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Where Have All The Polar Bears Gone?

Just when you thought global warming was really bad, it looks even worse. A global summit of world scientists is meeting in Exeter, England this week and they are alarmed at the picture they see emerging of seeminly irreversible global warming.

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Sentinel Coast Hotel editorial deconstructed

The snowjob is in full swing as the business types who see their pockets lined with $30 million dollars of indebtedness to the public, line up to sing the praises of the mammoth Coast Hotel Project and to dangle carrots in front of citizens who responsibly want City government to have a sufficient revenue stream. This dog and pony show glosses over real concerns that the Sentinel would rather the public not spend much time thinking about. This Sentinel editorial leaves out a lot of these concerns. I have appended them to the front of the editoral from Sunday's paper.

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KFC Protest

KFC Protest in Santa Cruz on Mission St. We will meet at 4 at the Food Bin on Mission st, then walk the 2 blocks down to KFC as a group.

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Seema Weatherwax and Jason Weston: A Photographic Lineage

the 24Upon Entering Special Collections I first focused on "Cactus Forest", an image that brought to mind the openness and depth of Ansel Adams. No Surprise. In the Glass case behind me was a copy of Ansel Adam's "Making a Photograph" from 1935, inscribed by the author to Edward Weston, who wrote the forward.

Focusing Through Time: a unique story of
Friendship, Photography, and Collaboration

McHenry Library Special Collections, UCSC
January 3 - March 18, 2005


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UNIONS and the Fog of Delirium behind its Concept: A Reality Check.

UNIONS and the Fog of Delirium behind its Concept – A Reality Check.

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Lee Kaplan, Dafka Exposed -- Updated Edition


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No Business like socialism

When one has to pay 50USD for something normally worth of 5USD is there something wrong with the pricing in monopoly. But, how about selling it for 20USD in cash to fix the salary?

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Streaming Audio/Video from World Social Forum - Porto Alegre

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Justice for Rudy Cardenas

Mp3 audio link to Lailo, Tom & Darleen discussing the Legal update on the case of Micheal Walker a Calif. Drug agent who shot and killed Rudy Cardenas on Feb 17 2004 he was arraigned today for volentary manslaughter in San Jose California.

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News :: Womyn

Women's safety and well-being at risk during natrual disasters

Men batter and rape women and girls during and after natural disasters

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