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Amy Goodman Accepts Ruben Salazar Journalism Award at UCSC

Prof. Paul Ortiz of UCSC's College Nine and Ten, Social Justice and Community Program presents Amy Goodman with Ruben Salazar Award for Journalism. :45

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Give a dollar to help women on International Womens Day

In Honor of International Women's Day on March 8 Meet the Challenge - Add Your Voice and Your Dollar

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Cruzin' Cuba Films presents - Cuba Feliz

A musical journey across Cuba with El Gallo

7pm Thursday, March 17
Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Avenue
$5 at the door

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Action Alert: Child Victim Of Rape And Traficking Arrested & Improisoned

From Black Women’s Rape Action Project,

Tel: 020 7482 2496, Fax 020 7209 4761 email:
bwrap (at)

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Interview :: [none]

FRSC: Interview with Ron Anicich of Bad Cop, No Donut!

Skidmark Bob interviews Ron Anicich of Bad Cop, No Donut! before a media attack. Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino says Bad Cop, No Donut! promotes hatred of the police [see: Get 'hate mongering' off air: Fantino]. Ron talks about the show and support from CKLN. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

A commenter writes: Another critic who needs our support and solidarity! Put him on the list with Ward Churchill and Lynne Stewart, with Free Radio and WAMM. Seems like critics are getting silenced quick and fast in the third Bush administration.

Bad Cop No Donut, for those who aren't aware, is an excellent weekly digest of nationwide accounts of Police Brutality, from lawsuit settlements and legal decisions, to off duty officer conduct and corruption, to taser use, deadly force, and stories yet to be told.
Anicich gathers all the PIC [Prison Industrial Complex] news he can find and puts together a weekly compilation.

Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 (18.4 MB)
Audio: Part Two: Interview w/ Ron Anicich of Bad Cop, No Donut!

Free Radio Santa Cruz airs Bad Cop, No Donut! every Thursday at 1:00pm PST
101.1fm in Santa Cruz, California

See also: [ Salinas man dies after getting hit by taser stun gun I The Shocking Truth about Tasers ]

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LOCAL Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

Night Ride Radio Show - Homeless

Welcome to Night Ride. The subject is Homeless. A look at the subject of homelessness, by homeless people in their own words.

Audio: Download the mp3 - part I (49.6 MB) and Download the mp3 - part II (45.1 MB)

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Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism

All Out for April 16th, 2005! Washington DC A Better World is Under Construction No to the IMF and World Bank!

Were you at the first A16 demonstration against the IMF and World Bank in Washington, DC in 2000? Come back once again to challenge these illegitimate institutions and their plans for a world of unbridled greed! Did you miss out on the first mass protests against the IMF and World Bank? Now's your chance to be part of the second A16! The Mobilization for Global Justice is calling for all those interested in helping to construct a mass movement against neo-liberalism and the devastation it is wreaking on the world to converge on Washington, DC from April 15th-17th. Come help us celebrate the successes of our movement, which in the past five years has not only put these institutions on the defensive and on the run, but has begun construction of the new world that has for so long been in all our hearts.

For fliers to distribute in you community, logistical information, meeting times and updates e-mail mgj (at) or visit . GET INVOLVED! IT’S A BLAST!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Documentary Screening on the MST (2/24)

The documentary, 'Strong Roots', about the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement and the struggle for agrarian reform in Brazil, will be shown at Sin Fronteras Bilingual Books & Cafe (911 Cedar Street) this Thursday at 6pm.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Social Security Calculator [GOP scheme exposed]

Making The News, The Social Security Calculator Exposes The Wall Street/Bush Scheme To Ripoff The American People!

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Why they shot Malcolm X

Malcolm X was killed when he also began to address the oppression of women, non muslims, and non blacks by the capitilist patriarchy. When he began to point the finger at the entire system that created racism AND sexism, he was seen as being too dangerous.

I think he was killed for the same reason Martin Luther King was killed. Both men, while focusing on racism, ALSO focused on the interent evil of the capitalist system which oppresses everyone who isnt wealthy.

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