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A Tail of Two Dogs

A Boy and His Dog.jpg
Dogs are supposedly banned on Pacific Avenue. But what that actually means depends more on the owner's life circumstances than the dog in question.

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News :: Police State

A state of seige


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LOCAL News :: [none]

Steve Argue Arrested By The Santa Cruz Police For Literature Table!

I was arrested today (June 23) for distributing literature on Pacific Avenue.

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Announcement :: Peace & War


a poem...

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

One Pencil One Vote

Usually I'm bored of supervisors but today the Supervisoral Board voted to keep an election paper trail intact in Santa Cruz County.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

POG Call to action for a padded bloc this Nov in Miami, stop the FTAA

Call to action for the FTAA meetings this November in miami! As a part of what is sure to be a multitude of tactics, POG is sending out this call specifically for a padded contingent. We envision a total shutdown of the meetings through the combination of diverse tactics.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Don't Forget To Vote TODAY!


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News :: [none]

The Black Bloc Ruins Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for WTO

The black bloc, a globally active group which helps to orchestrate medical training, affinity groups and protest tactics, managed to disturb the WTO's ribbon cutting ceremony in Sacramento, California on Monday June 23. The group, known for it's bad publicity and anarcho-pacifist tactics was instrumental in stopping the WTO having it's technology expo staged outside.

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News :: Peace & War

URGENT: Our Journalist Under Attack In Indonesia, Needs Our Help

Billy Nessen and his wife Shadia, are in serious danger and fear for their lives following recent threats from the Indonesian military. Please join efforts to ensure safe passage for the Nessens and an end to military aggression in Aceh and East Timor. Latest report, June 20, 2003, ‘Nessen Could Be Punished By Death’ see link in footer.

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News :: Labor & Economics

SPFPA Defeats SEIU in Battle to Represent 450 Seattle Security Professionals

Court orders SEIU to PAY BACK DUES and FEES to over 450 officers. SPFPA is now named the Legal represenative of these officers.

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