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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Resistance & Tactics

Freak Radio: Station Id mixes

A Collection of Station Ids for Freak Radio Santa Cruz 101fm (stereo) or streaming at Sailing into 10 years of UNLICENSED Collectively run Community Radio 24 hours a day.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Gender & Sexuality

Scotts Valley Parents Protest Gay Tolerance

More than 300 students, parents, teachers, and administrators turned out Scotts Valley High School last night for a special board meeting to address charges that the school promotes a "Gay Agenda." Board members determined that Scotts Valley High is acting in compliance with AB 537, The California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000 which prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity in California public schools. FSRN correspondent Vinny Lombardo has our story.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Peace & War

Chained to a Wall, Padilla Awaits Habeus Corpus

South Carolina has become a clearing house for select enemies of the Bush administration. Cases are handled in a new courthouse, named after the 100 year old bigot Strom Thurmond. They are prosecuted by his son, J. Strom Thurmond Junior. The latest cause celebre' to come their way is Jose Padilla.
The world awaits the granting of a writ of habeus corpus in the Padilla case. This could have been granted last year, but a slim majority of the supreme court decided to remand the case to South Carolina where Padilla has been chained to a wall in a navy brig for 2 and a half years without being charged with any crime.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights : Resistance & Tactics

Eyes On the Prize, February 8, at Barrios Unidos

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos and Santa Cruz Indymedia present a Special Screening of

Eyes On the Prize

Tonight, Tuesday February 8th
Barrios Unidos

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

The fine and stunning screen adaptation of George Orwell's prophetic 1948 novel about a world in which the government completely controls the masses by controlling their thoughts, altering history and even changing the meaning of language to suit its needs. Winston Smith tries to discover love in an upside down world of never-ending war, criminalized dissent, pervasive disinformation, paranoia, and surveillance.

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LOCAL News :: Technology

Palomar microwave tower approval meeting rescheduled

The Santa Cruz City Council has rescheduled the meeting Re: granting a permit for the continued operation illegal microwave towers on the Palomar inn to Feb 22nd at 7pm

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LOCAL News :: Environment & Food

Myths and Realities of the Public Education Crisis: UCSC Action Panel

On February 9, the Santa Cruz-based organization Education Rising will convene a discussion panel at UC Santa Cruz: "Myths and Realities of the California Education Crisis: A Panel on Public Education." The panel will feature experts on various aspects of the California public education system, including teachers, activists, students, and policymakers. Come learn about the injustices that characterize California's political situation, as well as how you can be a part of a movement to claim a more just, democratic, and empowering future for our state.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics : Peace & War

Lawsuit Procedes Against Cheney's Cloak of Secrecy

The lawsuit, filed by the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch, alleges that participants from industry effectively became members of the task force formulating the White House's industry-friendly energy recommendations, while environmental groups and others were shut out of the meetings.

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Commentary :: Animal Rights : Arts & Culture : Civil & Human Rights

When the authorities deny terrorism

Downplaying the radical Islamic ritual murder of Christian Egyptian family in Jersey City, N.J. is part of a much wider problem — one that's been ongoing for years

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LOCAL News :: Animal Rights

Monthly KFC Demo in Santa Cruz - Oct 2004

Santa Cruz protests attract support from compassionate folks of all ages.

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