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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Gender & Sexuality : Resistance & Tactics

Pictures From the Town Clock Pro-Gay Marriage Demo

Pictures from the town clock demonstration

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News :: Peace & War

VENEZUELA: Entre Imperio y Revolución

Para el próximo domingo 15 de Agosto, está previsto en Venezuela la realización de un referendo nacional para decidir sobre la continuación o no del gobierno liderado por el presidente Hugo Chávez — democráticamente electo en 1998 y re-electo en 2000. Sin embargo, lo que ocurre en Venezuela, lejos de ser un mero proceso electoral que determinaría el destino de un líder, es una confrontación directa entre los movimientos populares de Venezuela y el Imperio Capitalista. Esta confrontación, sin embargo, no se decidirá en las urnas electorales, sino en la calle...

[ Coverage from: I Puerto Rico Indymedia I UK Indymedia ]

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Announcement :: Government & Elections

kerry's voting record published

know who you are voting for

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News :: Alternative Media

New KPFA staff letter

Pro-democracy, pro-reform KPFA staff membes weigh in on the crisis at the station...

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Free Radio Santa Cruz Benefit film screening of Making Waves

Film screening and benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm presents "Making Waves" by film maker Michael Lahey about UNLICENSED MICROradio stations in Arizona and Michigan. on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 7pm at the RCNV, 515 Broadway, 5 dollar donation please. Audio PSA attached.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Gender & Sexuality : Government & Elections

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling - Town Clock 6pm 8/12

Santa Cruz Town Clock at 6:00pm

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Review :: Environment & Food

The Vanishing

An “unbroken forest? of oaks and conifers blanketing the highlands of Iraq and Iran . . . The hills of Palestine and Lebanon, crowned with cedars and pines . . . “Dense forest growth? in arid North Africa . . . Juniper, fir and sycamore woodlands blanketing Syria, and oak groves dotting the Arabian peninsula.

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Announcement :: [none]

Art in Action • Youth Power Arts Festival

ArtInAction_RadPF_mod.thumb.jpgAn evening of original music, dance, theater and spoken word for peace, democracy and justice. Wednesday • August 25 • 7pm at the Santa Cruz Veterans’ Hall.

A Benefit for Art in Action Camp scholarships. Art in Action camps bring together young visionaries for 10 days to tell their stories, build community and cultivate positive alternatives to the madness of war and oppression. Through learning our histories, celebrating our cultures and linking the issues, we create a collaborative performance with giant puppets, hip-hop, dance, spoken word, and music to share with the community.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Yellowstone Buffalo Video Showing on 9/8

Find out about the plight of the last wild buffalo; why the State of Montana is killing them and how you can help!

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News :: Police State

Seattle's Mayor Nickels: Slithering Sidewinder

Boy, do we have some slick talkers in high places in Seattle's city government. I am stunned at how Seattle's Mayor and Police Chief avoid really important questions, smiling their toothy grins for the public. I called in to a show called "Ask The Mayor" last night...

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