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News :: Environment & Food

Mycoplasms and Charged Ion Plasmas -- A System of Control

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture

Mystery Picnic Ride causes Indigestion.

strawberry.jpgLast week's mid-week mid-summers eve Mystery Picnic Ride was kinapped at the Farmers Market as the last flowers and feta cheese were packed for the night.

Next Midnight Mystery Ride this Friday after the guerilla drive in.

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News :: Police State

Retaliation by CYA Staff at N.A. Chaderjain Youth Correctional Facility

They are putting the children in solitary confinement, retaliating against the parents who stand up and speak out in defense of the youth locked up. As I'm sure you all know, solitary confinement is difficult enough for an adult to deal with, too many adults suffer mental illness for the rest of their lives as a result of solitary confinement in the prisons. The system in on the attack against the people. Those of us who can, we need to oppose this torture, we need to defend our youth who cannot defend themselves, especially when they are locked up.

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Announcement :: Police State

Move Press Release


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Commentary :: Government & Elections : Peace & War

Hillary on the Right

Hillary Clinton is calling for 80,000 more troops for the Army so that the United States can be fully equipped to patrol the far corners of the empire at a moment's notice.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

A Letter to American Troops In Iraq (BKH)

Time to support our troops by bringing them home...

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

subMedia releases first DVD/Zine on Bit Torrent

Independent Media Group subMedia ( has released its first DVZ (DVD/Zine) ‘‘Molotov’’ as a free download on the Bittorrent network. subMedia founder Franklin Lopez made the announcement last week, after the last ‘hard copy’ of ‘‘Molotov’’ was sold to a costumer in Norway.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Health & Drugs

New Marijuana Club Goes Before Planning Commission, City Council

The upcoming Greenway club application by Lisa Molyneux will be going to the Planning Commission at 7 PM Thursday July 21st at City Hall.

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News :: Government & Elections

Votescam Diebold Software Tested and Treasonous!!

author: Reverend X - Independent test of Diebold Gems software, yes the stuff that was used, shows amazingly user friendly vote alteration features. So simple a neocon could use it!! for graphics go to original site.

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News :: Environment & Food

please tell your Rep about the national forest protection and restoration act

the NFPA

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