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AUDIO: DNC2RNC Update from Ryan Harvey in New Haven, CT

On August 16, radical folk musician and organizer Ryan Harvey called into Free Radio Santa Cruz from New Haven, CT to give an update on the DNC2RNC march. (35 minutes / 32 megabytes)

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Peace & War

The Truth about Arab Refugees in 1948

In a recent thread of comments, several readers who were critical of Sam Farr's support of Israel suggested once again that the whole problem began in 1948 when the Israelis "drove the Arabs out of their homes". While such a scenario suits Palestinian propaganda purposes, this is hardly an accurate assessment of what actually happened in 1947 and 1948. In this article, David Meir-Levi, a Jewish historian and archeology professor, documents wave after wave of Arab migration with each cause noted. He has included dozens of quotes from Arab, British, and Israeli press at the time to document his claims.

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Interview :: Arts & Culture : Transportation

AUDIO: DNC2RNC Marchers Update FRSC from New Haven, CT

On August 16, Cedar, Peter, Giana and Cody, participants on the DNC2RNC, called into Free Radio Santa Cruz with updates from New Haven, CT.
(24 minutes / 22 megabytes)

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News :: Labor & Economics

Wild Oats goes bananas over union organizer

The Wild Oats natural food chain claims to be progressive, enlightened, worker- and environment-friendly. The truth is, Wild Oats is anti-union.

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News :: Alternative Media

Crisis at KPFA (updated)

This is a reposting of a letter from pro-democracy, pro-reform staff members at KPFA, with an updated signature list of 37 staff members. It is well worth reading. Please stay tuned.

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LOCAL Interview :: Arts & Culture : Government & Elections : Peace & War

AUDIO: Interview with Utah Phillips

An interview done with Utah Phillips at the Books not Bombs rally at the Lawerence Livermore Nuclear Lab on 8-8-04.

The MP3 file is 25min 30sec long and just under 24 MB.

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News :: Labor & Economics : Police State

The Prejudice of Popularity in Courtrooms

I found it interesting that Michael Jackson brought his family to court with him recently. What is the point of defendants bringing family members to court? It seems to go beyond the obvious, which would be emotional support. Instead, it separates society's vulnerable out for abuse.

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Announcement :: [none]

Benefit to Support the SHAC 7

Come dine in support of the SHAC7! There will be a four course vegan meal on August 27, 6:00pm, at the United Methodist Church in Santa Cruz.

On May 26th, three Bay Area activists, as well as four others across the country, were arrested and charged with Federal Terrorism and "Interstate Stalking" charges as a result of their involvement in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (a notorious animal testing lab).

Make no mistake -- this is not about terrorism or animal rights. The simple fact is that these charges are nothing more than an attempt to silence activists who have utilized their First Amendment right to speak out on controversial issues and tactics. If the government can get away with charging these activists with Terrorism, every protester in the US has something to worry about!

report back: Gourmet Dinner For the Shac7

[ SHAC 7 I Inside Huntingdon Life Sciences I The SHAC 7 and the future of democracy I Who is the Legally Defined Terrorist: HLS or SHAC? ]

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

What to Do if the FBI "Drops By" Your Home or Office

US Government's COINTELPRO - Still Undead

The stinking corpse of the FBI's infamous "Counter-Intelligence Program", or COINTELPRO, which was used from the 1940s through the 1970s against Communists, Anarchists, Civil Rights Activists and sundry other decent working-class militants, and which was "allegedly" discontinued in 1971, is fully risen from the grave once again.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Honey, I Shrunk the Empire!

Essentially, Washington has three choices, all of which are unattractive to the power elite: end the US occupation of Iraq, withdraw US troops from Europe and East Asia to deploy them in the Middle East and Central Asia, or resort to conscription.

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