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Touchdown - Miami Journal #2

My immersion into Miami life and politics has been swift. I arrived Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, and had my first political discussion on the shuttle ride to Miami with a Dominican driver and Colombian passenger who were both vehemently anti-Bush. Once I started speaking Spanish they both really opened up, telling me about the political divisions between Latinos in Miami, which doesn’t end with the renowned conservativism of the Cuban community. They agreed with me that Bush has pulled the wool over the eyes of the people in the US, and they wished me the best of luck in getting out the vote.

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Why I'm going to Florida

This weekend I’m traveling to Florida to help beat Bush on Tuesday, November 2nd. I’ll be volunteering with America Coming Together, one of a number of nation-wide organizations that has mobilized thousands of volunteers to convince undecided voters in critical swing states to vote against Bush.

Notice that I haven’t said I’m going to work on the Kerry campaign. I’m not a big fan of John Kerry, or the Democratic Party for that matter. I wanted to be in Boston in July to protest the Democratic National Convention, where war-mongering speeches drowned out the few voices of dissent allowed inside (the Mainers for Kucinich, for example), and a massive police presence squelched protests outside. I disagree with Kerry’s stance on the war in Iraq (he voted to give Bush the authority to wage war, and he now wants to “win? an unjust war), the so-called war on terrorism (he doesn’t address the root causes of terrorism, instead spouting violent rhetoric about “rooting out? and “destroying? the “enemy?), and military aid to Israel (he does not oppose the Apartheid Wall and ongoing oppression of Palestinians). I wish I could vote for a candidate I feel good about, and I firmly believe in the importance of breaking out of a two-party system controlled by corporate interests (yes, I voted for Nader in 2000). But this time around, there is too much to lose. Yes, I have joined the “anybody but Bush? campaign.

Miami Journal [ Why I'm going to Florida (10/30/04) I Touchdown (10/30/04) I One City, Many Worlds (10/31/04) I Mounting Frustration (11/1/04) I Why the long face? (11/3/04) ]

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The Will of the People Will Not Be Expressed in This Election

There is a big problem.

Millions of people are looking at the U.S. presidential election as a crucial turning point in world events. And at the same time the workings of this system have worked coldly to stifle their voices and choices.

As Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, says in the online talk Elections: Democracy and Dictatorship, Resistance and Revolution: "Many people want this election to be a referendum about the Bush program and in particular the whole war program, the whole juggernaut of war and repression, this rolling monster that’s unfolding. Well, this election, as [the media and politicians] are telling us, will be a referendum on war, but not in the way we might like and many people who want to vote for Kerry would wish. It is, as they are saying explicitly, going to be a referendum on who could be the best commander in chief 

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Florida Election Fraud

Please, let's not forget what happened in the Florida 2000 election.

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Eminem's Mosh video: FUCK BUSH

Eminem’s Mosh video will awaken the rage within. The time is now to come together and fire the number one weapon of mass destruction: BUSH

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CHENEY & CO'S ROLE IN 9/11: on Air America Radio, Monday night!

Tune into Air America's Mike Malloy show this Monday night (Election Eve) to hear 9/11 researcher Mike Ruppert, author of "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil." According to Ruppert, VP Cheney and other government officials helped plan the 9/11 attacks--and Cheney played a pivotal role on the day of the attacks.

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US torture camp on UK colony Diego Garcia!!!

Guantanamo-style US torture-camp on UK colony Diego Garcia

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FSRN Election Special: Behind California's Proposition 66

Next months general election, will have voters in California choosing the fates of 16 ballot measures, on issues like Stem Cell research, emergency medical funds, mental health care, and open primaries. One of the closely watched initiatives on the California ballot is Proposition 66, which would reform the infamous Three Strikes, You're Out law, the toughest in the US. Current law requires sentences to be doubled for any felony, if the offender had one prior serious or violent felony conviction, or a 25-year-to-life sentence for any felon with two prior serious or violent felony convictions. This situation has led to a bloated prison population, with around 42,300 people serving a doubled sentence or 25-years-to-life. If passed, Proposition 66 would require the state to re-sentence inmates whose third strike felony was nonviolent. In addition, prison sentences for specified sex offenses against children would be strengthened. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo examines the rhetoric and reality of Proposition 66. 3:30

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GAZA STRIP at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive In

The embattled Gaza Strip is the setting for this stirring documentary from American filmmaker James Longley. Initially intending his film to be a straightforward look at the Palestinian intifada, Longley headed there in January 2001 for what he thought would be two short weeks. Instead, he stayed for three months, logging over 75 hours of film that tracked a number of momentous occasions, including the election of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Fascism and the Republican Party

The close relationship of fascist individuals and groups from the period of Nazi rule in Europe with the Republican Party.

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