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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Attend the National Conference on Media Reform

Free Press encourages you to attend a National Conference on Media Reform, November 7-9, in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference will provide an opportunity to meet with other activists to build a stronger and more effective media reform movement.

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News :: Peace & War

40+ arrested protesting Israel's Apartheid Wall

As of early this morning the IDF illegally arrested over 40 internationals, Palestinians and Israelis that were gathered at the Mas'ha peace camp trying to peaceably block the building of the Apartheid Wall
report 1) 2:30AM 5min 13sec
report 2) 6:54AM 6min 8sec

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News :: Peace & War


The war policy of the Bush Administration is plunging the world into a deep nuclear crisis/

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Equality for California's Transgender Citizens! Governor Signs Bill Into Law

California Governor Gray Davis presented the gift of freedom to thousands of his fellow Californians on Saturday, August 2nd. In signing AB196, which clarifies the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act by including gender-identity and expression, Governor Davis brings California into a leadership position of a growing human rights struggle. California now becomes the most populous jurisdiction to enact equal rights for transgendered citizens.

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This Wednesday Hiroshima Day Die-In at SC Town clock

Santa Cruz Nuclear Abolition Committee gathering with all who are moved at 5pm at Collateral Damage Statue (Santa Cruz downtown clock) for Die-In for Hiroshinma Day

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


The apartheid regime of Israel arrested five leaders of Abnaa el Ballad (Sons of the Land) group, a legal political organization struggling against discrimination and for the right to return. PLEASE POST A MESSAGE DEMANDING THEIR FREEDOM ON ISRAEL INDYMEDIA! >> Message from Socialist Workers League of Palestine Below.

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

stop the FTAA! if you can't make it to cancun, sd/tj mobilization

Activists in San Diego will join with popular movements in Mexico and their international allies to demand a world that puts democracy and human dignity ahead of corporate profits.

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

resistance radio - social justice radio from San Diego

San Diego has another local radio station, with a web broadcast...

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News :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Poverty & Urban Development

US Homeless and Poverty Rates Skyrocket While Billions Spent Overseas

In the last two years homelessness and poverty has risen on a national average by about 40 percent. Meanwhile the US is sending 4 billion overseas to occupy Iraq and 1.9 Billion to occupy Afghanistan. 60 percent of new homeless cases are single women with children.

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Stop The FTAA: Important Consulta Aug 29-31st in Pittsburgh

Information on a pivotal consulta to plan for the protests in Miami. The Miami summit will take place Nov. 20-21st assuming the tens of thousands of protesters from across the hemisphere dont shut it down.

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