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News :: Arts & Culture

Real Transformations at Burning Man 2004

Listen to this if you want to explode myths about Burning Man

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Resistance & Tactics


FREE RADIO Santa Cruz is an unlicensed micro-power radio station serving the community of Santa Cruz for almost 10 years. On Wed. Sept 29th a dozen Federal Marshals and 6 FCC agents shut the station down. Free Radio Santa Cruz was not interfering with any other stations or harming anyone with its broadcasts. The station is a community asset which was broadcasting alternative news, music and a variety of perspectives 24 hours a day. We are very grateful for the outpouring of support that we have received from the community. Many people have asked us what they can do to help. Below are some suggestions of things that you can do to support us and help us to continue our work. Thank you.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

The Daily Poetry Movement

An ongoing feature from portland indymedia

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Announcement :: Education & Youth


The Dissident Action Group of "Interactive Information Resources" covers every aspect of AIDS. Topics like HIV tests, condoms, Latino AIDS, African American AIDS, Dissident Scientists, latex allergies, Robert Gallo, Glaxo Kline Wellcome and many more. Our International Dissident forum is in 12 languages and our links section has over 150 web sites Worldwide.

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

V-Man from Freak Radio Santa Cruz on mediageek radioshow

More on Freak Radio Santa Cruz Shutdown, Media EmergenC in San Diego, and IMC Server Hard Drives Seized

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News :: Alternative Media

The Revolution Will Be Televised

The Revolution Will Be Televised
From Free Radio to Free TV Broadcasting

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Government & Elections : Health & Drugs

Proposition 63 on the Nov. Ballot

Mental health care is important, and a good idea, but this initiative has problems.

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News :: Peace & War

Platoon defies orders in Iraq

Free the Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, North and South Carolina Seventeen!

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Jesse Jackson thinks we deserve an explanation for the bulge- What is wrong with John Kerry?

Does anyone think if the situation were reversed that the Bush camp would let it go?

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LOCAL News :: Resistance & Tactics

FRSC Raid Video from Santa Cruz Indynewsreal

On Wednesday, September 29, armed federal agents seized the equipment and antenna from our beloved 10 year old pirate radio station – Free Radio Santa Cruz. This segment documents the action that day and the community’s reaction and their support of the station.

Video: QuickTime movie at 25.8 MB (small) or 53.1 MB (medium)


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