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News :: Peace & War

Osama bin-Laden Endorses George W. Bush

Osama bin-Laden took time out of his busy schedule to endorse long time family friend and business associate George W. Bush.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Let's Boil it Down, Mr. Republican

Are you "really" a republican?

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Interview :: Government & Elections

Voting in a Culture of Occupation: An Interview with Derrick Jensen

One of the things that I want to say about this that I haven't yet said is that a two party dictatorship is much smarter than a one party dictatorship. If you really want to control someone, what you do is you give them the illusion of choice. Then they perceive themselves as being free, and there's nobody more enslaved than the slave who doesn't even know that he or she is enslaved.

One of the things the Nazis did that was really brilliant is they would give the Jews what some of the Jews would call "brain busters." They would give them the choice "Are you going to have a red identity card or a blue identity card?" A lot of the Jews then spent a lot of time going "Oh, my gosh, um, am I going to have a better chance at surviving if I get the red one or the blue one?" Of course it didn't make any difference at all. But they didn't know that so they would spend all this time figuring out if they should register as a tinker or a shoe-maker. Once again it didn't matter in the slightest but they are spending all their energy doing that instead of spending their energy trying to bring down the whole system. That's sort of what our choices are reduced to. It's a brilliant strategy on the part of any oppressor. It's a classic tool of abusers - false choices. If you can get the abuse victim to participate in her or his own degradation then you've got them, and then you barely need to do anything.

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News :: Police State

Boston: police kills 21-year old girl with non-lethal weapon!

60.000 to 80.000 people celebrated the victory of the "Red Sox" in Boston. However, police went crazy and shot a 22-year old girl with a "non"-lethal weapon in the eye. She died.There was no specific action she did, there were no "riots" around her, nothing. She was just celebrating and chanting with others.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Why Third Parties Should Join Independent Voters in Voting Yes on Prop 62 Voter Choice Open Primary

Prop 62 has provoked a mighty controversy in the Democratic and Republican Parties – where reformers supporting Prop 62 have clashed with party bosses who want to maintain the old order. And, it has also provoked a controversy within the independent movement, where reform independents are backing Prop 62 while the third party establishment is aggressively opposing it . . .

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Announcement :: [none]

'THE FOURTH WORLD WAR' comes to California

While American airwaves are crowded with talk of a new war – narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs – the human face of war is rarely seen. THE FOURTH WORLD WAR is a powerful new film from the makers of 'This Is What Democracy Looks Like', 'Zapatista', and 'Black & Gold'. It weaves together the stories of movements against empire from Palestine, Iraq, Chiapas, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea to Quebec City and Genoa.

The product of over two years of filming, The Fourth World War is a new kind of film for a new world. The intensity and immediacy of its images are beyond anything the mainstream media can shoot, the intimacy and passion of its stories are beyond anything it can feel. Directed by the award winning New York-based Big Noise Films, and narrated by Tony Award winner Suheir Hammad and Singer Michael Franti of Spearhead, it is a radical story of hope and human connection in the face of a war that shatters and divides.

[ The Fourth World War - a big noise film I VIEW TRAILER ]

"I think THE FOURTH WORLD WAR should be the center-piece of all political education for left activists in the present period. It really is that good."
-- Van Jones, National Executive Director - Ella Baker Center For Human Rights


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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

Public request of judgment

Members of Finnish Ministry of Interior and Finnish Police Force have systematically violated the Finnish Code of Act. Government officials guilty for treason or similar acts, are in charge of people having died indirectly or directly, who have been violated in silencing or eliminating purpose. These government officials do not themselves follow their own law, which they order other to obey.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Education & Youth : Resistance & Tactics

Free Radio Santa Cruz and Critical Mass Radio Network - sElection 2004

Next Coordinated Broadcast:
Friday, October 29th, 2004

Broadcast Theme:
2004 Election


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LOCAL News :: Environment & Food

Lunar Eclipse Over Santa Cruz

Pictures of the eclipse from the westside.

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Interview :: Alternative Media

kfar shut down by the FCC: the blast furnace radio interviews


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