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Burn Your Bill (of Rights) at the Inauguration

Danny Schechter of asks whether this year's inaugural protests will be covered. 4 years ago, they were very thoroughly covered by the media everywhere but in the US. And this year, the Forces of Doom believe they have a mandate for further oppression. Danny's interview with FBI special agent James W. Rice doesn't auger well for the those who prize the Bill of Rights.

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Freak Radio Inaguration coverage thursday TUNE IN!!

Tune in thursday january 20th for extensive coverage
from the Streets & audio streams also callins from inaguration protests all day thursday on Freak Radio Santa Cruz!
audio Psa included

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrated in Santa Cruz

A coalition of local organizations invited the entire community to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by joining in activities to promote peace, equality and social justice on Monday, January 17th. People throughout Santa Cruz County commemorated the holiday by engaging in community service activities - making MLK's birthday a "Day on, not a Day off."

"We believe that helping to put food on the table of a hungry family or providing reading material to help educate someone in jail are perfect examples of things that bring us one step closer to Dr. King's dream of an equitable, just society" notes Volunteer Center Director Karen Delaney. YouthSERVE hopes to collect 1,000 books for Friends Outside and 10,000 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank between Dr, Kings' Brithday and Cesar Chavez day in March.

Pat Clark, former NAACP President and one of the local organizers, hopes that people will use part of their holiday to help spread Dr. King's message of hope, equality, compassion and peace. "People think of Dr. King saying "I have a Dream." We want people to remember that Dr. King was also an advocate for ending poverty, promoting peace and taking personal responsibility for making the world a better place."

Video: Download it here! (32.4 megabytes) I Photos I More Photos

[ Martin Luther King remembered in Fresno I Shut down PG&E Contingent at MLK march in SF I Indybay's Race page ]

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Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzales GREEN HEAVIES HERE IN SC

Well kiddies,
Just recieved a tip from a loyal listener and fellow FRSC programmer Louis that next Monday Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzales will be here in Santa Cruz Janauary 24th at 7pm at the Rio Theater at the corner of Seabright and Soquel. Tickets are only 5 or 10 bucks, stay tuned to FRSC for more updates.

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Community Celebration of Martin Luther King Day

Community members celebrated the legacy and lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a rally, march, and circle. Photos from today's event follow.

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News :: Arts & Culture

Mexican Mural School - Art of Estaño

A new website reveals the history of the Mexican Muralist Movement and one American artist’s personal connection to it. Philip Stein, also known as Estaño, worked alongside the famed Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros from 1948 to 1958. He assisted the Mexican master in painting some of his most famous murals. Now a brand new website showcases the stirring artworks created during Estaño’s long career.

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Urgent Execution Alert!

Urgent Execution Alert!
Donald Jay Beardslee, a California death row inmate, has been given an execution date of January 19, 2005 at 12:01am. Death Penalty opponents in Santa Cruz, will meet at Town Clock for a vigil on Tuesday, January 18th, 8PM to Midnight.

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ARTS, 911 & POST 911

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Technologies of the New World Order

a DOGSPOT investigative series: part one

I have personally witnessed the human effects of the technologies to be explained and exposed in this DOGSPOT exclusive series. If ignorance is death, then knowledge is essential to our life and liberty.

Technologies now routinely used by federal agents are so far outside of our normal expectations that witnesses report their encounters as alien visitations, if they have enough clarity of mind to report them at all. These technologies have been trickled down to the local level, and threaten the civil liberties of all Americans.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Tsunamis and Wars

The vast disparity between US government spending on wars and natural disasters and the reasons for the difference.

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