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Announcement :: Media Criticism

Investigating the Future: Pacifica and Indymedia this weekend

Investigating the Future Conference December 3-5, 2004 Prospects for Investigative Journalists After the Election, Before the New Regime A seminar, an International Tele-conference and Distance Learning Courseware At the New College of California

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News :: Media Criticism


A 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Germany, China, Russia, Spain, and Cuba.

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Announcement :: [none]

March and Vigil Remembering Dead-of-Exposure Homeless Man

Tonight (Thursday December 2nd) there'll be a candlelight march from Borders Book Store at Pacific and Soquel to City Hall, where Robert Wagner reportedly died of exposure while sleeping on a City Hall bench over the weekend.

At least one activist plans to spend the night at City Hall shivering. Hot vegan soup will be provided sometime between 10 and 11 PM.

+++ Under the new Rotkin Council, it remains illegal to sleep outside, cover up with a blanket, or put up a tent against the cold. City Council has given no indication it will let up on criminal enforcement of MC 6.36 (The Camping Ordinance), even before this latest death and after the death of Scotty under the Soquel St. bridge last month--also by exposure.

+++ Early Wednesday morning (12-1) police drove away all the people (approx. a dozen) who were sleeping quietly under the eaves of the federal post office. According to the victims, police admitted they had no specific complaints & did not provide any options for the sleepers.

+++ The Winter Armory Shelter requires picture ID, involves waiting in lines for more than an hour, has scheduloing requirements often impossible for working people, does not take pets, has no parking place for vehicles, is not a walk-up situation, refuses those under 18 unless with parent, and is restrictive for couples. In addition there is emergency shelter for only 160 of the 1500 to 2000 homeless people in Santa Cruz city limits on any given night.

Photos from the Vigil: Watch Us Freeze

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Commentary :: Government & Elections


I have no idea how you got to this website. Maybe I invited you. Maybe you read about it in some publication. Maybe a friend referred you to it. Perhaps you saw it carved on a tree and an as yet unknown force aroused your curiosity. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure dumb luck.
But, however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the truth of our human history beyond the lies taught to us throughout our lives, mostly through television.

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Announcement :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism

Archive for Slave Revolt Radio

An archive of Slave Revolt Radio is now available on the Free Radio Santa Cruz website.

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

The naked monkey facing the globalization. Do human beings really exist? (English/Spanish)


Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega (google).- Author of the book: “Diez Horas con la Globalización? (google, yahoo, wanadoo, foro-los retos de la globalización,,,,, netbiblo…...)

1- The naked monkey facing the globalizatión. Do human beings really exist? (English/Spanish)
2- Tribute to Alvin Toffler: the fourth and fifth wave (English/Spanish)
(This article-publish-it complements the previous article)

2.1-From the “Information Society? to the “Useful Knowledge Society “
2.2-From the “Useful Knowledge Society? to the “Human Beings Society?

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News :: [none]

Santa Cruz City Workers Poised to Strike

About 500 Santa Cruz city workers, represented by SEIU Local 415, are poised to strike Friday at midnight when their contract expires.

According to Leslie Scanagatta, Local 415's chief spokesperson, rising costs of health care benefits, and low wages, are key issues on the bargaining table. She points out that city employees have twice agreed to a voluntarily wage freeze, to help the city get through a financial crunch, and haven't had a raise since April, 2002.

Irwin Young, human resources director for the City, said, "we've been working dilligently to reach an agreement." If an agreement isn't reached, he says, "we can continue to bargain, or the union then decides to take action."

Talks between the parties will continue on Thursday, and Friday, but Scanagatta says at this point, she's not hopeful. "Local 415 members spent the day making picket signs, and are prepared for the worst."

Update from 12/3/04: A strike of some 500 Santa Cruz, CA city employees was sidestepped for the time being Thursday, when reps from SEIU Local 415 and city officials came to terms on a tentative agreement in their contract dispute. (read the full comment)

see also: SEIU Rank and File Revolt

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Announcement :: Government & Elections


Columbus, Ohio Events for Saturday December 4th

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News :: Police State

Two Russia Diplomats Suspected of Being Pimps

If you need it, then Russia Commercial Embassy in Helsinki may be the place to ask it! Two Diplomats suspected of being Pimps. Read more…

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LOCAL News :: Labor & Economics

SEIU Rank and File Revolt

Real People With Real Needs!

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