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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

Homeland Security???

What does this black out show us????

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LOCAL Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Impeach Bush and Dump the Local Bushettes !

Demo and Chow at 5:15 PM outside City Hall today Friday August 15. Right before the 5:30 p.m. Impeach Bush rally, and the 6:30 Farr at City Council meeting.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

What is on researcher's mind?

About manipulating with mass media; short article on mass media abuse possibilities.

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Use IRV and Cast your California Recall vote at

Use IRV and Cast your California Recall vote at

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LOCAL News :: Environment & Food


The Chemtrail issue has NOT dissapeared! The spray operation over Santa Cruz is relentless!!

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Announcement :: Peace & War

UFO Expert to Speak in Sacramento August 17

Stanton Friedman, UFO expert and nuclear physicist, will give an illustrated lecture, "Flying Saucers are Real," in Sacramento on August 17. It is my belief that you can't really understand war and militarism unless you understand the U.S. National Security State's greatest secret, the UFO coverup. I encourage everybody concerned about peace, social justice and the fate of the planet to attend this eye-opening talk.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Resistance & Tactics

WTO CANCUN - latest updates

The next ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization will take place in
Cancun, Mexico on September 10-15. From the 8th on, a huge mobilization will
greet the meeting with creative protest and visions of alternatives. Below is
our report on some of the preliminary organizing we did last week in Cancun and
Mexico City.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


Dean's subversion of the constitution through his judicial appointment policies. Dean's general constitutional ignorance.

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News :: [none]

Santa Cruz Night Out - 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26

Santa Cruz Night Out is a community based event downtown where families and visitors will enjoy a variety of events showcasing the diverse cultural talents of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Night Out is planned for three Tuesday nights in August from 5:00 - 8:00 pm. The purpose of Santa Cruz Night Out is to create an open-air street fair atmosphere on Pacific Avenue (between Cathcart and Lincoln Streets) for families to enjoy while invigorating downtown businesses on a weeknight.

Many in Santa Cruz are interested in events downtown that will enrich our community while helping local businesses. Recent downtown issues and the resulting negative publicity, combined with the economic downturn have taken a toll on the health of Pacific Avenue. Santa Cruz Night Out will hope to address the issues above.

Would you like to see the diverse talents of Santa Cruz displayed in your downtown? Would you like to experience downtown from a whole different perspective? Wonder what Pacific Avenue would be with less cars cruising the street and more space for the community to gather?

[ Discussion and Details of Santa Cruz Night Out I Photos: (8/12) 1 - 2 I (8/19) 3 I (8/26) 4 ]

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News :: [none]

Photos from the Hiroshima Day Commemoration

hiro 8-6 8 imc.jpgHiroshima Day Commemoration in Santa Cruz

At 8.15am August 6, 1945, a nuclear bomb was exploded 500 metres above the city of Hiroshima. It is estimated 140,000 people, mainly women, old men and children, died directly and in the few months after the bomb exploded. Its effects can still be seen today in the survivors and their descendants. Saturday August 9 is the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of the city of Nagasaki. Historical research shows the use of nuclear weapons could have been avoided, and all those deaths prevented, if diplomatic alternatives had been properly pursued. The USA continues to use nuclear weapons of mass destruction, as in depleted uranium munitions, used recently in Iraq.

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