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Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

Hate Groups Against Homeless People in America

You know what a hate group is. You know what a hate crime is. You know there are hate crimes based on race, nationality, gender, and religion. Well, there are also hate crimes based on economic class. But they do not break any laws, because economic equality *is not* guaranteed in our Constitution anywhere. I finally figured this all out one year in a Constitutional Law class. I figured out that to say we have a *right* to equal economic treatment would equal socialism or communism to many, and we all know what America’s past with those two “isms? is: not good. No, America is founded upon capitalism, and exploitable, if not slave, classes for labor and profits of the privileged few. Thus, there is *no* protection, Constitutionally, regarding class prejudice. So when we see homeless hate groups appear, there is no law broken. These people can spew the most prejudiced garbage in the world about the poor, and somehow, it is not seen as a hate crime. Well, I am starting to revamp my thinking and language to include the bashing of homeless people as a *hate crime* and groups who promote such activities, I shall now call *homeless hate groups* which is what they really are. They are not “community? groups for “fair process.? They are not victims, as they act. They are prejudiced bigots, plain and simple. This article’s purpose is to promote increased activism against homeless hate groups. A new intolerance for homeless person bashing and hate groups whose message is one of hatred must be fostered and direct action must be more common against homeless hate groups. We must connect the dots, the names to the organizations, just as we had to do with the KKK and their sheets.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Womyn

Women and Their Illegal Breasts

I have figured out that the reason women cannot *wear* their breasts, is so corporations can have the monopoly on breasts and can *sell* them back to us. And although pushing for a woman’s right to not wear a top in public like men, as gender equality, is logical, it is still not functional in real life in America yet. Even in towns where we changed laws so women have a right to wear their own breasts, such as in Santa Cruz, Ca., the plan has failed in many practical ways. Men still strut around topless, allowed ownership of their bodies, while women’s breasts remain a corporate and male commodity that women, themselves, had better not interfere with. “Alternative? events that proclaim to respect women and their bodies still harbor lecherous men when we take our tops off. So far, the *only* safe environments I have found to be topless in are *women-only* spaces.

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Commentary :: Arts & Culture

The Subversive Subculture of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap

It’s a counterculture classic, Dr. Bronner’s liquid peppermint soap. I remember first using it at the Love Israel “Family’s? Welcome Inn, in Seattle, Wa., in the late 1970’s. While I was being introduced to all kinds of new ideas and lifestyles at the time, it seemed only fitting that our cosmetics were becoming more natural in ingredients as well. Bronner’s peppermint soap stood out because never before had I used a soap with a peppermint smell (and feel, in its case). I remember Tom’s anise flavored toothpaste was another one of those flavors we had not previously associated with that product up until the late 1970’s. Up until then, toothpastes had been about mint, and soap had not. Dr. Bronner’s also had an alluring little bottle that was absolutely crammed with words from Dr. Bronner, who at times waxed poetic, and at others, waxed lunatic. (Once I called the phone number on the bottle in the 1980’s and Dr. Bronner himself answered and we had a long talk that was quite crazy. Thereafter he mailed me a sampler of things I never knew he made. His product range was bizarre and wide.) In the Source Family, one of the big jokes was getting caught reading the Bronner’s bottle for the umpteenth time! The claimed uses for Bronner’s soaps have been tested by me and my friends over the decades and I am here to testify to which uses really work. For instance, have you tried brushing your teeth with peppermint Bronner’s soap as the label suggests? Don’t!

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LOCAL Review :: Poverty & Urban Development

A Look at the California Housing Crisis

It's no secret that the most populous state in the U.S. also has the highest housing costs. This one-hour radio documentary explores what life is like for every day people trying to make a home amidst a time of dizzying change and skyrocketing housing costs. From residents, politicians, writers, immigrants, ranchers, scholars, and soccer moms on California's Central Coast, we hear what happens to a community when few can afford to live there. How California solves its housing crisis is a harbinger for how the rest of the nation approaches that most basic of needs; a roof over one's head. The show weaves personal narratives, music, analysis, and lots of sound into a story that is part love-song to California, part snapshot of an era, and part plea for solutions.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Literary Pushcart Prize Nominee, William Taylor Jr., Returns to Santa Cruz

williamtaylor.jpgAnyone dabbling in the small press will hear chimes ring to the name of William Taylor, Jr. who will be reading at the Wired Wash Café Open Mic in Santa Cruz from his latest chapbook, The Bones of Things and other selections beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, January 28th. All are welcome and admission is free.

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Announcement :: [none]

Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

Food Not Bombs has been feeding without discrimination since 1981 (Boston, Mass.), and is now in over 270 countries around the world. We act in defiance of weapons of mass destruction, and believe that as Martin Luther King said "Peace is not the absence of tension, but the presence of justice."

We are a small and young collective seeking experienced cooks and other volunteers. Donations of reusable spoons and bowls would be wonderful! If you are interested please email johndoe3332145 (at) or contact a food not bombs Santa Cruz collective member and express your interest. We are also starting gardens.

[ johndoe3332145's Gardening Page I Food Links from I Food Not Bombs News I Food Not Bombs Menu ]

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Civil & Human Rights : Media Criticism : Poverty & Urban Development : Resistance & Tactics


A mysterious mystic from the East, and esteemed Wise man visits the City Council meeting, but can't find a quorum to hear him.

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Interview :: Labor & Economics

Building Bridges Radio - Bring the Troops Home - Cong Owens plus Dr. King on Vietnam

Building Bridges Radio presents this 28 minute program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Women's Declaration of Independence

This is a women's declaration of independence from male domination for every woman on Earth

Women's Declaration of Independence
By Antiga

We, the women of the world, in order to claim our lives for ourselves, note that the standard for what is human has been male and adult. We abhor the pattern and policies of using and abusing, raping and murdering, beating and burning women for the crime of being born female; then lying about what has been done.

We declare that it is for us to define who we are as human beings; to define what constitutes abuse and oppression of women and children, to create words that don't yet exist or by other means (including art, music and various media), to be able to describe what patriarchal abuse has done to our lives; to listen to women tell, as best they can, how patriarchal oppression has devastated their lives, and to believe what they say; to create a world in which women are honored, respected and trusted.

We declare that it is right to defend ourselves and other women from abuse whether physical, emotional, verbal, educational, psychological, financial or spiritual by any means necessary.

We declare that men who have been so damaged that hurting women and children distracts men from feeling their own pain need to be educated if possible, incarcerated it not (kindly, as envisioned in Frank L. Baum's The Patchwork Girl of OZ: Chapter 15) so that the world will be safe for women to move around in freely. In order to create our complete freedom, we declare ourselves independent of the nations.

We will do our best to reach out to women of other patriarchal nations, unite with them and withdraw our support for oppressive societies that harm women, children, and men who do not fit the patriarchal pattern.

We declare that we will no longer be bound by laws designed to destroy us or customs that oppress us. Instead we will weave a web of women's connectedness, remembering to be respectful and peaceful with each another, and recreating the indigenous women's culture that prevailed before men's wars commenced, and shall prevail again.

Permission is granted to translate this into other languages.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Health & Drugs : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development : Womyn

The Least, the Last, and the Lost

Becky Johnson of HUFF and writer for STREET SPIRIT, finds the inaugeration of President George W. Bush on January 20, 2005, a fitting backdrop for considering what another four years of George W. Bush will mean to homeless people.

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