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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Environment & Food : Resistance & Tactics

Showdown in Coal Town

For the third time in one week, residents of the Coal River Valley of West Virginia and supporters from across the country met at Massey Energy's coal processing plant behind Marsh Fork Elemntary School to demand that it be shut down and cleaned up. Sixteen of the 150 participants in the Moountain Justice Summer campaign were arrested as they attempted to deliver a list of demands to the site's supervisor. Earlier in the day two campaign participants delivered the demands directly to Massey's head offices in Richmond Virginia.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Caldo de Cultivo Urbano Art Collective at Barrios Unidos (6/3)

The Caldo de Cultivo Urbano is a women's grassroots artistic collaboration comprised of Adriana García, Susana Bautista, and Gabriela Santos. The collective was formed in 2001 at La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. These exhibits feature printmaking techniques that convey the experience of women in urban life.

Friday, June 3rd
6:00 pm
Barrios Unidos
(1817 Soquel Ave.)

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace & War

Monthly Vigil at Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon (6/9)

Join the Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team the 2nd Thursday of every month. Vigil begins at the gates of Lockheed Martin at 6:30 A.M. Start your day early with lively, provocative conversation and SC-WIT activism! This vigil is an act of non-violent communication.

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Announcement :: Environment & Food

New Biscuit Camp Established! More Logging to Begin Soon!

Call out to all forest lovers!

The Siskiyou Summer push is on! Logging companies are gearing up to punch into several Biscuit old-growth sales as we type. Logging is imminent; we need your help!

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News :: Animal Rights

Animal Liberation Front Raids Future Primate Facility

They are wasting millions of scarce health-care dollars on useless research that will never help one of my patients".

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Peace & War

Amnesty International: Response to President Bush on Guantanamo

USA: Response to President Bush
President Bush again failed to address longstanding concerns regarding US detention policies and practices in the context of the "war on terror", Amnesty International said in response to his comments today.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism : Peace & War

ROCK FOR PEACE this Friday 6/3/05 @ SC Vets Hall

An evening of speakers, dancers, and music as Santa Cruz County High School Students unite for peace. Come to a cool event organized by and for local youth who are interested in peace and justice issues. ROCK FOR PEACE is a concert that will feature many speakers including Mike Rotkin, Mayor of Santa Cruz (who'll be performing a short musical set) as well as lots of other representatives from various youth and student activism organizations.

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News :: Arts & Culture

Free Radicals mp3: Eyebrows

Gloria Edwards - vocals, Nelson Mills III - scat, Ian Varley - electric piano, Marcos Melchor - sax, Chris Anderson - guitar, Theo Bijarro - bass, Nick Cooper - drums

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Interview :: Poverty & Urban Development

FRSC: Critical Mass Sacramento attacked by Police

Audio Interview with Peter of Critical Mass Sacramento one of 4 arrested at CM bike ride on 05-27-05 describes the violent harrassment and attack of Police as CM attempted its monthly ride.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Gender & Sexuality

Lionel Cantú Celebration (5/31)

Join the Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center for the LIONEL CANTÚ CELEBRATION

May 31st
Location: The Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center

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