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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

Things are going from bad to worse? - It has gotten worse, folks!

The neo-cons are aware that Americans are un-informed (by corporate design) and domicile (courtesy of ESPN). Americans will not leave the couch and a good game on TV to stand out on the street to protest anything nowadays. So the onslaught continues. Congress is making haste at taking away rights that have been built up through decades of struggle.

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Technology : Transportation

FSRN: Alternatives to an Oil Driven Society

As the US Congress took a step forward to open up oil exploration in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge last week, crude oil prices reached an all-time high of $57 per barrel on the world market. The ripple effect can be seen at gas stations around the US. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo looks at the causes, and examines some alternatives to an oil driven society.

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LOCAL Interview :: Media Criticism

Free Radio SC History a look back at the beginnings

A look back at FRSC history two founders Kim Argula & Skidmark Bob talk about the beginnings FRSC over 10 years ago.

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Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Transportation

Radio PSAs for Reclaim The Streets

60 second and 30 second audio PSAs for april 2nd Reclaim the Streets Community Mutiny.

MP3 at 1.3 mebibytes (60 second)

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LOCAL News :: Labor & Economics

WIN: UC Services Workers Vote to Strike

After months of actions, 92 percent of service workers at the University of California have authorized their union to strike if neccesary to win their contract. Vinny Lombardo has the details from Santa Cruz. (2 minutes)

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism

UC Administrators Rolling in Money - the PROJECT March 2005

The March 2005 edition of The Project, a student organized newspaper from UCSC, is now available at various cafes and other locations around Santa Cruz and here on Santa Cruz Indymedia. This current issue helps shed light on the fact that UC administrators are rolling in money. A Coalition of University Employees (CUE) fact-finding report discloses the hard numbers of the so-called “budget crisis.?

Also in this issue, you will find a guide to DIY pot, an investigation of U$ imperial interest in Iran, some thoughts on cross-species solidarity, reportbacks from the Students Against the War (SAW) teach-in, the 2005 World Social Forum, and much more...

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Media Criticism

Who Would Jesus Screw?

the latest neo-con spin / what the left can learn

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Harbor High’s Students for Peace and Justice Turn Up the Heat on Military Recruiters

Students for Peace and Justice was a club formed three years ago by a group of students who wanted to conduct random acts of kindness on campus and in the community. After 9/11 and the following US military actions they saw a need for a student walk-out protesting the decision of going to war with Iraq. After that it became a club that concentrated primarily on resisting war.

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Announcement :: Peace & War


A press release and schedule of Iraq Week @ USC.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

Intellectual Ferment in the Party

QUESTION : I was just wondering if you could speak a little bit to how--while not throwing out democratic centralism or something like that--how do you have the party in the mix of all of these ideas? You went to China and you talked to these people around how China was opening up to the West and saying Marcos was a great leader and this, that and the other, and you were asking these people in the Chinese party and they didn't have the answers. And part of it is: did those people not have the answers, or did they have some questions on it, but they were more debating it internally and they couldn't talk to you about it? How can you have the mix of people being able to be in the midst of all the questions that are going on, intellectually--political questions, but also in the ideological realm--without breaking democratic centralism? How do you have people in the mix of that, being able to engage it and even in some ways go off in the wrong direction in order to eventually get to the right direction, but then not have that cause a splintering effect. You know?


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