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Open Letter To SC Sentinel Editors


I've just completed reading your Scharf's column, "Everybody's Business", for 19 Dec 2004, titled, "Stock market unlikely to bail out Social Security". You and Scharf are in large company on Social Security, of course. We the people have not been hit with this big a blizzard of BS from The Lying Bush, his lying surrogates, the class-race elite's top one percent, fascist corporatism's propagandists, and the money-power parasitic media mouthpieces since the invasion of Iraq.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Cover-Up using Mass Hypnosis Campaign:Vote Zealots UnderMine Confidence

Lead editorial from Cleveland Plain Dealer NewsElites progamming
efforts to 'tenderize' the populace with insidious perception
management & reality control campaign. The 4-man team piously SPEWS
deceptive, ignorant, crude reasoning in a blatant, though, pathetic
attempt to marginalize and ridicule the inteGRITy of Americans
valiantly Defending the Vote & Free, Fair and Honest Elections.
What do you expect from the Oligarch's wayward misinformation
ministers? but to, in blind denial, Project blame for a crisis of
confidence, legitimacy onto the very Democracy Watchers- who are
working hard to clean, straighten out, Reclaim and Renew Civic
respect for this Country's Ideals. WE Refuse to REWARD criminal
conduct with regards to Our Civil Rights & the Right to Civil
Elections- the absolute Bedrock of Constitutional Governance. On
December 15th this sickening to read article was shamefully
belched: MoveOn.Now- The ZEALOTS who refuse to accept Ohio's vote
count RISK UnderMining confidence in the 'system' itself,(here are
some intellectual Honkers profferred) 1)Most Americans, including
vast majority of Kerry supporters- believe Bush won (show me the
data, poll, recent poll I saw was that 72% believe we are heading
in the WRONG direction,+ powers that currently Be, probably not
allowed to run poll on election doubts) 2)admit routine technical
glitches and
errors (all favoring the Fix, and thats why we say ENOUGH, cuz with
Bush this is becoming all too routine!) 3)Irresponsible campaign
aimed at undermining public confidence in the electoral system
itself (this is a SERIOUS charge, Have any of the websites or Org's
investigating these crimes have in their goals or mission
statements The Aim of UnderMining ANYTHING- Except requesting that
Democracy stay up past It's BedTime?) Let it be known that smarmy
suspicious misreporting,
underreporting and character smears ARE PoliTacTics insidously
undermining and tearing
this nation down by choking Democracy-which BREATHES upon Informed
Consent of the Governed. How can these so-called 'power elite'
disparage, sit idly by, plus aid and abet the CHOKE of the Vote and
now resort to JOKE the Vote. 'They' feel the need to define US as,
Dissidents, Zealots, Doubters,
Diehards who enjoy the taste of sour grapes. Grow up and GET to work
and do your Job, like the DieHard battery's electromagnetic energy
this fraud has stoked a
PaulRevere calling & Founding Fathers spirit ALIVE and we are gonna
out hustle, out Care and OUT the malfeasence
in defense of this cause -We Hold Dear! But hey, friend How 'bout a
bite to eat? how do you like your CROW prepared?
BLAST THESE 'HEADSPACE-FOR-RENT' imPropagandists Ebox's with some
verbal kinetic kindness, CONTACT opportunities below.

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News :: Police State

Petition Calling For The Investigation Of Cyber Warfare By The Pentagon Against American Citizens and Political Organizations

The American military is waging cyber warfare upon dissident websites. Please sign the petition calling for an investigation.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Cuban Billboard Equates US Torture With Nazis

Cuban Billboard Equates US Torture With Nazis, as seen. Also posted is a recent speech given by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, President of
the Republic of Cuba.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Poll finds 44% of Americans would limit Muslims' rights

First they came for the Muslims.......................

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Commentary :: [none]

Lee Kaplan, Dafka Exposed

Santa Cruz Community Television is offering up more than the usual community dish. Recently, Club Cruz, a locally produced television show, has been used as a platform for virtual infomercials for an extremist group with a record of harassing peace advocates.

The show, produced by Santa Cruz resident Becky Johnson, has featured on several occasions a man named Lee Kaplan, self-proclaimed founder and director of the extreme Zionist group, Dafka. read more >>

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News :: Arts & Culture

''Cowboy Mafia''

image_5.gif''Cowboy Mafia''-Largest marijuana smuggling
operation in U.S. history.Cowboys smuggling with
shrimpboats and vast horse ranches.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Street Minister Busted Again Friday, $50,000 Bail in Aptos

Jerry Henry, a street minister, was arrested on today around 10:30 AM at the Coffee Roasting Company in the Aptos Shopping Center after he was refused service there. Held on $50,000 bail, he was released six hours later when his supporters raised the money.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights



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News :: Transportation


One day after fare strike begins, Chicago Transit Authority delays decision on service cuts and layoffs for 6 months. Decision to double paratransit fares in January also reversed, to be looked at again in the spring.

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