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LOCAL News :: Police State

Bad Cop No Donut ! Now airs weekly on FRSC!! Tune in!

Bad Cop, No Donut! Your weekly wrap-up of North American police brutality, misconduct and corruption now airs weekly on Free Radio Santa Cruz every thursday at 1pm PST right after Democracy now.
Check out website Blog for daily police abuse news

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

$9.11 Iraq Withdrawal, TODAY, 12/22/04

(a messaged, cash-flow boycott to bring all U.S. soldiers home from the illegal war on Iraq)

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News :: [none]

Names of those who died Homeless in Santa Cruz

This list was prepared by the Homeless Persons Health Project and the Homeless Services Center of Santa Cruz. These 30 deaths occurred between December 22, 2003 and December 21, 2004. This list is considered an undercount.

see also: [ Human Rights Organization fundraiser raises $1840.00 I HUFF Santa Cruz I National Coalition for the Homeless ]

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Labor & Economics

The Worldwide Ruling Class - Worker Bee Model, Still Going Strong In The 21st Century

Old Testament religions are setup to preserve the Ruling Class - Worker Bee model, which began about 8,500 years ago. Old Testament religions are about legitimizing land ownership, taxes, the exploitation of natural resources, social stratification, and wealth generation; not about spirituality. Civilization is the domestication of humans by other humans.

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

Returning To The Ancient Ways


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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Tuesday December 21 10 AM Reading of the Names of Homeless Locals Who Died This Year

Today at 10 AM at 115 Coral Street (Hiway 1 and River Sts.) at the Homeless Service Center (probably in the dining bay), the community will remember the homeless people who died in 2004, read their names aloud, and speak about them.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Judge Holds City's "No RV Parking Laws" at Bay Injunction Will Protect "Homes on Wheels" in Santa Barbara Until March

Fighting bad laws with good lawyers, The Committee for Social Justice's Legal Project won another victory in Santa Barbara in late October, confounding the City's latest stratagem to drive homeless vehicle dwellers out of town.
(Story for January 2005 Street Spirit)

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News :: Environment & Food


It looks at the recent death of a Shinui politician as a paradigm for the Israeli center-left party and Likud's former coalition partner, itself.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Turkey Wants Death Penalty for 18 Year Old Female Poet!!

I was shocked but not surprised to hear this sickening news from the great Muslim country of Turkey. For much too long Turkey has been an ass kisser to the United States and Great Britian and their Puppet Master, Israel. The Turkish government has banned the public wearing of the hijabs on women. Now it seems Turkey can't prove her loyality to the goons in Washington, London and Israel enough!!!

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Down With Zionist Witchhunt on Campus!

Columbia University is today ground zero in a right-wing witchhunt designed to intimidate and drive out any professor who does not toe the line of support to the state of Israel.

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