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LOCAL :: Police State

'Jail the Oppressors: Stolen Lives police killings in bay area mp3 Audio Link'

'Jail the Oppressors: Stolen Lives show pt1 - Regina & Corrins Cardenas daughters of Rudy Cardenas killed by State Drug agents on Feb 17 2004 pt2 - Sharon Jensen Grandmother of Johnny Ncall killed by San Jose Police on aug 12 2004 talk about his life and death'

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Resistance & Tactics

AUDIO: NYC Halliburton Protest

On Tuesday, about three dozen activists wearing pig snouts, and rolling in piles of funny money engaged in street theatre outside the New York Hilton Hotel, where Texas GOP delegates were attendiung a Celebrity Breakfast sponsored by oil & gas giant Halliburton. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo reports....... 1:30 A shorter version airred on Tuesday's editon of FSRN

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

The Freemarket Selection of 2004

The Board of Carlyle Group will make a selection in 2004, will you take there poll at the voting booths? Which machines will you vote in? Which company won the bid for the elections?

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Announcement :: Government & Elections

Take the Red/Green Pill -- Join the Green Alliance

Discontent that the Green Party missed a great opportunity to capitalize upon a giant gulf between the pro-war Democratic Party elite and anti-war rank-and-file Democrats and other voters on the left in 2004? Angry with the Democratic Party's undemocratic violation of voting rights of supporters of Ralph Nader/Peter Camejo and other candidates on the left? Want a political party that grows out of, and in turn helps grow, social movements on the left? Join the Green Alliance.

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LOCAL News :: Government & Elections

Freak Radio Santa Cruz RNC coverage: vigil for the fallen Audio Link

Interview with Santa Cruz Journalist Lisa Mastramico and Herbie Harris (Vets for Peace)at Union Square at a vigil for the fallen in Iraq.Also talk with lisa about Code pink actions inside RNC. Live on Freak Radio Santa Cruz.

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News :: Government & Elections

Sacrifice a Republican Congressman

KFI 640AM is having a vote on which of 5 Republican congressmen to sacrifice due to being "soft" on illegal immigration. However, we can cast our votes for entirely different reasons. Vote for Chris Cox. He is the congressional chair of Homeland Security and the infamous Patriot Act. Cox is also a draftdodging chickenhawk. So vote online and make him join Bush in the unemployment line.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Who's the "girlie man," Arnold?


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

One look at New York City’s streets on Sunday carried an unmistakable message: American democracy, which has taken a pummeling from the Crawford Chump the last few years, is up off the canvas and has gotten its second wind. Come November 2, it will knock the oblivious washed-up wannabe even-before-he-was from Texas so far out of the ring, he won’t know what hit him. For more on the blow-by-blow, read on.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth

When People Are Left Out: Is It Insulated Privilege or Is It Self-Imposed Martyrdom?

It is hard to tell what is going on when people get left out of things. I have noticed that when things get to the point where those who want to participate cannot, due to class privilege, the poor usually either shut up and leave, or are labeled whiners. We need to talk re this.

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News :: Gender & Sexuality : Gender & Sexuality : Poverty & Urban Development

AUDIO: Interviews from the RNC

March For Our Lives Report
Interviews from Still We Rise March
Picture The Homeless
Arrests at Queer Fist Kiss-In on Times Square
Queer Fist

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