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Commentary :: Peace & War

Dirty Vietnam tricks

Today American fundamentalists have officially declared war on Islam

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LOCAL Interview :: Education & Youth

Parents Speak Out On School Closings

Audio mp3 disscussion w/Parents, of students of Natural bridges school closing down at end of year.

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vote today!!! March 2

Today March 2, vote in Santa Cruz!!!

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism : Health & Drugs : Labor & Economics : Peace & War : Poverty & Urban Development

Events Being Planned for G8 Summit in Georgia

Here is an update of events planned leading up to, and surrounding the G8 summit on Sea Island in Georgia in June 2004.
More details about these events will be posted on the g8carnival committee website at and the Atlanta Indymedia website and Activist Calander.

info (at)

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Bush Likes, (but FEARS) Willie Nelson Party!-Tonite

willkiss.jpgJoin the San Francisco Kucinich Campaign and the Democreation Project on Election Night (Tues, March 2) for a Progressive Campaigns Solidarity Party! Campaign HQ, 1751 Mission St., S.F. (13th & Mission) 5 pm-Midnight Peter Camejo, Matt Gonzalez, Daniel Sheehan Plus: a Call from Dennis himself

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Commentary :: Arts & Culture

Commander & Cheif Radio 2

Comander and Cheif Radio2 March 2004 30 min audio mp3 prgm.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

Clean Streams Monitoring Program

The coastal watershed seeks volunteer participants for ongoing water quality monitoring

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LOCAL News :: Gender & Sexuality

Body Image and Gender event - Daisy Anarchy speaking

The B.I.G. (Body Image and Gender event) 02-29-04 mp3 audio of Daisy Anarchy talk.

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News :: Government & Elections

Don't Just Vote, Get Active


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

I hate bushite

No words from the bushites who rule our communications
through corporate news censorship, while Christian
parents call out unheard: why has corporate america
allowed forsaken soldiers to eat plutonium to murder God
for a measly few dollars the bushmob will pocket for the
up coming "unbiased" re-election news campaign?

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