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News :: Peace & War

Finnish Police unwilling to run investigations in Iraq...

“Yesterday other group members traveled to Amman in Jordan, were they are about to be examined on the order of the Finnish Criminal Police by the Finnish Police on a training mission in Jordan.?

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Review :: Peace & War

Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America

Whether you agree with all of Churchill's arguments or not (and personally I have a few problems with the therapy stuff) his analysis of the pacifist doctrine is both eloquent and truly eye-opening. I spent some time involved in explicitly non-violent activism in the UK without really thinking through the ideological implications - it was simply the first direct action scene I came across. I only wish that I had read this book 7 years ago and hastened the learning process that has led me to many of the same conclusions as the author. Don't be put off, however, if you are happily involved in non-violent action; this book will shed new light on your activities. In short, I can't recommend this book highly enough - if you, your friend, your flatmate or your mum hasn't read this book then get a copy quick!

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Interview :: Gender & Sexuality

Stampin gOut hate in Jersey


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Sharon: Edging the world toward war.


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LOCAL Commentary :: Peace & War

Zionism, Nazism, and Radical Islam -A History Lesson For Becky Johnson

There are few people that are so vocal and so misinformed on a subject than our local Becky Johnson is on Israel. The following is an in depth response to her endless stream of misinformation.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth : Police State

Say No to the CYA! Rally for Loreto Arizpe and All Youth in Prison!!

Say NO to the CYA! No sentencing Loreto Arizpe to California Youth Authority. Loreto is due to be sentenced on Thursday, March 25 at 8:30 AM. Rally at the Santa Cruz County Building (Water Street side) at 8:30 AM.

People will be convening at 8:00 AM outside the front entrance doors to District Attorney Bob Lee's office and enter to give him a personal invitation to adddress the crowd at 8:30 sharp.

Bob Lee must be held responsible for Loreto, if sentenced to the California Youth Authority until the age of 25, as is possible.

On February 22, Lee stated that Santa Cruz County would join the CYA ban and that "...while there are no local offenders 'in the pipeline' for sentencing, the county is prepared to use other programs and detention house sentenced offenders until the CYA hearings are completed and recommendations made."

Lee, your elected official... LIED!


[ Critical Resistance I related article on Loreto Arizpe: Supporters rally around reputed gang member ]

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Anarchist Pride Month parade.


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LOCAL News :: Government & Elections

Demonstration of Voting Software (open-source, with paper ballots) by OVC group in San Jose, need a crowd to come for the demo!

The Open Voting Consortium will demonstrate a version of its free election software on the 1st of April at 10:00 AM in the Santa Clara County government office building, 70 W. Hedding St., room 157, San Jose.

The Open Voting Consortium intends to make free voting software available for use in public elections to begin a process founders hope will transform the voting system from a fraud-prone, blackbox, proprietary, expensive, idiosyncratic, unreliable system to a technically sound, accurate, secure, inexpensive, uniform and open voting system. We need a crowd to show up for the demo!!

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Commentary :: Peace & War

The Lord of the Rings: Good versus Evil

A comparison of the two good versus evil confrontation theories being propagated by the Bush administration with one that I think bears a closer resemblance to reality.

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Review :: Civil & Human Rights

Slave Revolt Radio - Haiti Pt. 2

audio mp3 on Haiti pt2 feb/mar2004

Listen to the Stream

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