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Review :: Alternative Media

Slave Revolt Radio - Adventures in corporate media

SRR reg show audio mp3 94:18

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Review :: Peace & War

Department of Corrections - WMD mix "The threats of a new era"

Audio mp3 collage mix 4:54 min

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LOCAL Announcement :: Police State

Norse Demands Kennedy Retract Libelous Statement

On March 8, Attorney Kate Wells sent a formal demand letter to Mayor Kennedy that he retract a libelous statement he made, claiming Robert Norse had been "successfully prosecuted" for disrupting City Council (with a Nazi salute). Norse explains why he is taking this action.

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News :: [none]

Will Your Vote Count in the Next Election?

A growing concern over the inadequacies of election equipment in the United States has recently been heightened by the problems of the 2000 Presidential election. Added to the mix is the election reform mandated by recent federal legislation attempting to address the concerns. The result is that many states are scurrying to replace their older equipment with new electronic voting computers.

Unfortunately, election technology has not advanced to the point where it can provide us with electronic systems that are reliable enough to trust with our democracy. In other words, we just aren’t there yet.

Here are the facts:

  • Computer experts say today’s voting machines are prone to errors and vulnerable to fraud.
  • Defective hardware and bugs in software could decide who wins an election.
  • Even thorough testing can’t reveal malicious programs that could subvert an election.
  • Many election officials don't realize the risks inherent in using electronic voting machines.
  • Courts have ruled that secret software can be used to record and count our votes.
  • Manual recounts will be impossible in districts that don’t allow voters to inspect a paper record of their votes.

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: Interview with Bob Kibrick, legislative analyst with

[ I California at a glance I Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) machines and Santa Cruz County ]


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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Last Words On Daniel Pipes Lecture Controversy – by Joseph Anderson

The Daniel Pipes invitation by Hillel to UC Berkeley prompted a Feb.10th formal letter to the Daily Californian, signed by many Jews and others, objecting to Pipes in the strongest possible terms. The letter described Pipes as “vilely xenophobic? and “echo[ing] messages directed against Jews in the past.? Signatories to the letter included Professor Emerita Bluma Goldstein, who lost over 30 members of her family in the Holocaust, but who nonetheless morally rejects nationalist Zionism. I was part of that protest.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

COINTELPRO: Has Santa Cruz been Infiltrated?

Few realize that Justice Department rules now let FBI agents go undercover to monitor citizen gatherings...whether or not there is evidence or suspicion of criminal activity. And local police are doing the same thing.

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News :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics


The United States has repeatedly sponsored coups and uprisings in Haiti and in neighboring [democratic] Caribbean countries. ...With a violence-prone U.S. government operating with impunity in many parts of the world, only the public's perseverance in getting at the truth can save us, and others, from our own worst behavior.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

In Honor of International Women's Day


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News :: Government & Elections

They are stealing the primary

Hawaii and maine primary both mistakenly have boosted Kerry to the detriment of Dennis Kucinich.

In California, more people signed up for meetups then the numbers show as voting for Dennis Kucinich.

We do not have to accept Kerry, just because they are shoving him down our throats. We can expose the fact that they are stealing the election, and free the delegates at the convention.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

God's Judgement Day

(From google 'groups' tab,

It's not, gee, I wonder when he'll really
screw up, it is bush himself whom is committing the
crime of 9/11 with rummy to begin with, then thinking,
he could get away with it still by lying to EVERYONE.
For all time. War crimes have no statute of limitations
in my book, and the law has a mighty long reach my

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