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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics

CAFTA is a Disaster for the People of Central America and the USA

If things continue, as the Ghost of Christmas Future may have predicted in an updated rendition of Dickens, the "third world" will have Democracy just like ours and we will have Poverty just like theirs.
CAFTA Must Be Defeated.

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LOCAL News :: Transportation

The Santa Cruz Midnight Mystery Ride

mmrstartcolorized_1.jpgSanta Cruz had its first Midnight Mystery Ride two Fridays ago. 30 riders explored the dark hours of pedal powered play.

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Announcement :: Labor & Economics

UNT leader Stalin Perez Borges tour in California

Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Leonard Peltier Moved to Terre Haute Indiana USP

Without notice to his family and attorney, Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier was moved to Terre Haute, Indiana, Thursday June 30th, 2005. He has been placed in solitary confinement indefinitely. Peltier has been in prison for twenty nine years, he is sixty years old, and his health is frail.

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism : Poverty & Urban Development : Resistance & Tactics

Strong Medicine: Toxic Capitalism and the Socialist Cure

Revolutions in the rich, presently imperialist countries like the US are necessary to open the door to real, worldwide socialism. Without a capitalist US to crush or smother other revolutions, they will explode everywhere, like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Children Are Not Guinea Pigs

No Experimental Pesticides in Schools

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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food : Labor & Economics : Peace & War

Post Carbon Santa Cruz meeting (7/7)

6pm Thursday July 7th
515 Broadway, Santa Cruz
Resource Center for Non Violence:

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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism : Health & Drugs : Technology

Human Genetic Engineering: A Guide for Activists, Skeptics, and the Very Perplexed (7/6)

Wednesday, July 6

Capitola Book Cafe
1475 41st Ave, Capitola


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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Sprouts: Rebuilding Homes in Palestine

This week on Sprouts, we hear about a campaign to rebuild homes in the Gaza Strip, begining with the home Rachel Corrie was defending the day she was killed by an Israeli military bulldozer. Khaled and Samah Nasrallah, along with Cindy and Craig Corrie, went on a speaking tour of 7 West Coast, and Midwest states through the month of June. They visited Santa Cruz June 12. This week on Sprouts we hear highlights from the event.

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Commentary :: Police State

Rove's Recent 9/11 Comments - What's Still Missing in the Larger Picture

. . "

Naturally, the intent of the whole cover-up around 9/11 was to foment blinding rage and patriotism with no way to ever understand the government's role in the event. The questions that have never been answered are still floating out there on the web.

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