It's a gesture from the Universe, beckoning us, demanding us to integrate it and ThereBy receive its

...if the world that seems to BE is given ya' lemons..., make lemon-aid!

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

This article is from the

by Cary Vigneri

Depleted Uranium keeps on killing. Is it nuclear warfare or just death by radiological toxin?
Depleted Uranium (DU) sounds harmless. After all, it’s depleted.

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News :: Police State

NYPD more interested in making-out than RNC arrests

A state-of-the-art NYPD helicopter with infrared camera over the August 27 critical mass ride films a couple making out on a penthouse roof instead of the violent mass arrest of hundreds of bicyclists on the street below.

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Commentary :: Police State : Resistance & Tactics

And here comes the DoD running block for the male prostitute Guckert/Gannon/talon/gopusa news reporter!

It says something about bushco when you find ip addresses on log files and doing a whois to see whom they belong to.

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