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News :: Peace & War



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News :: Peace & War

Washington prepares military interventionagainst Venezuela

U.S. War against Venezuela

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LOCAL Review :: Resistance & Tactics

Timeline of Local Activism; Fill in the Blanks!

A (dis)orientation guide is being created specifically for incoming freshman at UCSC.

Please help document Santa Cruz activism by adding events to this timeline!

Simply add a comment to this article or send an email to the address listed above. thanks!

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Peace Between Peoples Update: Najaf 4-28-04

We are well and safe here, despite fighting on the edge of town the night before last. We are taking precautions for our safety, as there is much talk of an immanent attack on the city, but life seems to be going on. I guess this is "normal" for them. Sad, isn't it.

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LOCAL Interview :: Peace & War : Police State

Interview with Nicholas of Peace Fresno

Nicholas and I spoke on the evening of April 16. He was in Santa Cruz for the Northern California Peace Centers Conference, and was a presenter at the Conference.

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News :: [none]

The Unexpected Ending of the Case Against the Oakland 25

The DA had been prosecuting 25 victims of the police assault which took place on April 7, 2003 in the Port of Oakland. A year later, the ordeal of these people finally ended in a strange twist.

A year ago on April 7th, police assaulted protesters, legal observers, longshoremen and newspeople with "less-lethal" munitions, injuring several dozen people, some permanently. The attack was the most violent police assault on the antiwar movement during the spring of 2003, and it was later mentioned in a report by the United Nations Human Rights Commission. So our city of Oakland is now on the same list as Indonesia, Guatemala and other human rights abusers.

The plan for our port protest on April 7, 2003 had been to peacefully picket the Oakland shipping terminals of two war profiteers, APL and SSA Marine. The goal was to shut them down for a shift by asking dockworkers not to cross our community picket line.

Traditionally, picketing a business is considered a socially acceptable and legal exercise of First Amendment rights. That's because the labor and civil rights movements have spent over a century winning and defending those rights. Now those rights are being called into question once more; had the case been successfully prosecuted, it would have set a precedent that might be used against unionized workers during strikes. After all, striking workers do "disrupt" businesses, and from the viewpoint of corporations, picket lines are a "nuisance."

Indybay coverage: [ Oakland 4/7/03 Compiled Stories I 5/12/03 Return to the Docks Protest I 4/26/03 Rally Against Police Brutality I 4/7/04 Remember the Shots! Return to the Docks! ]

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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism

5/2: Reclaim the Commons Action Spokescouncil

First Spokescouncil May 2nd
4-6 pm
San Francisco
St. Boniface Church, 133 Golden Gate Drive

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LOCAL Interview :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Rockin' the Boat: Books Not Bars

The California Youth Authority has been coming under fire as of late, after several recent incidents of violence and abuse of authority. In January, two 18-year-olds were found hanged in their cells. The families of the two teenagers filed suit against the state for "denying mental health care and treatment and education to its wards." On April 1st, a video was released by a state senator showing an incident in January in which "one youthful inmate at a facility in Stockton is repeatedly pummeled by a correctional officer and another is kicked, after they were subdued and on the ground". I had an opportunity to speak with Mike and Monet, two members of Books Not Bars, about the situation with California's youth incarceration problems.....

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

April 27, 2004 Livermore Lab Public Hearing

There are plans to increase on site plutonium and biological agents at Livermore Lab.

There will be a public hearing on April 27 at the Double Tree Club Hotel, 720 Las Flores Rd. in Livermore.

The 50 mile radius surrounding Livermore Lab includes the crowded San Francisco and San Jose areas.

The following info is from


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Commentary :: Alternative Media : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics

We have Yahweh, they have Blah

A Commentary on the humanist movement

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