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LOCAL News :: Poverty & Urban Development

Sign The Petition To Let the Voters Decide Fact Sheet: Why we oppose the Coast Hotel

What is on the referendum petitions?

Three ordinances approved by the City Council on a 4-3 vote are on the referendum petition. Two of the ordinances amend the City Zoning Ordinance to increase the building heights permitted on the hotel site and the conference center/parking garage site, and change the way the height is
calculated on the hotel site. This allows a six-level parking garage, a conference center and an 80-foot high hotel (actually 120 feet above Cowell Beach). The third ordinance is a Development Agreement between the City and the hotel developer that describes the terms under which the Coast Hotel project will go forward. Each ordinance is on a separate petition, as
required by law, and each one must be separately signed.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

London Mayor Calls Sharon "War Criminal"

The mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, called Israeli Prime Minister General Ariel Sharon a "war criminal" and accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing,"

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Commentary :: Health & Drugs

Why An HIV Vaccine Can Work

This is a short response to:

Why an HIV Vaccine Can't Work

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News :: Government & Elections

Nader:Support Conyers on Impeachment - link here to email

Ralph Nader told the nation to support Rep. Conyers who is considering moving forward on impeachment hearings. Only people of his state can contact his DC office, emails are filtered.

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News :: Alternative Media : Animal Rights : Arts & Culture

Free Palestine

Free Palestine

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Free Palestine


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Commentary :: Police State

Tasers and Our Fight Against Police Brutality


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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

John Negroponte, William Brownfield and Death Squads Inc.

Hands Off Venezuela

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Sexism on the Sidewalk

Under patriarchy, many women experience themselves as second class citizens. Male priviledge is acted out on the sidewalk when women step aside and make way for men.

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Police State

Bad Cop, No Donut! - March 3/2005

Your weekly wrap-up of North American police brutality, misconduct and corruption.

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