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International Bubble Performer Arrested In Santa Cruz for Juggling

Man arrested for juggling three lemons! Our "liberal, progressive" city council has outlawed bubble-blowing, frisbee toss, hacky-sacking, and hopscotch. Music and political tables are limited to 1 hour per day (in one location) and the locations available must be 10 feet from a building, crosswalk, intersection, kiosk, fence, telephone, drinking fountain, and 50 feet from an ATM! Police are arresting people for feeding the birds and for failing to "move-along." Now, the DA is putting together a list and photo album of "chronic offenders" who will be banished entirely on threat of arrest from Pacific Ave. Our wonderful town has been turned into a police state run by the merchants. The first amendment is moribund. Call Mayor Reilly at 420-5020 and voice your concern!

[ Arrested for Juggling I Privatization on Pacific Ave. I Betrayal by City Council ]

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Meeting TONIGHT for Santa Cruz Indymedia!

Santa Cruz Indymedia currently meets every other Sunday,
7:00pm, at the Resource Center for Nonviolence.

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News :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics


"Furthermore Arafat was given an offer of 97% of the territories. The point here is that he rejected it because it "wasn't generous enough." The Zionists learned well from Geobbels about the constant repetition of the propaganda lie -- and make it BIG !!

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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

Rummy's 4th of July--or ours?

Taking back the 4th of July from Bush and his fellow warmongers.

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LOCAL News :: Police State

Ex-Mayor de la Paz Gets Off Easy

On May 28 Richard de la Paz allegedly got drunk and hit a woman when she refused his advances and threw water on him.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Free Radio Santa Cruz (96.3) Schedule Page has been Updated!

FRSC is a 24/7 Direct Action, civil disobedience in defense of our Free Speech. Besides a wide variety of music news and culture, you can depend on us to bring you continual updates from the grass roots revolution, which is taking back our communities, our lives, and our souls. We are keeping our air waves safe from FCC rules, regulations, and corporate domination.

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News :: Environment & Food

Natural Gas Crisis

* Fertilizer Prices Up 55%
* US Chemical Industry Suffering - Jobs at Risk
* Cities Facing Brownouts
* The Shape of Things to Come

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Reclaiming The Media

The next big day in the fight for media reform will be June 19, when the McCain-chaired Senate Commerce Committee will decide whether to support a motion to rescind the FCC rule changes.

Robert McChesney is a professor at the University of Illinois. This was originally posted on and to a number of local email lists. I have posted it here for those who may not otherwise have seen that they can take this very important action to reclaim the media.

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LOCAL News :: Resistance & Tactics

International Bubble Performer Arrested In Santa Cruz for Juggling

Yesterday around 4 PM, Santa Cruz's Tom Noddy was reportedly arrested, cuffed, jailed--and his car towed--for juggling lemons downtown--in violation of the City's Downtown Ordinance against footballs, hackeysacks, baseballs, beach balls, Frisbees, bubbleblow, and juggling.

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News :: Peace & War


The author says, Israel is like the New South Africa and the proposed Palestinian state will be worse than the Old South Africa. Read the article, he has a good point!

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