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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Opposition To Coercive Psychiatry

On July 14, members of Psychiatric Inmates' Rights Collective (PIRC) demonstrated against forced psychiatric treatment at the Clock Tower in Santa Cruz.

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Announcement :: Gender & Sexuality

Queers at the RNC


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Commentary :: Peace & War

Why Aren't These Girls In Uniform?

Well, why aren't these girls in uniforms?

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News :: Environment & Food

The Gold of the Nuclear Age: Lost and Stolen Nuclear Materials

As the Los Alamos National Laboratory ( in New Mexico halts much of its operations as of July 15, 2004, in an unprecedented, and open-ended, shut down, the open market for nuclear materials continues worldwide. Yet the supply of nuclear material is finite, if anyone cared.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Hey, California, It’s 2004: Do You Know Where Your Fifty-Five Electoral Votes Are?

If America can put men on the moon, surely it can devise a presidential election system easier to understand than the theory of relativity or even Dubya’s “answers? at his last press conference. It’s time to close the old Electoral College and start a new institution: winner by direct majority vote.

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News :: Arts & Culture

Street Performers Talk About Their First Times Busking

Although little is written on the subject of street performer heritage, I am trying to help that void by interviewing buskers about their lives for the record. This article talks about buskers' first times, and what lead them to the street as a venue.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

LIBERTY BOUND "is the film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' wishes it was

Comments are pouring in from viewers in France and the USA about Christine Rose's incendiary documentary "Liberty Bound."

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LOCAL Commentary :: [none]

A Question Of Safety, The 'Ugly Mug' prom Saturday July 17th

queer bashing and police neglect and the compromies of safety

Every year the "Ugly Mug" (a queer friendly coffee shop in Santa Cruz County California) throws a 'prom' fundraiser. This year the "under the sea" themed 'prom' complete with party goers decked in their own renditions of the theme were dancing and singing kareoke to raise money for chest reconstruction surgery for a few of my friends who are currently transitioning. One minute we were dancing and it seemed like a split second later that the front of the coffee shop had imploded.

Two extremely drunk white men decided to show up to this queer friendly event and demand to get in for free. And when they were told that that had to pay the cover of 5 dollars a semi brawl began, breaking bottles screams and people being shoved replaced the dancing. While trying to get these individuals to leave verbally, with a fire extinguisher, and with physical restraint two more biolgoical females were pepper sprayed while attempting to ask passing cars for help. Meanwhile the police had been called several times and the confusion and lack of resources turned the party into a queer bashing scene.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Mind control, anyone?

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Allegedly discovered in an IBM copier purchased from surplus in the mid 80's, this document apparently exposes the truth about a heinous conspiracy.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:Kerry Campaign Works to Hold On to Progressive Voters~

~Nader fails to move Democrats to the left ~Interview with David Moberg, senior editor, In These Times, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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